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Blue Mountain bumpers take over Big Snow - 7/24/2022


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2 hours ago, indiggio said:

What better way to spend a 100’ day than skiing bumps indoors?

A bunch of us got together and headed over to Big Snow and of course had to set up a bump line!  
Snow is quite good as there’s no moisture but the base below the cord is firm.  Bumps didn’t get very big and the underlying “snow” was solid but edgeable which made the run very fast.



Were you guys the first time slot in the morning?  I ask cause I was looking at tickets yesterday for today and saw the first morning slot was almost completely booked.  Props for going as I got lazy and pussied out on a drive 

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Yup, first time slot.  Prettt much no traffic on the ride over, smooth sailing.

Rumor was that they can support up to 500 people, but we estimate only around 200 or so.  It didn’t feel crowded, but there were always people coming down either the slope or park.  There were some annoying people who insisted on riding up solo.

When they did make people fill up the chairs the line dropped fast.   Also the platter lift was down, so the quad had to handle all the load

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