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  1. Hey, welcome aboard. You might have noticed some fairly useless posts in your thread so sorry about that. Kind of an inside joke thing I guess? To answer your question I don't think any of us will be at Jack Frost this weekend. The overwhelming majority of us go to Blue Mountain (the true mountain). Be sure to take some pics of Jack Frost and post up a trip report if your time there though!!!
  2. Tussey isn't terrible. It serves the purpose and I've definitely had fun there in the past. Glad to see them getting involved with the Indy Pass, maybe it will get them some extra visits other than the small local area it services. As far as I know it's one of the only ski resorts in PA that has a local bus run to it.
  3. They really need to make a definitive call by tomorrow night so I know if I have to load up all my gear and take it up to Thanksgiving.
  4. Half an inch of rain on Friday does not seem like good opening day weather. Saturday looks to be around 1/3 of an inch of rain and then some showers on Sunday. The smart thing to do would be to let the whales sit through the rain and then fire the guns back up Monday night when they get the next window of cold. I could be wrong since I don't have any eyes on the buoy but that's what I would do with the current forecast.
  5. Going to need a trip report for this one.
  6. These latest pics make it seem like the chain link fence that used to be there is gone. Does this mean that the PASR parking lot row is now that much closer to the snow?
  7. Super sad news. Those guys always had a big presence at Montage. Was always rooting for them and they had some killer graphics.
  8. Lots of talk about the end of serviceable life for two lifts that I've never had to scoot away from after hearing a horrible clanking noise and realizing it would probably be broken for at least 2 hours. (I'm talking about a bad experience with the quad)
  9. That video popped up for me last night too. I watched it but I didn't think it really explained the price issues very well. As much as I would love to use trains more (or at all) they are just too impractical and expensive compared to planes. I could see the train they talked about running between Las Vegas and Los Angeles as being a real winner of a project but honestly just based on past history in this country the construction of the system will definitely somehow wind up costing something in the $Billions and therefore make the fares necessary to recoup the cost extremely high and it won't beat out cars or flights. Side note, I just found out my company is in the beginning stages of working with Amtrak so I'll track down the specific people to blame for not having a high speed train between Philly and Blue Mountain.
  10. Great thinking. Should next years model be made of hardwood floor scraps?
  11. We have this week, next week is shortened then it's pretty much December. There are 3.5 working weeks until it's Christmas week. I think we are looking at getting the Summit Safari Super Six Pack Supreme as a New Year's present at this point. Should we break a bottle of Champagne on it to christen it?
  12. So now we have to install two terminals, attach all the cables, hook up the electric, hang the chairs, test it, and then get it inspected. Am I missing anything?
  13. I think the S5 will be a great lift for mid morning because you can likely look straight behind you once you leave the station and get a perfect view of the PASR row to see how many beers are being consumed and if there is any smoke coming off of a grill.
  14. Has anyone done the Warren Miller movie this year? Looks like the next one nearby is in Collegeville. $15 a ticket and comes with a free lift ticket for Elk. I think it's worth a trip up there next Friday the 18th.
  15. Maybe Spring will use that thing for rail jams. Serious question, are rail jams still a thing? RIP halfpipes while we're at it.
  16. Looks like we've got the start of a lower station going on!
  17. I hope the inside of the bubble is painted so it looks like you're at an actual mountain
  18. I'm glad Blue has all the brand new snow guns they ordered set up and ready to take advantage of cold temps when they become consistent! in boxes next to the chairlift shaped hole in the ground.
  19. Besides beer (of course) what can I bring to this pre season event?
  20. If they can't finish the lift they should at least let us go uphill on Burma
  21. 44 calendar days until they should open and the terminals aren't even on site. Glad there are a few guys working on that little building though.
  22. Is this an offer to carpool? Haha
  23. Well this throws a wrench in things
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