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  1. Not a big poster here (doesn't really have anything to do with it) but I'll be up there Friday morning as well.
  2. I've had this pass for 2 years now and its a great deal. I usually take days off work mid week to go and if I do go on a weekend, it usually after 5pm. No blackout dates either which is great if you plan on going midweek during a holiday! I'll be getting another one again for next season.
  3. I used to ski HV all the time when I went to school at Univ. of Buffalo. Couldn't ask for a better deal, $70 student season pass to 4 mountains. HV was a fun place and when the lake effect snow hits, its right in the zone to get some big dumps. I'd compare it to CB of the pocono's in terms of popularity. Friday night school clubs and the weekends were mobbed, not sure if that has changed at all. Definitely get alot of OH people, which is only about an hour away.
  4. I was up there yesterday and yup, the mountain coaster has screwed things up and will make for a horrible triple merge. Not as bad as the trail map shows with it criss-crossing over the whole trail but the very lower part of Bactrian (just after where you can jump over to Cliffhanger) is closed. The coaster is set in the middle of the woods for the most part but the coaster now is smack dab in the middle of that runout portion of the trail. Its going to be a big mess when the slower skiers/boarders pop out onto Cliffhanger. At least the Alpine Slide you could cover up with snow and keep a
  5. Wobbly Barn on Friday or Saturday (24 & 25th). My friends band, Garden State Radio, is playing there both nights. I'll be getting up there Saturday night, staying thru Wed.
  6. Was up at CB last week and conditions were pretty good (for the season we've had so far). Decent coverage on all trails with a few thin spots around.
  7. Just missing it, I'll be at Killington Sun night thru Wed. Mon weather doens't look all that great - some mixed precip.
  8. Thanks. Appreciate the input. Stowe is on my hit list, and since I'm setting up the trip I can kinda have the say in where we end up going. I never knew Stowe had that good of a nightlife. Defintely not going to stay in Burlington and then drive to other mountains. For me, that kind of defeats the purpose of taking a trip (especially with a group). I like waking up right at the mountain and making first chair. Plus, with a bigger group everyone can come/go as they please. Coordinating everyone to wake up, drive and then leave all at the same time would be a pain.
  9. I'm looking to set up a trip to VT this winter. There are about 6-8 of us going. I already know about the mountain lodging & night life at Stratton, Okemo, Killington & Smuggs. I'm looking for peoples opinions on the mountain/nightlife for places like Stowe, Sugarbush, etc, where I haven't been. I doubt any place I haven't been has as much to offer as K-ton off the mountain, but what are peoples thoughts on Stowe & Sugarbush. I have heard nothing but great things about both mountains, just never any insight on nightlife & lodging.
  10. I was up there today from open until about 2:30. The snow was great the entire time, no icy spots at all. There is a decent amount of terrain open (for this early season) and good coverage from edge to edge. They only have the right side of the mountain open but some fun runs. I'd recommend checking it out tomorrow. Snow should be in good condition again tomorrow since it was never above freezing during the day.
  11. Not sure if their email mentioned the hours of operation for this weekend or not. I didn't see it listed on the CB website but a friend of mine passed me an email from someone he knows who works at CB. I'm sure it is subject to change. Hours of operation for 12/12 - 12/20 Saturday 12/12 - 7:30 am (first tracks) - 4:00 pm Sunday 12/13 - 7:30 am (first tracks) - 4:00 pm Monday 12/14 - Thursday 12/17 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (ski area/terrain park) 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm (terrain park only) Friday 12/18 - 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Saturday 12/19 - 7:30 am (first tracks) - 10:
  12. Just got back from Killington, I know its not Stowe but the conditions were fantastic at Killington. The glades held up quite nicely as well. It was warm as hell Monday and Tuesday was in the upper 40's or low 50's and the bases areas started to get very slushy. When I left today around 11am it was already in the upper 40's and just starting to rain shower. After tonight or tomorrow its supposed to get back into the upper 20's / low 30's for highs up there so Stowe should be very nice.
  13. Even if you pay with a credit card, the receipt does not show any info on it other than the price you paid and the Spring Fling stuff.
  14. I'm staying only 3 nights. I wanted to go for the full week but 2 people in my group couldn't manage a full week off from work. When I first started looking the price per person was looking to be about 320 per person for 3 nights. As I kept checking, the price kept dropping. Killington has a 3 or 4 day Ski and Stay free package promo. The lodging thru the actual Glazebrook people was $560 for 3 nights, but thu Killington Accomodations it was $336 (originally $480 but dropped over the 2 weeks).
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