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  1. I just kicked myself in the head for not going with you guys. looks like you had a solid time.
  2. definitely make sure to do highland bowl while you are out there. well worth the half hour hike, especially if your getting fresh snow.
  3. NS Suburban (street and park bike)=K2 Public Enemy (hand rail skis) Transition Bottlerocket (slopestyle bike)=K2 Seth Pistol (everyday park ski) I also have a few road frames and parts lying around as well as some K2 Kung Fujas as my pow/carving skis coming soon
  4. I'm heading up to mount snow tomorrow. If it's any good i may be down for going back up next week.
  5. kcorrigan

    Lehigh ride

    i'm down for sunday. i gotta work all day saturday. you guys should come by the shop (SVB) some time on saturday and let me know what everything is like up there. I havent had to much time to ride lately and im just dying to get out. Trev, what totem did you get?
  6. i'm up at lehigh riding just abvout everyday once blue closes. let me know if you wanna ride, i'd be glad to show ya around.
  7. was the most fun day all season for me
  8. i'll be up for part of the weekend. not doin the contest though
  9. sundayt would be better for me but i could do a thursday if i had too
  10. i'll be in jackson hole form Jan. 4 to 11. then either tremblant or vermont over spring break and tuckermans in late spring. probably some weekend trips in there too
  11. i'm heading up in about and hour. i'll be wearing red oakley jacket and pants, blue helmet with silver goggle. and i'll be riding k2 seth pistols. yell if you see me
  12. did anybody get any pics or videos from sunday? i havent been able to find any yet.
  13. so how long is it gonna be before you get a chance to fix the wall ride? I wanna come back up and hit the park again so bad.
  14. there are usually between 5 - 10 skiers older than 15. there are a few more in the younger age groups. i've been doin this comp for like 4 years and it just gets better every time.
  15. gotta be loon in NH for sure. cant wait to check out bear creek this year bear creek
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