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  1. Conditions weren't bad. Seen worse. Snow was softening as the sun was hitting it.
  2. My season is done i think. My brain has moved on to biking and fly fishing.
  3. BMtrubs is the one you need to be worried about. Not only does he top your bottle but he shatters it at the same time.
  4. If it's dumping and your sitting in snow every lift ride it'll soak through.
  5. Dan-


    If you have a board already and don't mind turning it into a splitboard you could send it to this guy. He does excellent work. http://customsplitboards.com/ He did Travis Rice's split boards when he filmed for Deeper. It's a bit pricey but i've never heard a single complaint about him. But exactly like Law said. You want something that's not going to fail you when you need it most.
  6. I see i got people on a golden monkey kick.
  7. Dan-


    If your worrying about spending money splitting may not be for you then. It's expensive no matter how you look at it. A splitboard is going to be something you have for awhile so why skimp on it. Even if you get a good deal on a board you still looking at well over a 1000 for a nice set up.
  8. Dan-


    Look into venture, they make really nice stuff. Bindings i'd look at sparks R&D bindings
  9. Mt Baker is like 1500 vert, and as long as it isn't raining that place is the shit. Vertical drop doesn't mean shit.
  10. I don't ski so my opinion is probably worth nothing but he clearly stated that he had hellbents and feels that they are too playful. Hellbent is as powder ski as you can get unless your into that reverse/reverse shit. So maybe he's looking for something that has a bit of camber underfoot. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. Dan-


    Once his vote is in, you might be gone for a year. Poll is up now.
  12. I would to but it's not worth 100 to enter if thats the case.
  13. Dan-


    Jumps were fuckin money yesterday
  14. In terms of steepness most of powmow is flat as fuck though. Although i don't care how flat that place is, i still love it.
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