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  1. Is it free food when you have to bring a check as a gift?
  2. Weddings are a scam. Just go to the courthouse if you want to get married
  3. While I didn’t look, I would guess there is a 75% chance my mom still has it
  4. Thanks! I didn’t know I could just turn the paperwork in at the post office. PASR is a much better resource than the US government site
  5. Lol at having to take a physical headshot of yourself that is 2”x2” and send that pic with a physical paper application. A few questions 1. What year is it? We are still doing written applications and snail mail? 2. Why the hell would I have a 2x2 headshot of myself? 3. Do I take a fucking selfie, crop it to 2x2, and then send it in?
  6. I have nothing important to add, just posting this to help you see your 100 page goal
  7. Update, didn’t put the A/C unit in because I’m going to try to ride out these next 2 days/nights. Next week is fairly cool so I just have to survive til Monday morning.
  8. Not rich, just one of my closest friends so I was going regardless if money was chipped in or not, but he felt bad and offered to chip in (wedding was rescheduled from Brooklyn to Aruba). Not sure if I’ll accept that money yet
  9. I’m a groomsman for a wedding in Aruba later on this year. Luckily the groom offered to pay some of my expenses. Went to renew my passport and they want about 100 documents including my 2nd grade report card, plus my first born child and my pinky toe
  10. People would be leaving blue looking like this
  11. That’s an awesome day. Ive rode camelback and drove straight to Eagles/jets in Philly, also rode blue and went to Eagles/bears that night
  12. Wow, I was (possibly) right
  13. That’s a shame. Pipelines are awesome
  14. Did the pipeline that is/was right down Main Street at blue get cancelled?
  15. Didn’t PASR’s protest against a pocono wind farm like 10 years ago?
  16. Was it some type of emergency feature so if the power lines fell, it wouldn’t land on the cable and shock every lift chair? (I have no idea if this is even possible)
  17. They should leave the weird metal structure up as a memorial to the old double lifts. I’m never figured out what it was, but I’m guessing something to do with the power lines that no longer run above it
  18. Local schools have early dismissal today because of the thunderstorms coming this afternoon. Seems a bit extreme to let school out for a thunderstorm edit: manager just asked us to move cars in the shop for potential hail. I’ve been witness to 2 hail storms at the dealership and it is quite the nightmare
  19. I salute your optimism and positivity
  20. How confident should we be that they will even finish the lift install by December?
  21. I don’t even know where y’all are seeing the chairs for sale
  22. People won’t be interested unless the “protest” involves getting free sneakers and timberlands
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