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  1. Honestly? No! Remarkably, they do (sometimes) have a webcam though!
  2. Yikes! I thought that cement base was just a mount for the scanners and with the rope there, they hadn't put it in its final resting place. If it is indeed that far back, I have to agree that they've probably got something different in mind. Oh boy, it's gonna be interesting to say the least... Wonder if the new passes (and those purchased at the end of last year) have an RFID chip or are they going to reissue passes? Inquiring minds want to know! Interesting.... Just went to Alta's web page and it shows you can enter a Web ID from your pass to get run information. Perhaps Blue bought an entire pass system that provides this functionality??? Might have to get one of these if it is RFID.... http://skipassdefender.com/
  3. Yeah, I guess it's true that there wouldn't be a buldge for RFID. Guess it really doesn't matter, but it'd probably be a lot quicker if it was RFID (no need to show barcode). We're gonna have to live with it either way...
  4. Anybody remember the old ski passes that had the barcode blacked out so you couldn't even see the lines? Whoops, might be dating myself...Oh well!
  5. Really, they're RFID? I find that hard to believe as I already have my pass for this season and I doubt there's a RFID chip in there. Also you can see the barcode scanners on the gates (those bright red circles). I don't think they'll have any impact on the VIP line. I bet they mount these just before the lift chutes. You'll still have the big open area where the lift line attendant calls you out which is after the VIP line. All the groups will funnel down to the scanners and then into the lift chute. It's definitely going to slow things down a bit as the lift grouper attendant is going to have to be slower at sending out groups to the scanners. Disclaimer: I don't know for sure, just a SWAG and how I would do it...
  6. Oh man, is this a disaster waiting to happen or what? Gonna be funny on a crowded Sat. when some yahoo gets to the checker @ 12:45pm with a morning pass and it doesn't let them through. Guess they're gonna have to have a bail-out line. So if you're stuck at the bottom with an expired ticket, do you have to ride the shuttle back up if you parked in the upper lot? So many questions, so little time...
  7. I think Blue is set to buy some of these for their grooming fleet. They're even in the proper color! P.S.: Great story poconoskibum!
  8. Internets, what the hell are they anyway? Are they something you go fishing with or what? I wonder how they did with the air bag??? Sure didn't seem to be such a big draw or get a lot of use each time I was up there. Yeah forgot about the free tubing. It is kinda fun for a ride or two. They need to put some jumps on them to make it more exciting.
  9. Can we trade in the VIP lounge for early opening?
  10. Sometimes. Most of the time I'm too lazy to drive all the way down the other side, so I'm one of those waiting up at the top shack to get in the first run down. Might be all those years of not having a lower lodge, my brain automatically makes the turn, since I'm still half-asleep!
  11. Mmmm....Sad to say I've been skiing Little Gap, er, Blue since, well, let's just say early 80's. I recall when season passes were $200.00. The absolute best skiing was Sunday night. We'd get there for the Sunday twilight pass and get out to Main St. as the groomers were coming up on their final run. Weekend crowds were gone and we'd have fresh cord and no boilerplate to ski until closing. Ah, the days... I don't think it would be such a hassle to open at 7:30 for passholders. Yeah, I get it that some employees would have to get there a bit early, but not all and ski patrol are probably already there anyway getting their first tracks in. I really think it would work w/out too much expense to Blue. I have to admit that the VIP line is one of the best perks going, when they police it. I actually think they did a pretty good job policing it on the weekends by having an attendant at the head of the line. Also to 10% food discount is beneficial as well, but doesn't get you back a whole lot as you say.
  12. @mbike-ski: Thanks! Been lurking for a while reading GSS' reports. Never have much to say... @GSS: BM seems to be improving in a negative direction over the years. What ever happened to the twice-daily grooming?
  13. I see to recall someone at BM asking somewhere what perks season pass holders liked and/or would like to see implemented. Anybody hear about any new perks being added for this season? Personally I'd like the "Open @ 7:30am (or even 7:00am) for season pass holders" to be put at the top of the list. I think these little perks BM gives to their pass holders is what makes them better than any of the other mountains.
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