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  1. I get one out of two on both Firefox and Exploder. Just not going to deal with it...Lame pointing of cams anyway. Should have one pointing up Sidewinder showing big jumps!
  2. Yeah, got probably 2/3 of it groomed, jumps built and some rails in. Probably want to make some more snow on the bottom 1/3, looked a little thin near the merge. OK, so they were monitoring the VIP line today. Seems a bit hokey with the new RFID tags. They had a worker stationed at the end of the line asking to see passes, so now you gotta whip out your pass and show them to get into the VIP line. Before you could have it dangling off the retractor and they could just see it. Wondering if I saved my old armbands of days gone by to hold my new pass.
  3. Isn't that the truth! Far better to just be cold enough for them to blow snow, than to get natural. Natural brings everyone out of the woodwork (South Jersey, Philly, Delaware, Maryland, etc.) To them, no snow on the ground = no snow on the mountain, but we all know better... It was way-crowded today. Get their early to get your runs in by 11, then beat-feet! Lift ticket lines at the top shack were out the door, past the ski check and almost to the snow...unbelievable!
  4. If it had a hole in it, I would have put the hanger thingy through the hole in the pass, not the stupid cover. Heck, I probably wouldn't have even used the cover as the passes are plastic and it's the chip that's important. Ugh! With all the break-ins at Blue, I don't leave anything to chance in the car. Always have the wallet with me. I just found it a PITA to have to pull it out to get my discount for the food!
  5. Yeah, I started with it in a pocket first couple times up. Then I went to get food and they need to scan it. I had to go fishing to get it out. All the years before I had it hanging outside, never had a problem. I too don't know why they can't have pre-punched cards, would make it so much easier. I find it hard to believe that a small hole in the card would affect the antenna for the chip. They didn't give me a hastle getting on the lift. I showed them the crappy shattered cover and they let me on. I went right into guest services and the lady told me to wait until next trip up and check with Lost & Found before getting a replacement. I'll give them grief about their cover if they try to charge me because the lady said it was all right for me to wear it outside when I got it.
  6. Even last night the wind was out of control. Trying to get from the lift to Challenge/Razors was a pike. Top half of slopes were all windblow crud. However, once you got about halfway down, it wasn't bad, nice stashes of powder here and there and along the sides.
  7. Learn a lesson from my misfortune. We were up skiing in the bitter cold and wind last night. I get down to the lifts (luckily it was the doubles) and proceed to go through the scanners there and NOTHING. I look down at my pass and it's gone. I had it in the Blue Mountain provided tag older (the clear plastic thingy) on one of the old retractable cord extensions. They told me when I got the pass that it would be OK to do that and it's convenient when you go to the food cashier for them to scan it. Well, looks like the clear plastic covers aren't capable of handling the bitter cold and the damn thing cracked and lost my pass. Word to the wise: Don't use the provided clear plastic cover and keep your pass inside your jacket or somewhere!
  8. I just tried and it's a no-show for me as well.
  9. Blue needs someone like Shawnee has to keep people informed. 'Like' Shawnee on Facebook and you get a constant stream of status updates from them. Blue, uh, not so much... Oh and at least one of their webcams work!
  10. Looks good for upcoming week....
  11. They could point the cam up the mountain to show if they're blowing or not...
  12. Too bad there's no techies at Blue to get their webcam going so we can check out what's happening w/out having to travel up there. Hmmm...perhaps that's their plan???
  13. Indeed, rain just trickles through the snow. Fog is the real snow eater. Some of the best skiing can be had when it rains as it loosens up the hard stuff. If it's cold enough, blow, blow, blow!
  14. I went up too to get my pass exchanged. Was flurrying all the while. Had snow on pretty much all of Main Street down to orange and blue lifts. Little bits here and there on other trails. Took a walk out on new porch. They didn't have hardly any snow out there. Must have been employee instruction day as they had bus-loads of people down at the valley and groups at both lift scanners. Probably showing them how they're gonna work. Getting really antsy with all the snow the West is getting... Come on Mother Nature, deal us the cold!
  15. I called up there and yes, we need to get replacement passes. The response I got from the girl was a bit disturbing though: "Oh, the camera is working today, so if you come over now you can get it done..." Might be fun going there the first day and causing a CF at the lift line with the old pass
  16. Guess those of us that got this year's season pass at the end of last season will have to get replacements.
  17. Upper lot - too lazy to drive to the bottom of the other side Parking lot - too cheap to pay for locker anymore Yes - Coats, hats, pants, even an old pair of Blizzards from the rockin 80's Do state stickers count? (VT)
  18. And to the Ski Patrol for waiting until like the last few operating days to finally mark it with warning poles....
  19. Yeah all those windows, we'll see how many they have open each morning...2, maybe 3 tops! (Not that it matters to season pass holders, but still)
  20. So they sh!t-canned it then, I take it??
  21. I seem to recall they were looking at putting up a windmill at the top, left of the Comet lift?
  22. Good point! Especially if the goggles have reflective lenses.
  23. Take a look at the Line (http://lineskis.com/) line of skis.
  24. Always got a kick out of that, riding up the lift with the guns a blazin' and wind howling, only to have all the snow they're making wind up in the woods. Like you say: JADIP!
  25. Better hope for a lot of dumps this year to do any glade skiing.... Open ticket booths early? We're talking Blue here...
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