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Who skis here?

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7 hours ago, bumpskier721 said:

Who will be skiing this weekend?

Hey, welcome aboard. You might have noticed some fairly useless posts in your thread so sorry about that. Kind of an inside joke thing I guess?


To answer your question I don't think any of us will be at Jack Frost this weekend. The overwhelming majority of us go to Blue Mountain (the true mountain). Be sure to take some pics of Jack Frost and post up a trip report if your time there though!!!

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Skied here today. Wanted to go somewhere close and easy to see how my leg was doing after a bad fall 6 days ago at Jay - had been limping most of the week. 

No lines and a nice groomed surface on all open runs with no ice or bare spots. Best run was Snow Chute to Challenge which I did 6x.

Looks like they will open Floyd's within next few days unless Sun-Mon storm is rain and sets them back -  all they need to do is groom out the whales and make some snow on the run out. River shot is still bare and everything else is open. 

Leg felt fine being back on skis. Considering heading to VT Sun-Mon to catch tfreshness. AM freshies.

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Was up on Tuesday to use the Epic pass. Had been a few years since I was at Jack. Lodge hasn't changed at all. Not a whole lot was open, basically 7 trails. All were very firm and fast. Surprised that they skied off by noon with the light crowd. Best snow of the day was on Lehigh. Skied everything that was open except the Park. The 2 blacks were pretty good. My only complaint about Jack is that without the East side the trails are about the same, straight down, same head wall locations on all of them.  Staff was all friendly, all in Vail coats. Was turning 10 minute laps (only 3 minutes longer than at BC). Worth the trip for weekday runs.

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