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  1. If you go this route you could ski Blue every day for the year and probably get a free month in Aspen.
  2. If Ikon only gives you a handful of days, and is subject to blackout, it won't be the absolute worst, but it will definitely add some people on weekends. We just need the season to start early and end late so that we get more weekends without Ikonic people
  3. The rain barrels were full by 9 this morning. Had to release them into the street. Going to be a pretty lame wash out, but at least a good excuse to do nothing but watch football all day. Need to decide if it's worth braving the rain to go to a bar for the Penn State game
  4. Don't worry, when the power goes out to the whole place again you'll get your dark spots back.
  5. Where was this? Is that 476 above you?
  6. You should ask @enjoralas, big Vegan.
  7. Really looking forward to the end result of this story. My car has the same Ford flappy thing. Most things when pressed on it won't open it up, it came with a special funnel that is the exact size as a gas nozzle you're supposed to use to fill it up from a can. He must have really smashed that wrong nozzle in there pretty good to even get it to open.
  8. That is a phenomenal shirt
  9. Anyone know how often they need to make snow at American Dream? I'm curious how much they lose from just skier usage since it never gets above freezing and there's no sunlight.
  10. Having extra guns is probably more a hedge against a season like we just had with warm temps all year than anything else. More firepower to use during small cold windows. Fan guns because they can use them without upgrading any compressors.
  11. I also made a quick stop at Zacks tacos. Excellent suggestion. It wasn't. Never softened up
  12. Today was pretty good. Nice to see the gang in a new environment. The scenery at camelback can't be beat.
  13. Thanks for the map @enjoralas. I'll be up there soon.
  14. It's the last day, they probably don't care. That being said 730am frozen cord doesn't sound great. 830 or 9 might be better. I'll be rolling in around 8 or so.
  15. This changes everything. Guess I'll be waking up really early Sunday and spending too much time in the car.
  16. They actually turned on the guns. Here's a look for anyone who doesn't have access to the webcams this morning
  17. Could also wind up on the cover of Lumber and Building Materials Journal
  18. If Montage is open I'll probably wind up there. If not, take a week off and then head north
  19. Did you buy them that car so that everyone in front of them will drive the speed limit or lower and absolutley not blow through red lights or stop signs? If so, that's a brilliant move and the best way to keep young drivers safe on the roads.
  20. Schif

    Utah 2023

    Last time I was out there I put in for a table at the red iguana, they said it was like an hour and a half, then went to a brewery a.d also put in for the red iguana 2. Turns out they use the same text system so I was getting messages from both, had no idea which one had a table ready and ran back and forth until the 2 finally sat me.
  21. Schif

    Utah 2023

    Love the Iguana. Was there a long wait?
  22. There's that one, and one in Northeast Philly. From what I can tell though the KOP one and the Philly one are much smaller than some of the other ones. I've only been to one right outside of NYC and one in Tampa that were gigantic.
  23. This is good to know, it might put Montage on the table next week. Also good for people with Indy passes to know they will likely be open next weekend.
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