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    since I'm getting there late in picked up dessert...and beverages of course
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    Let the celebrations begin!
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    Ordered this backpack. Decided to get a snow specific pack that fits all the avy gear properly. Have a shovel and beacon on order and found a used probe at a local shop. Can’t wait till all my stuff is in and I go out again! Also picked up this book. Lots of good spots in the park when I get more comfortable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Went up to Elk 3/6 to use my free Warren Miller tickets with one of the ski ladies from Blue. Wednesday was great, but super cold and a little windy. Tried to tailgate, wasn’t happening, just too cold. We made quick sandwiches and ate in the car. Got lots of runs in. Snow was perfect, and we had the place to ourselves. Sun was in and out, lots of snow squalls we could see in the distance. Towards the end of the day, more of our Blue crew started showing up. Went to the bar, had a glass of wine. Ended up at a place called Chet’s. Seemed out in the middle of nowhere, but they had a pretty good crowd. Had a couple more glasses of wine, a shot, then didn’t feel I should drive home, and the person I drove up with was in no shape either. We ended up at our friends condo for the night. Skied again the next day. Weather was a tad warmer, and not as windy. Some very talented tele skiers on Tuckhanock. Ended up tailgating in the little lodge. What a nice little place! I always knew it was there, but thought it was for ski patrol or race team. I think most people there were from Blue, a lot I had never met. Fun 2 days
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    The area we went to in the park was formerly a ski area, closed in the early 90’s. Found an old trail map. We were in the area I circled but have no idea which ‘Trail’ we took down. Will have to pay more attention next time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    He's a purple anthropomorphic T Rex from the Land make believe. Before becoming a singer / actor he was a bad ass bump skier in the mold of Johnny Moseley. After losing a few competitions he decided to leverage his other talents (singing, arm swaying and acting) into a potentially more lucrative career. He obtained an agent, hit the big time and the rest is history. In an effort to honor his skiing prowess, Blue decided to name a trail in his honor. Believe it or not he still skis recreationaly at his home mountain in the Land of Make Believe but given time constraints (as you could imagine) his skiing is limited. Post skiing pick of Barney below.
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    went to hunter to get my peak pass/check out the new trail pod for the first time. Left southern NJ at around 530 and made it for like 7th chair or something. temps were in the forties when i got there, and everthing on the main face was nice and soft. All the trails on north were not, and I assume its becasue they are in the dark most of the day. Hunter west never opened and hasnt been open for a while. I took the main 6er up, and headed down belt parkway to make my way to the new terrain, which as you guys know has had an eventful first year. Hunter wanted this terrain to expand their intermediate terrain, and it fails to do so. The new trails though are my favorite on the mountain, and it makes hunter feel like a totally different resort. The trails were all open but sleep hollow, which is strangely the only “blue” and not “blue diamond”. first one i hit was the overlook trail. It starts mellow, then is immeditally followed by a pretty steep pitch as seen here. I knew that the north and west side of hunter stay dark most of the day so luckily i remembered to change my lenses. If not i would have gotten pretty hurt. The snow wasnt too edgable, and under each snow gun was a barely visible roller, that if you hit at any speed over 20 will send you airborn. The fall line will send you right off the side of the trail if you get into an uncontrollable slide, which is why im assuming these trails are shit shows for your average “intermediate” skier from the city. After the headwall theres a long runout with really tall edge to edge whales of snow that are super fun. The new lift is stupid fast and steep. After riding it i thought there was no way it was 1k vert, but checked my tracking app and it sure is. The twiglight trail crosses under the lift towards the top. The grooming on this thing was pisspoor with pretty deep trenches. Once you enter the part of the trail thats still in the shade, you cant see them, and this trail also had the large unexpected bumps under the snowguns. there really isnt any room at the top of the lift. you get off and theres a cliff right in front of you. the options you have are to go left and imediately start downhill or go slightly uphill to the right and try and strap in on an area maybe 8 feet wide before heading down