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  1. Chamwow!

    would you say there are less snowboaders in europe than north america? just curious, i always assumed snowboarding was bigger over here but i could be wrong
  2. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    rough 24 hours for hip hop. fredo santana passed away and kodak black is facing decades in prison
  3. 1/20-1/21 weekend roll call thread..

    Doug, you heard about 6ix9ine? he's got 3 songs in the billboard hot 100 right now. apparently the kids are loving it.
  4. Chamwow!

    correct me if im wrong, but i believe i spot a temperature reading on the machine that says -1C. why would speedos need to be kept this cold?
  5. Chamwow!

    im 100% certain a speedo vending machine is a PASR TR first
  6. Skiing Amish Style

    they love McDonalds as well
  7. Skiing Amish Style

    there are 2 walmarts within a 20 minute drive of me right now that have specific horse and buggy parking spaces
  8. 1-18-18

    Rode from 8:30-11. Surprised how many people were there, a lot more than a usual weekday morning. Good ol snow in the backyard. Challenge opened at like 10:15 ish and was nice but really weird to describe, almost like soft death cookies if that makes any sense. It looked bad but actually was soft and rode fast. Looked like paradise was about to open as I was leaving
  9. 1/17/18...Powder Day!!!!

    not at all lol. if you go out west expecting powder days everyday you will be extremely disappointed
  10. Montage TR 12/16/17 - Terrain Expansion

    going to a second mountain is a whole new routine, taking a second shit is no different then the shit you took 2 hours earlier. using your logic, we have to use 24 hours of skiing to count as one day
  11. Montage TR 12/16/17 - Terrain Expansion

    nope, a different mountain counts as a different day. the only people who have a problem with this are people who never ride more than one mountain in a day lol
  12. Montage TR 12/16/17 - Terrain Expansion

    yes, but you have to log them as 2 seperate dates. for instance, mark montage as 1/17 and for CB tonight, use 1/18 as the date so you get credit for both days
  13. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    wow, blue is saying they got 9 inches
  14. Colorado late March?

    i would say keystone. a lot of groomers and nothing too challenging that is lift serviced
  15. Trip Report: Bethlehem 1/13/18 with Pics

    this is 100% accurate. i wish somebody had told 18 year old TP4 that a general business degree is essentially worthless. hell, a bachelors's degree outside of STEM fields is pretty worthless other than a prerequisite for grad school
  16. Chamwow!

    ah the Olympics right? anyway, props to GSSucks and Justo for ripping it out there. riding europe would be amazing
  17. Chamwow!

    is this the first PASR TR outside of North America?
  18. The true mountain... 1-11

    i counted 19 buses at 5:00pm
  19. The true mountain... 1-11

    no shit. im just curious why he's taking a shot at me for no reason, considering i was defending him in the MC thread
  20. The true mountain... 1-11

    what the hell are you talking about?
  21. The true mountain... 1-11

    im at blue literally every single weekend they are open...
  22. The true mountain... 1-11

    thats what he told me. i figured it would be better to post the story on PASR and run with it instead of confirming its authenticity
  23. The true mountain... 1-11

    thats what he told me. i figured it would be better to post the story on PASR and run with it instead of confirming its authenticity
  24. The true mountain... 1-11

    mark went to shake jeff's hand last night and jeff ignored him. i guess mark is just the bigger man lol. anyway, rode from 4-7 last night. huge crowds but felt nice to night ski again, its been awhile
  25. January 10 2018

    i heard a rumor VTmark will be in the house tomorrow