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New Hampshire 2024


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Woke up in the Lincoln lodge to see a couple of inches fell and the cars were covered.  Had already rolled the dice on going to Cannon, as I had to reserve a date and get a Cannon RFID card connected to Indy.  A PITA but whatever.

Rolled up the road as snow fell into the Franconia Notch and the funneled wind started picked up, big time!  Come He’ll or high winds, I was skiing the Cannon.

Ip the Peabody lift and over to the Cannonball to the peak.   Why am I the only person on this lift???  It’s 9:30, there’s should be many people on here??  About halfway up, the 10-15 MPH winds were well below actual, as the lift was slowing often.  Midway up I was questioning why we do this again and again?   After disembarking and heading down Upper Ravine in boot-deep, blown-in powder, I remembered.

Rode up with a local who recommended Hardscrabble, so gave that a whirl.  Icy, bumped, hard, thin, everything the East can throw at you, but fun nonetheless.

After a short break, headed over to the Zoomer triple area.  Zoomer & Avalanche had huge whaleS waiting to be pushed, on the other side there was fresh blown-in perder that made for some fun runs!

Afternoon the snow started changing over to not snow, so headed to the bar for a couple before heading out.

Back at the lodge it was hot tub and then to  the Woodstock Inn brewery for some much needed dinner.

Morning view from the Lodge…


Cannon base…




Who they worship up here…




Meatloaf dinner, feels like I ate 20lbs. of lead…


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9 hours ago, momskeeztoo said:

I’ve only been to NH to ski once , and Cannon was closed. Are you going to Wildcat? That’s a fun mountain. Hopefully Epic didn’t wreck it. 

Thought about hitting Wildcat, but others are staying too far, so not this time.  
Still on the bucket list.

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The reason for the trip, FIS World Cup Mogul competition at Waterville Valley, the birthplace of freestyle skiing.

Up early because of crappy wintry mix forecasted for the day.  Left the condo around 6:45 to drizzle, ugh!  Drizzled most of the highway ride, but sleet started mixing in and  tree er getting off.  During the drive up snow started mixing in and by the time we got to the parking lot, it was full-on snow.  Yes!

Met up with Slim and rode bump skis all day because…

Up the lower lift and the competition run came into view, Holy F!  They’re gonna rip this thing??  It’s steep as shit, foggy, snowy, sleet, drizzle. 

Rode up the adjacent lift and saw a cut through over to Lower Bobby’s named after Bobby Kennedy.  At the top of the run, they didn’t have a Closed sign, so we rolled on down.   Truly lipstick on a pig, as the underneath was a hint above boiler with some rocks popping through.

Watched some of the women’s qualifiers and then headed down.  Up the lookers left lift in search of Wayne Wong Way.  Beautiful untouched 3” of powder to Wayne’s, bah closed but it looked good enough to poach.

Rolled around to check out Won’s from below to find a massive exposed cliff!  Ok.

Lapped that lift since nobody was on it and there were lots of freshies to be had.

After a lunch break, headed up the bubble and since I hadn’t been to Waterville before, Slim took me up the T-bar at the top.  Yup once and done.

Back down to Lower Bobby’s for the women and men’s finals and awards.  Seeing these people rip these bumps on video just does not do them justice until you see them do it live and the jumps are crazy!

Headed into town later for the USA team member announcements and interviews, but didn’t stay for the fireworks.











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Reading the Blue posts about the fog and rain and visibility, when they were interviewing the USA mogul team members, one of the girls from California was asked how she liked skiing in the rain to which she replied “We never ski in the rain out in California”.   Then he asked Hannah Soar what she would say to the youngsters in the crowd to help them be better to which she replied “We used to ski in the rain when we were little, so ski in the rain so you’re used to it when you get to competitions like this one”.

Ski The East!

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After a quick breakfast at Flapjacks in Lincoln (recommended for good grub and they open at 7am, but it gets packed shortly after), we packed up the car and checked outta The Lodge.

Since it didn’t look like rain, I couldn’t pass up the chance for another notch in the ski belt, so decided to make our way to the mighty Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut, since it’s on the Indy Pass.  Not only is it another new mountain for me, but also another state, so why not?

Over hill and Dale and into the back woods, the ride sure didn’t look like there was a ski mountain anywhere close as we approached a couple miles away.  We turned into the road with the mountain label and there it appeared.

It’s only like 650’ of vert, but it’s sprawling with a lot of lifts and night skiing.   Rolling into the parking lot about 1pm, the main lot was full, so had to go muddin’ into the overflow lot.  Luckily a guy was pulling out pretty close, so the pike wasn’t too bad.

Getting a ticket off the Indy was painless and out I went to conquer this behemoth.   Unfortunately all of the lifts are fixed donkeys and with all the families and beginners causing them to stop, it made for a real trial of patience.

Up the Arrowhead and right down the namesake trail.  The snow was soft as the temps were in the 40’s and the air was very moist.  The drop is short from the top and the runs flatten for a long while.

Up the Arrowhead again in search of some more fun and found an Experts Only lollipop which drew me in to find Wildwood and Chute.  The “Caution Mogul Field Ahead” sign on Wildwood drew me in like a magnet, hoping to find some bumps to play in.  Well, it did say “Mogul” and that’s about all there was, a single push pile part way down.  Screamed down and back up Arrowhead to check out Chute.

Chute wasn’t anything to write home Mom about, blew past lots of beginners fighting their way in the buttery soft snow and cruised on over to the namesake triple chair, hoping that Route 100 would be open, but no luck as they’re hurting for cold & snow too, so just cruised Mohawk again.

Since the Deer Run lift was running, I had to  ride it, it’s one of the rules.  Made a speed run down Pine, which for the place should be a blue instead of a green.

Being in Connecticut I wasn’t expecting a whole lot and Mohawk didn’t disappoint in that respect, but for a local mountain you slide what you got.  There were packs of teens having a great time in the spring conditions, families out with their little ones playing in the snow is what it’s all about.  We gripe about what Blue provides, but if you hit some of these even smaller places, you appreciate what Blue provides, warts and all!

Looking up from the base…



One of the donkey lifts…


Wildwood & Chute…



The base lodge from the lift…





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33 minutes ago, RidgeRacer said:

Super fucking human. incredible 

Indeed!  It's one thing to watch videos of them doing it.  It's a total different experience seeing it first hand. 

Videos just don't capture the pitch of the run.  My knees where hurting standing there leaning into the hill it was so steep.

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