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I had mentioned before i was up in the air about Elk, or Frost, with Montage as a backup for today.  i was guilt-ed into going to the cardboard classic last night by some friends from the neighborhood here, so off i went.  Hung out and did the tailgate thing for a while, a little after nine i clicked in to make the most of the cards i was dealt with.  It was snowing at a pretty good clip at that point. I pretty much knew right away this was gonna be a bust and the epic-ness was way up north.  The wind was blowing straight up the slopes.  i basically had to pole and skate down lehigh.  The base snow was just waterlooged sort of firm but not frozen, and any kind of head wall was pretty much just blown off.  Hopped on the park lift, which, holy fuck, if it was to go any slower it would be going backwards.  Demattes was pretty much just as bad, there was a tiny bit of pow on the sides, but any turn you made just killed your speed.  Onto the East Mountain lift which must be propelled by gerbils.  Lightning (yeah, right?) to Rivershot.  Just straightlined it, for fear of not making it too the lift without too much effort.  I didnt even bother with Floyds, Doug.  They still hadnt started to send the sleds down the tubing slope, so i figure down Exhibition to take a pee, since there was a line up for the porta-potties.  Pole, Pole, skate, skate, down Exhibition at a turtles pace.  Up the worlds slowest lift again, down T-bolt, which was the same as every other trail, windblown headwalls.  Back up East Mt, stopped at the top to watch the start of the sleds going down.  They had to basically move the finish line up closer to the start line twice.  The snow was hampering the downward motion of the sleds.  they basically had to push them down....lol.  So i was done my workout for the day, so i stowed my gear in my truck and resumed the tailgate thing.  Good food, good people, and some wonderful apple pie moonshine, that was just off the hook.  I might be able to get my hands on some, it would be fun for Blue party day.  We went through about a gallon of it.  

      I am completely jaded by the high speed lifts, the vert, and the trails at Blue.  I still want to like Frost, but it just doesnt have much going for it anymore in my eyes.  They are in rough shape over there with their base.  i'm not sure i have ever seen it so thin.  lots of poles up where there is just no snow.  Trees are not in play.  I know its been a tough week or so with the rain, but, wow.  And i doubt much of whats falling today is gonna help since its blowing off the slopes and into the trees.  

        We stayed a little while after the cardboard classic was over, which was a huge mistake.  Really slow traffic getting out of the place.  My buddy got a call from his wife 940/115 was crawling.  made a plan to go the opposite way to the turnpike, down to the slip ramp and be home in a jiff.  Nope, turnpike closed in between our entance/exit.  so 940/115 it is and just deal with it.  Nope, had to turn around.  now i try to go through split rock. again, denied.  Running out of options, we ended up going down past the turnpike and taking 534 all the way home.  it was super sketchy, but there werent that many cars on it.  had to stop twice to clear out some hills of cars that werent making it.  2 hrs to get home from frost.  What the fuck is it with this area that when it snows, the roads shut down because of people dont know better, and arent equiped to drive in it?  

  long story short, cardboard classic fun, good time with friends, sucky skiing, but i did manage to get a small work out in doing so.  

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People cant even drive here in rain.

sucks about today. Place was crazy here seems like. Passed mad trees down on 78/287. Lights are still flickering from outage earlier.

they shouldve just cancelled the race

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Was out Sunday morning, and conditions were a lot better. They must have been grooming during the snowstorm because the slopes had a lot of base, but the areas off the slopes were pretty much wind blown bare. Even with a fairly strong wind blowing up the hills the skiing was pretty good. Still without power and running a generator here in Monroe county - about half the county was without power at some point.

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