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  1. 5 hours ago, pcklein31 said:

    Flying United between SFO-Sydney and then Sydney-LAX on the way home... Confirmed for Business upgrade both ways (Thank God for 1K!!!).  

    Flying Virgin Australia inside the county as they partner with United and get reward points/miles, plus they give me priority boarding and lounge access... And stuff with the 1K


    Oh... And I'm taking my own gear. I get three free checked bags, so I figured why not.

    My first time as 1K ... so glad they switched to a revenue program, makes 1K easy with the current fares 😁

  2. 3 minutes ago, Schif said:

    That is some wild timing. I doubt they will set them all today so maybe we have a chance. 

    im prety sure they're doing tower removal.  and yes, when it's time to set the new towers, they'll do it in a day most likely.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, RidgeRacer said:

    I'm not paying 12 hundy for a chair unless every time I sat on it Mikaela Shiffrin would appear on the other seat to give me ski tips and compliment my hair.

    Cut your hair.  It's not a good look.

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  4. 41 minutes ago, Dirtwolf said:

    After a quick peak it looks like both doubles are without chairs at this point.


    you fell into the same trap i did ... they're hidden in the early morning light ... but they're still there.

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  5. Just now, enjoralas said:

    Definitely both. Look at the lift tower in the bottom right, chair on this side of the tower so has to me MS. Can also easily see the one just downhill of the second tower up from the crossover.

    I deleted my post because I just looked at the cam now, and the light shifted again making them more visible.  Both were invisible in this mornings light.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

    I will say, you are a simple guy...at least try and go out for a nice steak dinner.  

    ... and that can't include Outback Steakhouse.

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  7. 42 minutes ago, rgrwilco said:

    Looks like fun!

    Do they charge for uphill? asking for someone who misses hunter but doesn't want to give vail money.

    you have to be up to the top before they open (8:30 on weekends) and you can't descend until they open (8:30 on weekends), so you're limited to one run, which is why we try to time it to arrive at the top right before they open.

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  8. Skied at Snowmass today with JohnnyStyle.  Conditions were 10/10 boner doner tits magee groomers.  Best groomers of the year by a mile.  Weather was in the high 30s with no wind, and clear skies.  The blues at Snowmass are steeper than the blacks at Breckenridge 😂



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