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  1. With all the electricity shutdowns they had this past year, maybe they should have invested in generators instead.
  2. Love the new gun placement!
  3. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  4. After going up to Cameltoe on the alien pass and seeing all their new guns/heads, I would have thought Blue would have gone the route of replacing the existing manual guns with automated ones instead of just getting fewer, far more expensive fan guns. They make great snow, just not a lot of it in comparison to the stick guns.
  5. New guns arrive... https://fb.watch/kAm-2qPVgZ/
  6. I did the fabric/mulch and still get weeds in the second year. The fabric is probably 3 feet under by now. I also did the fabric under the stone and am constantly pulling little weed sprouts, but I'd hate to cover that area with mulch all the time. I'd probably need 15 yards just for that area alone. If I had my druthers, I'd prefer astroturf, but the boss has her own plans. HWHL...
  7. We put it on thick, so only do it every other year. In retrospect, I should have gone to landscape stone from the start. Good move! In the back under the deck that doesn't get much sun and grass was nearly impossible to grow, I did goose egg stone which is far easier to maintain.
  8. Here's another one. I saw Pat (guy who's always stretching before open at Blue) around the 14:00 mark.
  9. Yeah, a few were up there. Rick called me about going up but I had 15 yards of mulch being delivered Friday, so that's what I ended up doing instead of skiing.
  10. Pretty much, unless enough can escape on a day during the week.
  11. We end up going about once a month over the summer and set a bump line somewhere. We seemed to have started a trend doing it last year as other bumpers in the area have also started doing it. The patrollers got a kick out of us doing it and didn't stop us and even ran the lines. Gave everyone not in the part something else to do, as the one run is short and gets pretty boring after a couple of runs.
  12. It's a Mennonite farm just north of Bowers where they hold the annual Chili Pepper Festival. We stop at the farm for the Jalapeno ice cream after going to the festival each year. The farm grows a ton of peppers and also has homemade desserts and such. The seedlings are very cheap too.
  13. Plan on heading out to Meadow View Farm out in Kutztown one of these weekends to pick up pepper and tomato seedlings. They have the best assortment of pepper plants that I've found, everything from the mildest on up to scorching reapers.
  14. Went up yesterday with a bunch of Blue mountain bunny bumpers. Sun was shining, nary a cloud in the sky. Snow started out firm and fast but soon the blazing sun turned frozen bumps hero. Spent the day lapping Belleayre Run under the lift line to show off for all those riding the lift. Great day for some spring skiing! They also had their pond skim going, so we went over to check it out. Unfortunately it was on hold as the pond sprung a leak and was only a few inches deep.
  15. Probably got a discount for buying so many...
  16. We were checking out the snow guns around Cameltoe on Sunday, WJW! Every run we went down looked like brand new guns and even a battalion of new sled guns to put in strategic locations. The gun heads looked like they had 3 different sets of nozzles, perhaps they can pick which ones to use based on conditions? I think they were these: https://www.hkdsnowmakers.com/products/impulse/ Hopefully the announcement to upgrade Blue's snowmaking will include a bunch of those guns and automate the remaining trails to do away with the manual guns, so the entire mountain can fire up at the flick of a switch.
  17. It was an interesting day and like @RidgeRacer said, Cameltoe surely makes you appreciate what we have at Blue, without all the crap, like the pay for parking from your phone sign that was right in my view as I parked! The peeps I was with are some Blue bumpers Gah skier George & Jr., Gary and later Jason also arrived. Conditions were as expected after the rain and deep freeze. We did find the (attempt at) seeded bump line, but it was rock hard frozen slush cat tracks that’ll be that way until the 70’s later this week. We couldn’t get over the Cadillac of lifts that is the bubble 6, while Blue got the Pinto. This thing is whisper quiet, has all metal coverings, a nice big building to store the chairs and suspended seats to soften the rumble of the supports. We couldn’t figure out which was shorter, the ride up or the runs down… While walking out to car, there were two cop cars with sirens blaring, hauling ass right up to the lodge. I guess someone’s drinking a beer in the lot or something. I had two beers and a sangwich in the lot and avoided harassment. I guess they don’t care on closing day. Bump line, sort of… Must’ve been another Blue alien…
  18. Nope! If you wanna party late with the boys, you have to get up early with the men!
  19. Don't forget your ice skates!
  20. I hear there may be bumps!
  21. When I pulled in in the morning, saw 2 flying around and there was also what looked like a juvenile circling around. There was also a pair of hawks circling as well. By the afternoon, the bump line on Coming Soon was a ton of fun. A big booter formed next to one of the lower guns that people were hitting. Spring snow provided a nice soft landing.
  22. How did that double-post? I thought there was a limit to stop that?
  23. I was looking for him to be making the rounds in the parking lot yesterday, but alas, he was nowhere to be found.
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