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03/30 - Salty's big mistake


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Good skiing here, at CB.

On average snow is worse than what's been at Blue in the middle of the week. The number of greenish ice/water spots has definitely increased since last weekend, especially on the very west side of the mountain where it's been firm and icy in the early morning. I didn't know yesterday why I decided to sharpen my skis all of a sudden, and now I do.

Big Pocono and the top to bottom diamonds are veeeery nice, white, soft and fast.

The new DD trail reminds me of Lower Sidewinder and is no more difficult than that. In this snow it's kinda boring too. But it's great that they've managed to open a whole new trail even though there is no snowmaking in it.

Initially I thought I'd ski the Sullivan express until crowds pick up and then move to Raceway or so, but there's nobody here! Skiing right to the chair with no wait time. And speeding down Honeymoon or Lower Cleopatra is niiiice and refreshing with nobody's on them.

Btw, getting a free lift today was a chore. Had to go to guest services, fill out a waiver with addresses and all, and inly then did they give me a ticket. Lack of year stamped on the pass didn't bother them. 

All in all, Salty, throw away your calendar, for it has screwed you up badly. Everybody who I've been on the lift with had to comment on how nice today is.

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Getting STICKY!

And I got to the east side. Nile Mile is so nice, all groomed, no spots, no ice.

The bad part about skiing east is that they've put a terrain park on Pharaon since I've been here last time. Makes traversal to Raceway more difficult. And shoot, Caesar is all dirt. I think it's the only way back to the main Lodge, so that kinda sucks.


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Well, my feet are wet, I'm tired and am heading home. Trails that held through the day the best were Raceway, Nile Mile, Lower Cleopatra as well as every other trail that is difficult to get to or from. Prime blacks became choppy in the afternoon. If only there wasn't terrain park on Pharaon!

This likely concludes the season for me. It's had its ups and downs, but wasn't bad at all. Many thanks to Blue for sponsoring my last visit to CB this year.

Good timing too. People already start diving next week, so I'm gonna be changing gears as well. No spring Colorado this year.

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3 hours ago, eaf said:



Looks like hero snow to me.  Soft and fast.  Eaf did you need a face mask? @saltyant always keeps an extra one in case you ever forget you’re. I’m a balaclava guy myself.   Nice report and pictures Eaf

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4 hours ago, eaf said:

Btw, I don't know what's gotten into them, playing country near the lodge, but "You can buy me a boat" is right to the point. It's warming up, and the sun that came to replace early clouds isn't helping.

Country music has been spreading north for a decade it used to be just popular down by the mason Dixon line but has invaded all the way to canadia

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