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  1. I believe there used to be a peek n peak local on here
  2. To be fair to blue, the lower portion of paradise below the coming soon connection has new lights, but a majority of the trail is still the old school lights
  3. What a difference it is on coming soon vs paradise at night. Lights on coming soon are awesome, amazing, bestest lights I’ve ever seen on the slopes. Paradise lights are classic night riding at blue, although I somewhat enjoyed them for nostalgic purposes
  4. It was a fun time and felt great to be on the slopes. Unfortunately had pass issues and had to go to guest services twice. I ended up getting 8 runs in…4 on coming soon and 4 on paradise. A few 5 minute waits at the quad, and another time it broke down for 5 minutes. Conditions were better than I expected…I figured it would be bumped up everywhere.
  5. Sounds like my options for runs are essentially coming soon, paradise, and Burma. Am I missing anything?
  6. I’ll keep an eye out, but I’ll still be at work at that time lol
  7. Good thing I brought my gear to work. First opening day night session for me since that 2 day Monday opening in I believe 2015
  8. I’m pretty sure I remember you posting about that trip. Didn’t you take some beach walks at an Atlantic City convention?
  9. Back in America after leaving for the first time in 11 years. Also my first time on a beach in 11 years. Shout out to pink elephant long term parking in Newark, highly recommend. Now back to business at blue.
  10. Hell yea blue! I go a day without checking PASR regularly and miss this lol. Stoked my season starts in 8 days!
  11. Without watching, I’m guessing the gist is that the long distance routes eat up so much money, the prices on medium and short distance routes are expensive to make up for the long routes?
  12. “You don’t use your edges and your wearing rentals.” ”those are both accurate statements.”
  13. I remember that one. I don’t think there is a single ski patrol confrontation video or ski resort fight video that I haven’t seen. A shame there’s so few of them
  14. I was under the impression filling the lazy River with barrels is what they do each year
  15. “They hate it but they know respect they got to give me.” -Eminem/SaltyAnt
  16. At big sky a woman told me not to put the bubble down due to Covid lol
  17. As per downingtown police, child found safe!
  18. I was watching the chopper lift a pole, and now the feed is gone
  19. apparently Vanessa was spotted at a bar in wrightsville, pa (between York and Lancaster) last night
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