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    Sorry for the delay. These are the 2 features that are currently in place. The 16" double barrel can be swapped out to a 24' a-frame in about 15 minutes. The box is 20'. The rails can also go up and down, so what you see in the photo is all the way down. Each leg can then go up 36" independently, so it can be an up, a down, or a flat.
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    First one I've seen in a while
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    Just took my air conditioner out. That's a sure sign the RTMs will be coming out soon also.
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    After dinner drinks with nice sunset tonight 👍
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    Barb begins to count the money...
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    Steel game. Bought an 80$ shirt too lol
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    I think it's more the CO2 & CH4 from BMI that contribute to climate change.
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    some freaking sun would be nice any day now.
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    Redundant thread after mine maybe? Just a guess. Their balance sheet is in shambles. They have to be buying almost solely with debt...
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    Not sure what that has to do with a dinner on a farm, but I’ll go with it.
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    The excitement levels are rising for sure. Side note... Drove past Blue two days ago and "coming soon" looked finished to me. I think this is the year we finally get a name for it (queue Doug with a Barb's Bush joke). My guess for the name.... "Edge of Paradise" Boom! you heard it here first. No name will ever beat "Here be Dragons" at Solitude.
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    I guess in a northern environment like hazleton central AC isn’t needed.
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    Wow just wow. It was 29 degrees this morning in Jackson Wyoming.
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    It’s fall tomorrow and no more 80s in the forecast.
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    Lowest weed tax in the nation of it passes. Kinda ironic for the state with the highest taxes on almost everything else.
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    Big hurricane coming. Gotta hand it to Camden for always being prepared.
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    I thought he was talking about body mass index or the MBDI without the D lol
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    ^ no fucking home grow. Bullshit.
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