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  1. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    nothing when i left conshy this morning, but the roads were already covered out towards downingtown and coatesville. 30 bypass was a mess with multiple accidents.
  2. TP4 rides Vermont

    2nd civilian chair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 18/19 Season Pass $399

    Pass purchased. Hooray for Lehigh valley power outages lol
  4. Jackson hole 2018

    Got sick on Tuesday and have felt like crap since. Flew out of Newark and Got to the condo under moose creek quad at 4 yesterday, fell asleep at 5 and woke up at 8 am feeling just as crappy. Got to the top of the gondola at 10 am and took 2 groomers. They were fun as hell and a reminder why I love the groomers here so much. Next went to asperes vous and rode the glade to the right a few times, it was fun but pretty bumped up, as well as a groomer or two. Then went to whatever lift is to the left of that for a mix of glades and groomers. After lunch, went to the tram. Got to the top and went thru the Cody bowl gates. to be continued...
  5. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Holy shit lol
  6. Seriously, WTF is with this Weather?

    Heavy snow in central Chester county for past 2 hours. A lot of power outages already
  7. Trivia Tuesday

    Ya, we had one of those wood paneled Tvs with no remote
  8. Trivia Tuesday

    Space jam sound track is legendary, had it on cassette
  9. Jackson hole 2018

    Thank you Steve, this is appreciated. I'll take your exercise advice into consideration as well. Def my last time going through gates without proper training/equipment lol.
  10. Jackson hole 2018

    I was gonna say I don't remember being at that pasr day
  11. Jackson hole 2018

  12. Jackson hole 2018

    Lol thanks Jeff. I'm all over the place today and my posts show that lol. I was on crutches the first day after the hospital, but now I'm just wearing a knee brace. Apparently the meniscus tear is pretty small, and it's a broken piece of cartilage is what is causing pain. Since it is a small tear the doctor said I probably won't need surgery. My dad tore his years ago and needed surgery, but walked out of the hospital that day. My mom got surgery on hers a few years ago and PT after, so it really seems to be a case by case basis. Researching online, it seems a lot of people don't think the surgery is useful, for whatever reason. I may or may not need an MRI depending on how the pain is a week from now. I'm still confused on what becomes of the broken cartilage piece
  13. Jackson hole 2018

    Thanks John, much appreciated!
  14. Jackson hole 2018

    Taking the high road I see lol
  15. Ikon Pass

    Fair enough, Doug and root are right. I'm a piece of shit who deserved this injury. Anyway, big shout out to shadows, barb, toast, nmski, mbikeski, ant man, Sally, ridge, and anyone I forgot (my apologies). The good vibes you guys sent me means a lot and legit uplifted my spirits
  16. Ikon Pass

    who was I running my mouth towards?
  17. Ikon Pass

    Lol at calling me a snowflake for an illness I've suffered from since middle school, fucking pathetic
  18. Ikon Pass

    You attacked me cause I suffer from anxiety disorder. You wanted to see harm come my way so I defended myself the best I could. Was it the best way? Of course not. But I protected myself. I thought we were cool cause we rode a bunch this season, but apparently not. It's pathetic you can't take responsibility for your actions.
  19. Ikon Pass

    Everyone here called me out for being an idiot, and kept it moving. You and Jeff continue to bash me 48 hours later, I know it was fucking stupid, I don't need to be reminded in every fucking thread as I sit here watching it snow out the window
  20. Ikon Pass

    You just said it again in the post. I know it was stupid, I don't need to be reminded of it on random posts on this board. Bash me in my own thread
  21. Ikon Pass

    Holy shit I get it, I'm a gaper with no brain and you and Jeff are Jackson experts, bash me in my own thread
  22. Jackson hole 2018

    Thank you, much appreciated!
  23. Jackson hole 2018

    I'm trying to keep a glass half full attitude, which is not what I usually do: 1. I didn't die in an avalanche and cliff fall, so I got that going for me. 2. At least I got 1 full day out west, including a run I'll never forget 3. 2000/2001 was my first season, and this is only my second injury 4. I look out the window and see snow, which is better than rain 5. Probably will not need surgery 6. Still got to ride most of the season
  24. Jackson hole 2018

    This was a damn nice thing to offer and I really appreciate it, it means a lot. However, I don't want to put any financial burden on you. At the end of the day I'll just have to buy it, maybe tomorrow cause I'm not doing anything lol
  25. Jackson hole 2018

    Yesterday morning I was discussing buying one, but I'm in a pretty bad place mentally right now so I'm not really even thinking about it. I need to just buy it and eat the interest on my card, since that will be cheaper than waiting for $600 or whatever