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    I've never been a season chaser, but the IKON pass has given me an excuse to do so. Prior to this year, I had never skied in May, let alone June. I skied May 5 with Law, GSSucks and Justo. Today's excursion was a solo trip. After dinner last night I decided to drive to Albany. I left at 8:30pm and arrived at the hotel off of root 90 at 11:30pm. I hit the road this morning at 6:40am and arrived in the parking lot at 8:40am thinking they opened at 9am. The 8am opening could explain why there were so many people there when I pulled in and had to park in Kansas. It was a beautiful drive in the morning with fast moving cars and nice scenery. I booted up and hit the snow. A lot had melted from nearly a month ago, but there wasn't huge puddles/dirt in the lift line. There was, however, an insanely thin cover 5 feet below the top. Down to dirt/rocks. Some where watermelon sized. Tons of double ejections. I carefully picked my way down and then the skiing was awesome. Pretty smooth and soft with some glacial ice mixed in. Some nice sized bumps towards the bottom. First picture is people picking there way through the rocks. I skied a bunch of runs, headed back to the car, enjoyed a de-boot beer then headed off for a trail run outside of Rutland. It was high 60's and the trail was pretty fun. Some fire road, plenty of single track, and a massive hill. I packed it up and then set off for home. An easy 4h 45min drive and I'm back home. Short session but I wanted to get my June skiing in
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    Seen in Utah Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Solid moon action tonight
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Taking the SUP out for a paddle. River is still pretty high so more exercise than fishing I guess
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    Days will start getting shorter next Friday, we're marking the event with Dead & Co at the BBT pavillion next Thursday night. Been super busy pimping the house and landscape for listing which should happen the 2nd week of July after some carpeting and flooring installation which I'm having done after we move out. We'll be pulling out of Philly July 4, spending the night at the Homewood suites in Newburgh and arriving in VT on the 5th. Got 2 guys to unload the truck on the 6th. What's that have to do with ski season? After I booked the Homewood reservation (Hilton property) they wrangled me into their Points program and I got 4 days, 3 nites at the Sunrise lodge in Park City for 350$, 5500 points and another $200 towards a room after I sit through a 2 hour time share presentation. No blackout period so I'm looking to book mid march. I can ski Park City and Sno Basin on the epic pass. Gonna be deeeeeeeep......
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    This was in my neighbor’s yard this afternoon
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    Cool view from webcam at Abasin.
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    Nice morning run along the Lehigh. Enjoy your weekend!
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    OMG I would be SOOOO happy to have you in CB! Only caveat is this place is much smaller than Winter Park and only has one bathroom (womp womp). If you decide that let me know your dates asap so I can block them out for you. And Yeah, Dan needs to come, we can make the space work.
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    Could definitely change but Crested Butte has been on my list of places to ski forever and I'm about ready to check that one off my list. Plus I'm way past due to ski with [mention=1419]Barb[/mention]. If, for whatever reason that doesn't pan out ADKs again, a few days and WF, will throw in Gore this time (should've skied Gore last year but the snow was actually forecasted at Blue and I drove home after WF). Who knows though...if your JH days work then maybe I'll tag along for a few days there. Way too early but that's what I'm thinking.
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    I already booked my house in Taos for next year like 2 months ago! Will do the flights as soon as that window opens up. I like to plan way far ahead.
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    People with jobs, damn.
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    Schofield Pass is near Crested Butte. Always a snow plug there that blocks access to the road well into July. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to melt out. The 4 pass loop is a very popular backpacking trip that is in that area. My kids went to Abasin yesterday, said the snow quality was awful and visibility poor. But the older kid got his 10th day in this season while living in Hawaii so he is pretty stoked. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Yeah we live 20 min north of where the tornado hit in Morgantown. Had hail and heavy storms but no wind. We heard what sounded like a tornado for a while so we hung out in the basement for a half hour. If it weren't for keeping the kid safe I would've been in the deck with a beer watching the storm
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    Sunday funday. Cool account. Terrible schedule.
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    45° here this morning. Almost time for Blue to test the guns!
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    Didn’t see it on Strava. Didn’t happen.
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