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Itching to buy it. Tell me not to!

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4 hours ago, Johnny Law said:

I have no idea what your trying to say

Yeah, I guess I made an amazing "discovery" that different widths of the same model can be quite different. IDK why it came to me as a big surprise, I knew all along that different widths of RTM have different number and different kinds of metal layers. I guess, the really weird part was that up to 88mm Head was putting graphene under the boot of Monsters, and after 88mm they started putting it in the completely different position, i.e. in the tips and tails.

I guess the takeaway from this is that it's all nice to look at the construction of the skis and marvel the engineering genius, to an extent one can even compare things that are easy to quantify like the number and thickness of titanal layers, but in the end it boils down to reviews and test drives. Everything else is not very useful in picking a ski.

And I'm not even talking about "expert reviews" here, in most of the cases those experts will just repeat what's in the booklet like "this awesome ski has a lightweight foam core that is reinforced with a layer of a titanal, which is stronger and yet lighter than steel and serves to make high speed ride smooth and stable". After hearing stuff like this you'll think that "wow, this really is an amazing stuff full of wonders", but in reality what he just said is "this is a dead ski with no wood and a lousy 0.4mm layer of metal that's supposed to fix the shortcomings of the cheap foam". Because the real stuff will have a sandwich construction with two different kinds of wood plus two 0.7mm layers of metal.

Same goes for graphene. Ooooh, a one-atom-thick strongest material on Earth. Yeah, but where exactly is it? How much? Does it really resist twisting of the ski or only stretching it?

I'm tired of this. I'll go and buy Renouns.

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