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Itching to buy it. Tell me not to!

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I basically run seminar discussions for a living and we sometimes map the conversation to see connections and diagnose problems. So I made a flow chart to examine the Thread-tastrophe that happened he

Is this year 2 of your skiing? Don't just take a lesson, take a LOT of lessons. If you don't you'll cement bad habits that will hold you back when you want to ski bumps or trees, or hit warp speed at

Because 95% of the skiing in the world is not in the Poconos.   Also, you can't proficiently ski any bump run in PA.

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Just now, Shadows said:

Been asking this a lot lately...

Does it make more sense to pay full price for something when you need it, or buy it now at a huge discount and hope youll end up needing it later on?

Then look straight at Stockli AX. Or Z90. Never discounted price. No need to time it.

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32 minutes ago, eaf said:

You mean MX98? ;) Yeah, I've seen it. It will be too stiff and straight for me. Need something curvier.

Those are the best skis I've been on so far this season. Second best are my 184 length old school mantras which used to belong to Atomic Jeff

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5 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Those are the best skis I've been on so far this season. Second best are my 184 length old school mantras which used to belong to Atomic Jeff

How did you ski them? Or rather, what style of skiing are they lending themselves to?

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12 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

The way I usually ski...as straight and fast as possible. They're GSS skis

Yeah, well, I like my descent a little bit less linear, and speed under control, for those boarders are moving so unpredictably. Hate it when I suddenly run into a sitting party in the middle of the slope. So MX98 is out.

I skied a women's version of Elan with the same technology. Shorter, softer, narrower. It did well on edges, was smoother than my SLs. Didn't really get a feeling of that Amphibio technology at all. And it's interesting how they've changed the story about the convex tails since the last time I've read about it. Then they said it's good so that the tails wouldn't catch. Now they're advertising it as a way to stabilize the vibrations by 30%. The woman's version also had only one layer of titanal. XTIs have two.

Anyhow, anybody skied them at all?

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7 minutes ago, toast21602 said:

Do they come in 170 length?


Is that a tricky question? If you're genuinely interested, they do. I knew you were secretly envying salty all this time.

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Oh shoot. I forgot how I was only recently telling someone about it.
What, 84-88 is narrow in your understanding? Really??

Yeah I’d consider it mid-narrow. These can’t be much wider than what you already have.

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4 hours ago, eaf said:

$350 until tomorrow. Flat.

I demoed those at Blue last year.I swear they must de-tune their demos or something because I couldn't buy edge grip on anything I tried, and I was not demo-ing wimpy skis, either. Head Monster 88, Head Rally, and the Amphibio. 

Went to CBK and got on a Volkl RTM 84 and a couple other skis and they were sharp as surgical scalpels. 


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