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    Conditions are like frosted flakes today.... They're grrrrrrrreat! Spring like but not too mashed potatoey. Awesome weather. Feelin' it today.
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    Anything before March is bonus
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    TAlk to Ms Mute instead of posting to us assholes during dinner [emoji38].
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    Hey All, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at th lower lot before 720am and in the house were Johnny Law, JFBBDan, PA Ridge, Atomic Jeff, Toast, NMSki, Indiggio, SaltyAnt, Ryan, Mute, BenM, PSUGuy, Bethlehem ford guy, SliM, Gary, MBIke mike, Enjorales dad, GahSkier George, Nastar Glenn, matt Edge, the dude4Bidea and many more Temperatures were in the upper 50s under clearing sky’s with strong southwesterly winds. First run was challenge which was rough AF..just not smooth and very firm..next run on nightmare dreamweaver was a bit better and Main Street also super rough...paradise was alright and lazy mile wasn’t bad although lots of skeet spots. I skied till about 930 then went to the lot for a beer or two..then back for some more about 45 minutes later. Second seasion skied nightmare to dreamweaver first which was better but still very much in the shade. Over to Main Street and did maybe 15 bumps and they were tight big and firm sort of like the chicks I look at on chatterbait. Finished off with two challenge runs on the left side there was sunshine and it was smooth enough..back to the lot for more beer and cheeseballs...was a nicer weather day then most of out end of the season parties. Still would have been better at the jersey snow dome...no threat of vitamin D..JADIP
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    Hey All, I’m back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. In the house were Johnny Law, JFDan, NMSki, Mute, Ryan, Enjorales cousin, Bethlehem Ford Guy, GahSkier George, Indiggio, Mixilplix, BenM MBike Mike, Slim, Justo, Rose and many others. The temperature was in the upper teens under overcast sky’s with light winds. Opening bell was a mellow affair with the usual suspects ready for fresh cord. My first two runs were on challenge and it was a freaking carpet. I even got some float after the second headwall. The falls and homestretch were immaculate. Main Street was super rough, lazy mile was crazy mile and also rough..I didn’t do nightmare dreamweaver despite people saying it was good. Midway through as actually pretty nice..high five for stoke. Snowmaking cannons were firing across the mountain from switchback to tubing and random places...liftlines were no big dealio with both the six pack and quad running... fun parking lot today with cheeseballs eating cheeseballs..snow falling fa lalalala I think this new snow combined with the old snow and snowmaking will groom out well and as long as it stays cold conditions should be alright. This mornings conditIons were rough with a little bit of nice on challenge but the forecast is grate.
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    Arrived at 4:45 and it was 44° at the top. Surprisingly not as busy in the top lodge as I thought it would be. Was expecting some ski clubs but they must all be at the Valley Lodge. Skiing with Mrs. Mute so it was down Burma first and then lapping lazy and Paradise. Snow is sugar but minimal push piles. Temperatures mild and crowds light. Good times. Grabbing a bite at Slope Side and then heading back out. Already pulled my pass out so I don’t forget that 10% discount.
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    Sounding like Saturday may be something. Welcome the return of winter!
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    Snow bazookas are on at Blue.
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    now that im old and over the hill, crowds at the mountain make me angrier than they used to. i think its cause the past 2 thursday mornings have left me disappointed with so many people there. but as you said, blue needs all the money they can get so ill just suck it up
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    I will say it will be a bigger shit show on Sunday if it snows even a little in Philly. Those that wont drive up saturday in the snow, will surely be there Sunday for all the fresh pow.
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    So over this warm weather. Someone asked me today if I was enjoying the beautiful weather. I wanted to rip her face off.... I know that’s not very nice, just can’t help it.
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    I'm looking for advice on ski and stay places for a short midweek trip to killington sometime in the next couple weeks.
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    NM to DW. Upper Main and Switchback. Appeared to be great production from time I got there at 930 til when I left at 330. All of the above were closed.
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    I can! There have been other years with weather that was just as bad or worse and the grooming was nowhere near as bad as it's been this year.
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    This is kind of an example of the dumb stuff you should just keep to yourself.
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    Believe me, I’m not complaining!
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    I don't think it would be THAT bad, but it would probably increase a bit. I wouldn't be opposed if it was bought by a company on any of the multi-pass options. It will eventually happen unless something drastic changes for Barb. But realistically, it can't be fun owning and operating a ski area in PA with the way the weather has been changing over the years.
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    I’ll be up tomorrow morning too. Ryan should be there.
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    They also left Razor's open when it was the mogul run from planet Hoth. Having done both, I don't know which version I hated more!?!?
