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  1. JJust checking in. GSS still single and renting?
  2. 26th or 2nd are the only dates I can make
  3. I would like to get out more than I did last year. (which was a big 0) Anywhere would be nice
  4. New beer garden opening this weekend in Philly. Might head there at some point and check it out. http://www.sacbee.com/2012/05/22/4508091/announcing-morgans-pier-the-philadelphia.html
  5. n0xidee


    I'm located in Newtown. Love throwin some shoes around.
  6. My family has a house on Lake Wallenpaupak and I grew up skiing at tanglewood. In the morning we used to go to Montage, then head home and eat/hang out and at night hit up TWood. They had coupons all the time and night time skiing was $8 for adults and $6 for kids. Reallllllly small but when I was younger my brother and I always had a good time. They had one decent length "lazy mile" type to the far right side that was enjoyable. Last thing I remember was them making it into tubing I think
  7. but army navy has sweet burton snowboards for like $75!!!!
  8. Possibly heading up tomorrow if we get rained out at work. Just gonna follow the storm. Who knows though.
  9. Blue knob has the best steeps in pa but it is not near the tp. Stick to seven springs but stay away on the weekend. If you think blue gets bad on a weekend, check out the shit show at seven springs on a saturday...
  10. poor excuse. a lot of us are an hour+ away and we still make first chair.
  11. If I could go for even 4 days, I would have been there by now.
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