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  1. You beat me to it. I was just going to make this same topic. Anyways I'm extremely pumped to hear this news as montage is my home mt.
  2. You have no idea how much this just made my day!!!
  3. Schif

    Plastic or Steel?

    I used to have step ins, K2 with the highback. I loved them. I never encountered any problems with coming out, or response. It was actually cool because i was able to do a little trick where i popped my back foot out, waved it around a little, and put it back in. I only got strap ins now because K2 discontuned all of the highback stepins so when I outgrew my boots I needed new bindings too. The only advantage to straps I see is getting off the ground, other than that step ins win because of the convenience.
  4. If you click on that link, it says Shawnee is shooting for the 10th.
  5. Im about as optimistic as you can be, but there is no way they will be open by the third.
  6. Schif


    Does everyone here wax their own gear? Generally I take my board over to Bear Creek and have them do it for me. What would be some of the advantages of doing it myself?
  7. Schif

    Better park?!?!?

    Elk Mobile?!? I've never heard of it When I was there I parked in a lot by the snow. I actually had to walk a little uphill around a fence and ride down to the lodge. (carrying all of my stuff)
  8. This idea is really great, there is finally a way to keep people out of parks that shouldn't be there. You can keep all the tourists, and those little kids who just want to "see all the neat stuff", out of the park. I almost landed on one of them last year, so I would love to see this around here.
  9. Board: Burton Floater (wide) 159 Bindings: Burton "The Ray" Boots: Salomon Self 420s
  10. Lets go with 12/10, Fridays are always good to open with.
  11. I have to completely agree with most of you on CB. I have only been there a few times, but my experince left much to be desired. They really do charge a lot for a little. That mountain, while large in size is tiny in terrain. For anyone who has been riding or skiing for any amount of time, there are hardly any trails worth going on. For the ones that are, i've never seen more commercialization (sp?). I personally dont like riding between chain link fences that run accross instead of down the mountain. And to top it all off, those road signs just piss me off!
  12. We got a decent coat, and it was coming down pretty hard last night into this morning here in the Wyoming Valley. I was rediculously pumped when I saw it coming down!!!
  13. I'm not really sure what it means exactly but while I was driving down 81 tonignt I saw a couple of lights on at Montage. Hmmmm........
  14. That hurts. Its getting pretty cold though. Belleayre is looking to be my best bet for getting some early season snow. They better open soon!!
  15. Montage doesn't look like it'll be bad for single tickets though. They did away with all of the ticket times and only have a super (open to close) and a nght (5 pm to close). On a weekend a ticket is only 45 dollars open to close for an adult, 35 for a junior.
  16. Me and some of my friends are already getting pretty anxious about the upcoming winter. We want to plan a weekend trip to New York state. There are a ton of mountains up there though. I dont want to drive more than 3 hours too. I have heard good things about Hunter, Greek Peak, and Windam. Anybody know which are the best? Cheapness would also be good cuz we're only a couple of 18 year olds with seasonal employment. Thanks
  17. I will say that Blue definately has some tasty fries. Come to think of it I don't think there is any mountain I've ever been to that doesn't have delicious fries. I think a good fry recipe is a mandatory requirement if you plan to open some slopes.
  18. $390 bucks for a seson pass!?! I was on the fence as to buy one or not (Montage is my home mtn) but now i dont think so. The park should be AMAZING this year. I was talking to some guys up there on the last day, and they said there were going to be some big improvements. Also, I wouldn't move the mountain at all, the north face is always 10 degrees warmer, and never windy. Its the place to be on a cold winter night.
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