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  1. Day 2 of no power. Gonna have to throw out everything in the fridge and freezer 😥
  2. They don’t send me emails😢
  3. The nuggets are definitely suspect, but come in the clutch from time to time lol. I like Popeyes as well, but spent $14 last time I was there and $12 is usually my target when I get fast food. I like their chicken sandwich, but just like chick fil a, the value meal is $10 and I’m still hungry when I’m done
  4. 20 piece nuggets at McDonald’s went from $5 to $8.89 in like 1.5 years. Wild
  5. Jlaw takes the most badass ski trips, cause he not only hits all different places, but turns them into a road trip seeing different parts of the country. If I ever win the lottery (not possible as I don’t play) it would be cool to just drive all over the western US in the winter, following the snow
  6. Blue confirmed on fb open this fri and sat
  7. I didn’t go today 😥, but I did have scrapple at breakfast
  8. Leaving Whitehall Burger King now en route to blue
  9. Gonna need to invest in a poncho for Saturday. Dollar general has surprisingly nice $5 rain jackets
  10. You probably already know this, but on the park city side there are some great blue and black runs off the king con express lift. Jupiter lift is cool for woods runs as nobody goes up there, and has some good hike terrain to its right
  11. They didn’t call it closing weekend either🤔
  12. They again said on their Facebook that this Sunday will not be closing day🙂
  13. On the pond skim comments blue stated Sunday will not be closing day
  14. It was good to see ya. Unfortunately sleep was not good to me last night
  15. Fell asleep when I got home yesterday and woke up at 11 pm. Didn’t fall back asleep til 4 smh
  16. While I appreciate the suggestion, I’m trying not to spend money on lift tickets as blue’s midweek hours this week will cost me $120
  17. Blue being open this upcoming midweek kinda screwed me lol. I was totally at peace with 48 days this year, my second busiest season ever. Now I gotta get in 3 days between Tuesday and Friday, while hoping they have night hours Friday as the day is a no go so I can get to 51
  18. Cardboard box derby on the 23rd, pond skim on 17th
  19. Someone on the lift said an employee told them blue is trying to stay open til the 24th which is why pond skimming hasn’t been announced yet. A story like that has to be true.
  20. Should be there all 3 days. Late arrival tomorrow morning due to hockey
  21. 42 out of 43 coffee cups made this year from the lift. It’s a shame NBA scouts don’t ride at blue cause I’d be in the league if they did. The quad is the toughest…it’s a 3 point shot. The newer 6er is a standard 2 point shot. The OG 6er is way too easy…it’s like a lay up on a 6 foot hoop
  22. theprogram4

    Sale rumors...

    Aren’t hall and Oates beefing now?
  23. Ahh damn I totally didn’t hear you and somehow didn’t see you
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