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also, i'm not sure about your money situation, but if you are willing to get new boots too you can get boots that shrink your size a bit.








Go to a shop and ask them if they know of more boots like that, i'm sure they are out there.


As for the board, I'd probably go with the rome flag or the capita mid life. I'm going to be picking up a capita stairmaster as soon as i get the money, or the stairmaster extreme if i get a little bit extra cash.

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riderossi, just to let you know proboardshop.com is just a version of the house that inlcudes burton stuff. I ordered my boots from there and it comes in a house box and everything...

interesting..it has a different phone number and everything. The-house's website seems to carry more companies that are small names, whereas the pro site doesn't. Don't know what the two sites is all about, but thanks for the info.

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HUGE sale over on the evo outlet. evo definitely is my #1 for getting cheap shit, I've gotten so much good outerwear for less than half the price.


there's a 70% off sale on last years shit. orage, northface, lots of good brands. seen some jackets/pants for under $100.


also stumbled upon this gem of a site the other day: http://www.tognar.com

DOPEEEEE ski tools site. lots of awesome shit for great prices. ptex guns, pro wax tools, binding tools, and lots of boot fitting shit. they got all sorts of neat little things that are good to have. just ordered some bontex shims.

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