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  1. As a kid I took yearly trips there with my dad. Definitely a fascinating place. I thought the observation tower was awesome but most people hated it and were happy to see it demolished
  2. I was under the impression it’s a felony to point a gun at someone, but things may be different in Utah
  3. Those are great lawn mowing shoes
  4. Not to mention they get social security which will be long gone by the time we reach that age
  5. Today was fun. If you like to ski/snowboard I recommend going to blue mountain as it’s a good time
  6. You got about 3 months to get there before congestion pricing starts. Will cost ya like $80 to drive into Manhattan
  7. I was surprised how crowded it was. Lines past the gates by 10:45
  8. Make sure you log it as 2 ski days
  9. Hell yea, 3 spring tr’s this year. I need to get back there. Love the old school diesel lifts
  10. And then pave paradise and put up a parking lot
  11. To avoid situations like that, blue needs to close the entrance to the main lot when they begin using the auxiliary lot across the street. Wait til like 25 morning people leave then reopen the main lot. Half the people arriving at noon go to the main lot instead of the auxiliary lot and just circle endlessly, causing traffic issues while the almost fight was between a 7:30am arrival and a noon arrival, there shouldn’t be noon arrivals circling the main lot to begin with
  12. I was hoping the 2 guys were gonna fight lol. When the guy got out of his car I thought it was on
  13. Was your one ski way up near the top and someone bring it down for you? Cause I think I saw that. first run down razor’s was magical. Rode from 8-11:30, lines weren’t too bad. Since I had a little Caesar’s gift card, went to the one on Allen street afterwards. Only my 4th time ever in Allentown city limits
  14. Winter storm warning down this way with 4-6 inches according to NWS. Gonna be another sketchy drive to blue!
  15. Geez, glad I saved the $40 it costs for blue and played hockey this morning instead. I’ll be prepared for the madness this weekend though
  16. I’m rooting for Philly snow on Friday night, ya’ll got screwed the other day. We got hit better than I thought in the burbs…5-8 inches
  17. Damn kicking myself for missing sidewinder, I thought it was closed. Got my edges sharpened on Sunday and of course hit a rock while making a turn on switchback 🤦‍♂️. I knew the risks though🤷‍♂️
  18. Drive up was sketchy as hell, but fortunately made it for opening
  19. Unfortunately I don’t think so. Surprisingly they started blowing on sidewinder too
  20. Rode from 11:45-3:45, surprised how empty the place was. Great conditions, did at least half my runs on razors. Kicking myself for not doing challenge after reading y’all reports, but figured I rode it so much on the weekend I’d get my razors runs in. Nightweaver was my ROTD. Gotta reiterate that man the place was empty
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