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    my new burton snowboard but I eat much rice and curry
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    Skier & Snowboarder
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    Mumbai, India
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    i like to take a holiday in america and go snowboarding. we do not have this in Mumbai - it is too hot.

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Yes Yes - I am Rajeev and I like to do snowboard in america. I come to visit my family sometimes with the passing of each year. The have a shop near tobyanna. Snow is very very good in pennsylvania. you can only play snowboard or ski in Gulmarg in india near the pakistan border but you must be careful there. I went to the university in Mumbai and now work as a cust service prof for what you call a "BPO". i help people with everything from credit cards to computer help to insurance!!! I have a sister named Jaya Singhvi and a brother Ravi. They do not know how to snowbord and say I am crazy for doing such things.

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