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    Our spring festival was cancelled, this is a new event to try to replace is as the spring and fall festival account for a huge portion of the budget. To go only with on-line ordering: https://www.clover.com/online-ordering/st-nicholas-greek-orthodox-cathedral-bethlehem?fbclid=IwAR2VbVjQcfx9LI2Z4Iw47ga69KyrNKAH0oQy2UdcawEPISdza44jLM-Haww
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    Just made the decision I will not be returning to hockey on Monday until this all gets better. Sitting on a bench shoulder to shoulder freaks me out. my uncle tested positive a few days ago but luckily he seems to be doing better now. Crazy thing is he is the family member who took this the most serious and was the most cautious. Unfortunately my cousin has been going to the shore and beaches recently, so that’s probably where he got it
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    couple pics from the last week or so...occasionally my wife joins me and is my personal photographer.
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    My mom went to the chiropractor yesterday. She's been putting it off because of the virus. She gets there and said when she walked in she was the only one wearing a mask. She made some comment and the girl at the desk said, "masks are optional at chiropractor offices". A guy in the lobby makes small talk with her and says he works for a place that makes ventilators (supposedly) and he starts saying how masks don't work blah blah blah. She gets to the back and the chiropractor said to her how he hasn't seen her in awhile and she said because of the virus she's been putting off coming. He basically rolled his eyes and then proceeded to adjust her back without a mask. My mom is not going back Monday and is now looking for a new chiropractor. Honestly knowing my mom, I'm surprised she didn't turn around and walk out yesterday. Her back must have been really bad and that's the only reason she stayed.
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    So if aliens are listening to U2 I could make the argument that U2 is the greatest rock band in the history of the universe, as opposed to just being the greatest in the history of mankind here on earth?
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    I just put my gym membership on hold which I am bummed about. They opened back up a month ago with strict policies. But every time I go less and less people are wearing masks (even though it’s mandatory) and people are not sanitizing equipment like they are supposed to. Ordered a TRX, gonna see how Much I can do with that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gloves often give a false sense of safety. Better off just washing hands often unless you are changing your gloves between everything you touch.
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    lets talk about people not being able to even dispose of gloves properly... ppl are assholes. i'm waiting for the day i see someone just throw that shit on the ground. 719
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    The Allentown Fair has been cancelled. Doug will have to parking lot pimp at his hotelhouse instead.
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    Sounds like Florida needs to stop testing.
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    1,080 gallons. Just cause u didnt know.
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    479 today. Down three days in a row.
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    Gave us something to talk about other than Covid 19.
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    From my run a few days ago.
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    The garden is coming in nicely this year with everything started from seed. Lots of lettuce, arugula, romaine, and spinach. Cantaloupe are starting to get a bit bigger. Red potatoes and red/yellow beets are doing great. Tomatoes and green peppers are doing well, and the three blueberry bushes are starting to turn nicely. We have so much lettuce that we have been having salads every day and it still hasn't put a dent in the amount of greens that we still have.
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    The hypocrisy is amazing. People are getting treated like they’re stupid for stating the obvious
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    sorry, but you can't hate on the protests because "This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that..."
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    Ok. Maybe it came from a space turd dropped by an alien who was listening to U2.
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    The beauty of this is that we likely won't find out the actual answer to where it came from. If we ever do it will be decades down the road. China doesn't play around with information.
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    along the same vein, i think it's funny that people who are so panicked about everything still order takeout with some gigantic trust in where it's coming from. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone run a card with no gloves at a register (how many have they touched?). Ok, maybe they sanitized hands after, but probably not between the time they swiped the card and touched the terminal. It'd need like 4 sanitizations between one transaction (handing card, touching terminal, returning card, handing over goods. Then, they hand you a package / box / bag after touching the terminal, cards all day or cash register keys. Not to mention people are putting their trust in a number of people in the back who truly may or may not give a shit. It's just as risky as everything else but it's all totally cool and encouraged. I don't understand it. edit: ok not as risky as a packed bar but people are like 'oh wow how did i get this ive been so careful', you don't know if bob from the pizza shop was at the bar 3 days ago and isn't showing signs.
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    I can't even count the number of gloves and masks that I've been seeing on the ground outside of supermarkets and whatnot. Disgusting.
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    Pumping gas is the only thing I wear gloves for.... Yesterday was the first time I put gas in the Jeep since March 20th..
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    Saying he got it from my cousin is my guess/opinion, not sure if that is the case or not. No idea if my cousin got tested. My uncle had a bad fever and got tested. Talked to him tonight and he’s doing well
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    No problem OG, didn't take it as a slam.... I'd like to share a brew or few with you at the Elk watering hole sometime..
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    Enough with the fireworks.
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    I agree with OG. Probably BS my reliable source is now considered "unreliable".....
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    I guess "Attending a Presidential Rally" or "Attending a Protest" are 10's, that they didn't feel the need to include?
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    The one i told you to get the meatball sandwich at.
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    Oh Lordy..I don’t know why that bugs me so much...as I drive around smoking weed i think,”why can’t people just follow the rules”
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    I can bring lunchbox sized bags of chips...Root doesn’t like Doritos. @saltyant you’re gonna have to stand six feet away from me when I’m debooting.
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    You can’t lump protesters and rioters in the same category. Protests are outdoors and most wear masks where indoor dining masks are off for the diners and air conditioning circulates the virus around. If I want some yummy in my tummy I’ll do takeout. The other day people were even eating inside at Wendy’s. About 15 cars in the lot at the parkland diner near my work...mostly 80+ year olds...more business for me.
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    Most cases can be traced to in home gatherings and bars..
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    Berry harvest from tonight.
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    No more than calling MERS the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.
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    I try to do the clean hand/dirty hand and clean pocket/dirty pocket. I put any charge cards and cash I will need in my dirty pocket and keep my keys in the clean pocket. Soaked some baby wipes in Lysol and bring one in the store in case the store doesn’t have one when entering. Bought a UV sanitizer for when I get home. Grandkids are back at daycare, so have to quarantine from them. :-(
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    The glove wearing kind of cracks me up, although i do wear gloves to get gas. Put gloves on, pump gas, throw them away. People shopping in gloves. They touch everything. And then the car keys, and the door handle..... And how many people actually know how to take them off properly?
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    they redid the dome a while ago. that was cool to see.
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    Governor DeSantis should be applauded for a 40% decline in daily cases lol
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    I’m curious if the fireworks phenomena will continue all summer or die down a bunch
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    I am retired... Three + years and you have a hard time wiping the smile off my face 🙂
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