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  1. valley lodge

    It's about time...covered parking at Blue. Wonder if that will be included in the VIP program for season pass holders???
  2. Roll call: 3/7-3/9

    Friday 3pm to ??? session and Sunday AM for sure.
  3. Get your runs in...the count down is on to closing day.. Closing is scheduled for Sunday April 6th at 5pm. Insiders are saying that the Summit lodge is booked for an event the following weekend.
  4. Blue Mountain - over the years.

    Rumor has it that Matty is going to be let go for the "Dennis" reference. Barb really holds a grudge.
  5. weekend

    It will be a shit show for sure. Cool temps and sun will bring out the crowds. The VIP line will help until the crowds arrive...you might not wait in line but the chair will stop every 15 seconds for missed loads and dropped poles. Friday will be very busy during the day and Blue will be under staffed since it's a weekday and the college kids are back to school. Best bet is early Sunday morning.
  6. Beginner Lessons & Packages for kids

    Most programs are good...with that being said, children under 7 usually go into a private lesson or a children's program like skiwee. to get the most out of these programs make sure you go midweek non holiday. Keep your beginner away from the crowds. Shawnee and Blue both have good programs.
  7. The most powerful snowmaking south of the Pocono's will be tested tonight. New improvements will allow Blue to make snow in marginal conditions. Get your skis waxed up...time to get mad steezy!
  8. Blue Mountain Waterpark

    This water park sounds like a great opportunity for Jim Dailey and crew to get back on TV. They could call it "Life Guard" The sequel to the very popular tru tv show "Ski Patrol".
  9. Seems like this forum is destined to die. Even GSS post are down to a minimum...
  10. Sidewinder

    Looks like another inch of rain thursday night into friday.
  11. Friday is no longer a weekday

    Come on guys quit being so hard on Barb Green. I know gsteeze would still "hit it". That's his girl.
  12. Friday is no longer a weekday

    I know all you PASR's love Barb Green. When are you going to realize she is a money grubbing skank. She only care's about the money. I'm sure she will be charging for parking next year as well.
  13. Opening Day Roll Call

  14. snow

    Its going to be a real shit show at Blue over Christmas week. No terrain, narrow trails and tons of people. I could hardly get down midway today with all the boarders sitting across the trail. If it warms up next week Blue is screwed.
  15. Riley

    Thanks for making me a topic!