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    My dad was stationed in Alaska while he was in the army. They used to get around with snowshoes and cross country skis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good morning & happy full moon Friday the 13th!
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    Snowed on some of the peaks/passes this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My bad. I was lost......the only reason i knew it had to be your house was from the lines in the lawn. I didnt see you mowing the lawn, so i had to assume you were not home.
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    yea fuck you guys 😝 lol Ive probably been up there there 3 times in the last 5 years, been tough snow years for them. But I just got a $32 check for last month! Fractional ownership can be but is not always a "time share", our 1/4 share is deeded real estate. It came with RCI time share privileges for the first few years but we never used it and let it lapse rather than keep paying into it. Ours is set up as a hotel condo so we get use 13 weeks / year, if we don't reserve or use our weeks we get rental revenue less housekeeping and admin fees. If we want use other than our designated weeks we just pay $30'ish/night housekeeping fee as long as there not over 85% occupied, which never unless its a holiday or event. It worked out really well for this dumbass over the years when the kids were small and the the lake effect machine was pumping as well as alot of nice trips to the finger lakes region for wine tasting, mtb, and leaf peeping.
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    My dad is way into timeshares, has months worth but I think he actually uses it all. He'll do a few weeks in Hawaii and a few weeks in NYC, Palm Springs and Vegas. He's retired so he's able to travel a lot and actually use it. I sat through a timeshare sales pitch to get free tickets to a luau on my honeymoon and it was the worst thing ever! The sleazy sales guy was claiming it was "romance insurance", then when I said no thanks, he told me to "be a man" and was trying to emasculate me in front of my wife. I wanted to kick his ass so bad. Remember folks, whatever they are offering you to sit through the sales pitch is not worth it!
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    I guess nobody is getting an invite to @mbike-ski's timeshare at Greek Peak 😂
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    Wtf are you doing stalking me and not knocking on the door to have a beer?
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    It's the middle of Sept which means we're almost in the month (October) where we can say there's a good chance that I'll be skiing next month (November).
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    Just for the record, i dont think you lack common sense. My comment is based off my buddy and his wife buying (or whatever you call it) a timeshare in Florida. Its a ridiculously small time they can use it....like 3 weeks or something. I never understood why this would appeal to anyone. Keep in mind, one of my buddies most famous sayings is "its only xxx$$$ per month." So, i know they used it the first 2 years they had it, and then he told me dragging his son, daughter in law and their 2 kids down to FLA was really expensive, and pretty much, not feasible to do every year. His is also "use it or lose it", which i think he has done the later more so lately. Never made sense to me to be tied to this thing, without any real ownership. Oh, and now he and his wife are divorced, so god knows how that works.
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    I could look at old pictures for hours. They’re always fascinating.
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    Yeah but you also have to pay an annual maintanance fee and sometimes housekeeping as well which can cost several hundred. Some like time shares because they can sometimes swap for different locations. They don’t don’t r ally call them time shares anymore it’s often called fractional ownership. For a time resorts were selling a lot of quarter shares, 1/8 shares and 1/16th shares. Essentially you get a week a month, two weeks a season or a week three seasons of the year. If you ever look up real estate for a place like Aspen you might see a condo listed for only $79,999 and you think damn and the. In the fine print it says 1/16 fractional ownership. Put that $80,000 in a 5% low risk investment and can just take a baller trip every year with the interest. Fools and their money.
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    Leaves are starting to change color. Halfway to st. Patrick’s day.
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    I have seen it from the street. It looks bigger in person. big back yard.
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    It would be a hell of a story if you did kick his ass.
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    Yes, I never understood why people got timeshares. Seemed like a terrible idea.
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    For a time share you mean?? You pay $19-$36k and you get a week a year there for life or until the company goes bankrupt. Time shares are a fucking rip off. It’s usually someone who is already a time shareholder who convinces a friend to join in...
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    Finding a 100 year old picture of a skier with familial connections is pretty damn cool!
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    Came across this cool pic over the weekend addressed to my grandmother on the back, to my "dear friemnd”, she would have been in her late to mid teens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my Letter today.... As previously discussed; new pond for more snow making capacity. New Windows in restaurant. Tree planting continues. Season Pass prices unchanged. (Second year in a row.) Operating hours changed; closing Monday and Tuesday at 4:30pm, and Sunday at 7:30pm to allow for more snowmaking. "Certain weeks" we will continue to be open until 10:00pm.... #ElkaholicRummy....
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    I’m sure they’re installing lights and snowmaking on new trail.
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    I guess they couldn't wait for Black Friday? For anyone not getting a Blue pass it seems like a good deal. $99 for off-peak or $129 unlimited. It does seem pretty early in the season, but I don't think they're discounted more than usual.
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    OK, but I won't allow you to ski them...
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    I fucked it up extra a few years ago when I put my last name in first name box so now there’s two of me in the system.
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    I’m already having anxiety wondering if my pass will work and then waiting in customer service line to get it sorted out while the PASRs get a lap or two extra on cookies. That means ski season is coming soon. Anybody know if the lights are on. Now we have to pray for rain so the snowmaking ponds are full...
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    You must've missed the whole false advertising thing because Blue use stock ski marketing pics on their website that depict what appear to be Rocky mountains in the photos. Then there was the whole Gift cards fiasco. That was a modern PASR classic. I know I'm missing a few others... most likely involving Salty.
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    By: UnofficialNet | September 4, 2019 Brattleboro Reformer is reporting that John Field, an investor in Mount Snow’s parent company, Peak Resorts, is seeking to stop a vote on whether it will merge with Vail Resorts. Field’s accuses Peak Resorts executives and its board of directors of not fully disclosing information pertaining to potential conflicts of interest of management and the board concerning the $463.6 million transaction. Field’s attorney Matthew L. Dameron of Williams Dirks Dameron LLC said in a statement that Peak Resorts management and the board have omitted or misrepresented material information concerning, “the valuation analyses prepared by the company’s financial advisor Moelis & Company LLC in connection with the rendering of its fairness opinion; and company insiders’ potential conflicts of interest.” Field’s believes stockholders need to understand potential conflicts of interest of management and the board, as that information provides illumination concerning motivations that would prevent fiduciaries from acting solely in the best interests of the company’s stockholders. The company runs 17 ski resorts in the country and has not yet filed a response in court.
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    Florida isn't that bad. I like Clearwater
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