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    Waterfall but hard to see Some pics around CB, not much color change yet and Smokey air but pretty hikes as usual. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, these look like TechnoAlpin low energy tower guns. Basically a newer, efficient version of a York Snow Borax tower gun like you see on paradise, razors edge etc. I haven't been to blue in over 10 years, but back then they still had the old air/water style guns on Burma. Those were a combination of home made, omichron's on towers, and some really old spraying systems style guns when they dabbled in the snowmaking business back in the late 60's/early 70's. The advantage to these new guns are they are much more efficient in air consumption. Depending what they bought, you could probably run 7-10 new ones to one old gun. Most of the TechnoAplin towers usually have a built in compressor too so they don't have to pump air up the mountain. These guns are very easy to automate, basically right off the hydrants themselves. Snow quality will be much better as well.
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    This fucking guy has some balls.
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    Epoxied everything in....What a fuckin mess....We will see what tomorrow brings......
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    Removed the clamps/wax paper and tape....did a little bit of sanding.....One side came out really nice...The other has a couple of small voids that I will have fill with some epoxy... But for not knowing what I'm doing I'm happy with the results....Cause I was really doubting myself when I was doing the glue up.... There are some other very minor issues but I figure they are going to get beat up anyway... Put the halves together and have a slight gap in the middle...maybe a 64th of an inch....Still have to do final sanding to close that up.... I guess I can order up some bindings now.... Sometimes you get great results when you have no clue what the fuck you are doing....
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    what about sitting in a camping chair on gravel next to a pee puddle? and yeah, for all inTents and purposes, that's like thiiiiis close to indoor dining in that photo.
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    Did the Big Snow with the kids 530-720. They dug it a lot as a cool treat for summer. Could have kept going as long as we wanted as they only scanned our wristbands the first run but 20 runs was enough for us. Very good snow. Skied a little bigger than I expected with 160' vertical. Skied right onto the lift every run til about 645 when more people showed up. A better first day on skis than going to BB with only the lower mountain open in mid November as I have done a couple seasons as it has more pitch and better snow than Freedom. Was worth doing as both kids found issues with the fit of their season rental boots that we now will be able to address before taking a longer trip. No photos - figured that was covered above as it looked about the same today as yesterday. About 30 sec after getting off the snow I took a hard spill as the flooring indoors is super slick with wet ski boots. Dumb ass choice for flooring. Who could imagine folks would be walking on this stuff in wet ski boots?
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    I think for the older guns being replaced it's more like 15:1 or 20:1 replacement. That's why I think they'll be almost a whole trail ahead, that's how much air they're saving. Sent from my XP8800 using Tapatalk
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    Flew out west last week (4 flights if you count layovers). Everyone is wearing a mask, people are social distanced and the planes seem clean...(can't speak for frontier). Although the airports were pretty packed. I'm 99.9% sure that I'm staying east this skison. Just not feeling up to air travel again. A trip or two up north are likely. The allure of getting in my car and driving 6 hours to my destination is much more appealing to me this season than a 12 or 13 hour travel day, dealing with lines, TSA, shuttle busses, etc.
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    So to be the devil's advocate here. Assuming that we can rush ourselves to a vaccine I think it's safe to say that the politicians still don't have a clue as to handle things. In 1978, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) targeted measles for elimination. The initiative was soon followed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). It wouldn’t be until the year 2000 that the goal was achieved of eliminating measles from the United States, and it would not be until 2015 that the entire continent was declared to have eliminated measles. 22 years. To get rid of the Measles it took 22 years. Does anyone honestly think that by the end of even 2022 we will have any kind of actual handle on this thing? One of our biggest problems is that we think that nothing bad can ever happen. It does and it will and the Government can't stop it from happening. We can put up all the signs we want, wear as many masks as we want and pre register for all the skiing we want and next year nothing will be different. Nothing will be different the year after either. Covid-19 sucks, but it doesn't suck bad enough to hide for 22 years. Common sense and reason are the only things that will get us through this whole thing and both are severely lacking right now. Stay Healthy, Exercise, Don't cede all of your rights (not like you can really do anything about that anyway) and I'll see yall behind some masks soon.
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    i saw a meme somewhere that said any politicians urging ppl to get the vaccine should be forced to take it first and i couldnt agree more.
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    Our raspberry bush has been producing like crazy this fall we’ve never had a second harvest from this thing and in the last two weeks we have gotten multiple pints from it. It was also a good day to cut some lines.
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    not to knock snowbird at all, because the place is awesome, but if you're going out west looking for powder and you're not super comfortable skiing fresh snow yet, snowbird is not gonna be your best bet. as other said, it tracks quickly unless you catch it on a mid-day storm cycle, and in my experience is more crowded than some of the other areas. i think someone else mentioned powder mtn and snowbasin. i've done a lot of trips to utah and stayed in eden, which is a small town at the bottom of the canyon from powder mtn. snowbasin is about 20-25 minutes from there, so you can easily do both in one trip. there's not much in eden, a few restaurants, a ski shop, coffee shop, grocery store. i haven't been to either in a few years, and i've heard ikon has kinda popularized basin a bit, but i've never had crazy lift lines there, even on pow days, and powder has been limiting ticket sales for a few years now to keep crowds down. basin skis like a mini-snowbird, with awesome steep wide groomers to bail out onto if you can't find good snow off trail. powder is old school, generally slow lifts, no super sketchy terrain, but tons of acreage and an option to upcharge for a snowcat ride to a great ridge with some nice wide open relatively mellow sidecountry. i'm sure others could say the same, but happy to help answer any questions you might have about some of the options north of SLC.
