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Plattekill $25 on Sat 4/8

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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Back to whiteface?  Back to Jackson hole?  Back to snowbird? 

Well I renewed the Snowbowl pass so definitely there. Would love it if PASRs visited it too! Outside of that and blue of course idk yet. I do really want to get back to Utah.

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6 hours ago, momskeeztoo said:

I’m definitely going to look in to going to Snowbowl next year. Do you fly into Phoenix, then rent a car? Looks like Flagstaff has some decent public transportation to get to the mountain. 

Flagstaff has an airport but yeah I fly into Phx then drive. The drive is so nice that it goes quick. I think the shuttle is managed by the city and I don’t think it runs midweek at certain times during the season so gotta be careful if you do that. If renting get awd if you can. I’ve seen tons of people w front wheel hitchhiking to get up. There’s even a “hitchhiking lot” on snowbowl road toward the bottom. if you go… comfort inn on Beulah boulevard (not the other comfort inn). 15 or 20 minutes to the base are but you won’t be disappointed. 

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