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    Ouch. Come on Vail...time to pony up.
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    Information on Saturdays weather system.
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    And Jackson Hole, Crested Butte, Steamboat, Powder Mt, Snowbird, Snowbasin, Brighton, and somewhere the fuck in Switzerland, blows VT away, especially the 2 Mountains you have a pass to, (they were voted by Ski mag to be the 2 biggest shitshows for MLK Weekend, and have the least tasty cocoa) Again, personally, im not sure if skiing Okemo and Mt Snow, beats PA, with the travel associated with it. Especially after the loss the East coast suffered over the past week. Its gonna take a little while to right the ship anywhere on the EC. Travel up a little further North, and you will get to something way better, and maybe worth all the driving around. I'm not hating on Okemo either, my parents had a slopeside condo there for years. In fact, they had a townhouse there too. Both slopeside at Okemo, in VT. The one place, you could ski to/from the door. It was right off the Satchem Trail, In Vermont, at Okemo. I think i skied Okemo 3 times maybe. I did stay at Slopeside Okemo once and drive to Stowe and Sugarbush, in Vermont, to ski New England powder. Okemo is a good mountain for your kids to ski at, its not a super challenging place. Did i mention Vermont, Okemo, and Slopeside enough? i hope so, i was laying it on pretty thick.
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    I found 80 bucks on the floor of a bar many years ago. Spent it all at the bar, bought my friends drinks the entire night. Found $5 on the floor at BJs today
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    Can't wait to see what's in store for today! 🤣
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    I am going to start a GoFundMe page so they can send the groomers somewhere to learn how to do it. Holy fuck do they need help in that department. Their busiest day to date, and this is the best they could do. Cookies are one thing, but if they could just groom the trails flat, it would be such a huge improvement. Their FB page already has some comments about the grooming being less than stellar. I went into today thinking i would stick around to ski the second session in the snow, but i felt like even fresh snow couldnt fix things today. Never a bad day in the parking lot though. See you weirdos tomorrow for round 2.
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    Wow good thing you have good ground clearance.
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    Trip report for today. Only the quad running, blowing on NM to DW, Upper Main, Switchback. The snow wasn’t great, but not horrible. Lazy greatly improved since Wednesday, and if I can ski down Challenge and Razors full of marbles, it improves my confidence.
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    I’m hoping when I return Monday, Switchback will be open. My favorite.
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    I believe that is where the American Legion is, if not the same exact buildings. the image is looking south. The road continues to the right of the man on the switch and goes back to the pavilion and banquet hall. The left side of the screen shot that I posted.
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    @saltyant used to work at Eagle rock
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    The groomers go real fast and don’t make enough passes. The elimination of twice daily grooming in 2007 was also a big loss. That was grate even if you didn’t get fresh cord for night session it kept things smoother.
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    The grooming at Blue has been the worst in PA for years. They never let the snowmaking whales drain before pushing them out. That's what creates all of the cookies.
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    Sunday morning should be good if it gets groomed nicely.
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    They’re both special in their own ways 😍
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    Oh I didn’t know Floyd’s was open..grate stuff!!!
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    I don't really see a need for larger crowds. Even if it doesnt make money, Vail would keep Frost running as a way to get more PA skiers buying Epic passes. That is its real point now. And BB is there to get PA Park lovers to buy Epic passes.
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    I think teaching the groomer crew how to groom snow would do it. Although, it’s probably they just don’t spend enough time grooming the larger mountain.
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    It was open for a couple of weeks in December, before the east mountain lift and river shot was open.
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    Out for a couple of hours before the rain. Actually had some sun first thing, then the clouds rolled in and it got foggy around 1130. They have the connector from East Mountain to challenge open, and without a headwind it was a lot easier skiing over today. All the slopes were in OK sugar snow shape, but there are some brown spots starting to show. The top started getting a little soft mid morning. Very quiet today, the biggest group was the Tuesday ladies class. Stopped on the way back and got my fresh roasted coffee beans and some supermarket sushi.
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    Sanibel is cool, although probably crowded this time of year. I fished the Sanibel Causeway every day when I was in Fort Myers in October. Take a ride through Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge if you haven't already. I think it's like $ 5 per car, and good for the entire day if you want to come back. Or you can bike through it, not sure how much that costs
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    Update: weather forecast completely different from yesterday. Thinking Pico now. Never been
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    Six pack is down. Operations were moved to the quad
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    Wow I’ve never seen @saltyant with his face mask off like that.
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    It’s ok remember to pour out a little yoo hoo for MLK
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