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    IMO salty would like pow mow, snow basin, Brighton, and solitude more than snowbird due to terrain and crowds. Snow bird in my opinion is tougher than the mountains I mentioned due to more advanced terrain and crowds that track the place out within an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I like snowbird; but damn that place tracks out quick, even when you in line before opening
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    Ski Alta and Bird at least. They're technically on the same ridge...right next to each other. You can even get a pass that let's you ski over to Alta from Bird and back. Then next year do a Solitude / Brighton trip...similar set up.
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    You really just have too many issues. I think you should take a strong look at hanging up the skis, and taking up crocheting, or basket making for the winter. I'm sure Doug will still let you come to his Hotel House to "do stuff" though.
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    Everyone says that, but I'm still skeptical. Aside from a sandwich with fries on it, and an inclined railway that is supposedly cool, what is there to really do there? Just seems like a nicer Scranton. There is stuff there, but nothing particularly noteworthy and it's awkwardly far (too close to fly too long to want to drive).
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    Mt. Bachelor President and General Manager, John McLeod, just published this open letter to passholders outlining the resort’s winter operational plan and it can be summed up as a “Back To The Basics” approach including encouraging guests to use their vehicles a ski lodge. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/09/17/mt-bachelor-winter-plan/?fbclid=IwAR3GSJ86aeuE95n-fg-trDZGW3KsMvoylbr5wESXnmilR3pLdhlMZgHmnvA Looks like they are taking notes on our PASR parking lot lodge processes.
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    I know its done alot, but buying a card, to be able to purchase discount lift tickets makes no sense to me.
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    For those wondering, this yielded 11 16oz jars of pickled jalepenos.
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    if you're trying to avoid renting a car then powder/basin are not gonna be the easiest to do, logistically. you can technically take public transit to get to eden from SLC airport, but it would turn a 7-8 hour travel day into a 10+ hour day pretty quickly. You'd be going full multi-modal with a train to ogden then a transfer to a bus to get you up to eden. There's a free/cheap bus to powder from town every morning, and probably a paid shuttle to basin, but your food options are gonna be extremely limited without a car. for car-free skiing, you can't beat PC/deer valley. i've stayed in town in PC a few times and it's awesome, i just wish the skiing was a bit more like alta/snowbird/snowbasin. PC and DV have no shortage of awesome groomers with some pretty easy access to tree skiing if that interests you at all. not sure how much the PC downtown scene should really be a factor this winter, honestly. I'd be pretty ok posting up in a condo near powder mtn and just making breakfast/dinner every day given the current circumstances.
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    I got a pass for Blue Mountain the True Mountain.
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    I will make that happen.
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    Saw 38° this morning. Sunny and 60° now. This weather is fantastic.
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    5 days of not picking.
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    Ski Alta and Bird at least. They're technically on the same ridge...right next to each other. You can even get a pass that let's you ski over to Alta from Bird and back. Then next year do a Solitude / Brighton trip...similar set up. He would do better with that reversed. Brighton this year. and every other time you go out there IMO
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    I went to Pittsburgh for the stadium series game a few years ago against the Flyers, minus a few things that happened in Heinz field (to be expected) the city itself was amazing. Lots of cool places to visit and drink and it’s a very cool place layout wise. I’ve been back multiple times since for weddings and weekend visits to friends in the area, it doesn’t disappoint.
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    When I had chicken pox the neighbors brought their kids over to play with me so they would get it. I don’t think they do that anymore lol
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    Don’t make the mistake I did multiple times which was to go to Utah and skip powder mountain. I went there in February and was kicking myself for being to Utah a bunch of times previously, and never hitting up powwow until recently
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    Kennywood Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Bird shared their operating plan: https://www.snowbird.com/winter-experience-2021/
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    Frost tonight. Bring in your tropical plants and pets.
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    Do you count drive throughs or do you actually need to be out of the car and doing something in that county in order for it to qualify?
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    should've cancelled your pedicure and joined us.
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    Got some skiing in last night with @GSSucks. Parking lot smelled like weed and beer when we pulled in, and piss when we left. It's no different than Blue's lot.
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    They have poutine at jay peak and hard lemonade imported from Canada. Maybe you can visit @Ride Delaware ? at sugarbush or @moe ghoul at smugglers notch.
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    He only likes skiing one mountain on ski trips.
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    Phone home and eat Reese’s pieces..not feces hehehehe
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    Thanks you saved me asking you what you’re wearing..
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    That's pretty rad. I've never skied in Utah before, or been to SLC, so I'm looking to broaden my horizons.
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    You would like PNC Park. Of the modern stadiums I would say it’s the third nicest I’ve been to (tough to beat Petco Field in San Diego and AT&T in San Fran)
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    I think I'll just ski one mountain per trip, especially with every mountain having different rules and hoops to jump through now. Last year I loved every minute of Steamboat and never even remotely got bored, and it was nice having time to thoroughly learn the layout of the mountain.
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    Well, i think it was Magic Mountain that was pretty confident we would have a vaccine by February, so you can really just take the political aspect out of it.
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    I think that only suggests that more people are looking at the potential downsides of a rushed vaccine.
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    ^^bitches about having to make a reservation to ski, but buys tickets from liftopia. got it.
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