wayout. I cant imagine this shit show on weekends. The next trail was rips return. Fun trail. bad grooming. Same as the other trails. Weird almost invisible bumps waiting to throw you into the woods, and without lenses made for flat light, good luck seeing them before 2pm. Didnt take a photo of this but whatever. Now onto the good. It may sound like im blasting this expansion, but I am in love with it. The parking area is 2 miles down the road from the main area. you can tell theres a lot of work to do as the only sign telling you where to go is small and in front of an abanoned farm, leading to a winding dirt road through the forest. I love it. Theres food trucks and a small ticket shack, as well as a bridge from the lot to the lift.Its surrounded by pine trees and smells like pine trees. Its the anti hunter as a self contained 1k vert ski area. The trails feel classic and way less “manufactured” than the main face. But lableing these as any kind of intermediate trail will only result in more deaths. heres a shot of some of the new trails from rt 23 Ill be back a few times this year and quite a bit next year just to lap the new area. Hopefully it snows next year becasue the new glades look stellar. But hunter needs to bribe someone in NY govt because if its real deal intermediate terrain they want, and given the reality of the usual conditions, they can really only expand upwards from hunter one. And for the third or fourth time...The expansion is fantastic for most of us on here, they just missed their own mark. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Might as well post my pic from today
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    I will be joining in the parking lot shenanigans in 2020...
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    Antman and I should be in attendance
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    Went back into the park today. The access road to the area we were going just reopened late yesterday afternoon due to Wednesday’s storm. It was a gorgeous day and we arrived about 10:30 to sunny skies and no wind. The skin up started mellow then got steep. I am still figuring out the best way to go about things and on a particularly steep section I started to slide backwards a bit. Thought I would have more traction if I put one ski into the powder and get it out of the skin track. That was a huge mistake. I then tried to get it back on the track but it seemed harder to do then it should have been. Since my heel was loose whenever I lifted my ski the nose just stayed in the foot of powder. Here is a picture of how ridiculous this was. Overall a great day and I have a lot to learn with the transitions/etc. A well deserved lunch in town after. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Telling the lady what to write was a hoot. Figured Salty could have dibs on the piece with the 170 icing.
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    I'm in for Sunday. Will probably be there around 11 but better late than never I guess.
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    Pi night is pretty damn good
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    I'll be there, hopefully with spanakopita. I'll bring some plates, rolls etc.
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    No, that’s a negative. You need to bring something to get back to neutral.
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    First civilian chair with Toast, Atomic Jeff, JFDan, Schifdawg and Johnny Law. Some did razors to taint to falls. I did challenge. Snow was firm rattling kind of snow. Lazy and paradise were better with a few nicer sections in the sun. Sidewinder was rough. Crowds were light..absolutely no lift lines and when we already had a full six pack anothe tried to join us. It was around 40 degrees most of the morning under mostly cloudy to partly sunny sky’s..a few snow showers as well which likely dropped temperatures back into the 30s for a bit before the sun took over and warmed things up. Challenge started getting better and better..so I skied that the most..there was still fresh cord after 915am woo cause it was frozen so solid. Skied till about 9:45..was in the lot a solid 3 hours..tons of fun..bounced around chatted with Nastar Glenn and some of his sons homeys and GSSucks crew was a little buzzed so did the smart thing and put my boots back on and returned to the snow around 1. Was a different world out there more casual skiers and riders and hero snow. Skied razors to Razorback which was so good so good which is what some say when singing sweet Caroline. She was a fucking slut. Got the green light to ski a run on Bump course. It was real nice I held my line just fine on my 115 kastles and did a spread eagle on the jump was about the fifth or sixth time I got air today with a few more mini airs later after the jump maybe 4-5 more bumps you could straight line. Said wazup to indiggio for a second then went back to six pack. I then went to switchback which was money..smooth hero snow..then sidewinder which was hero snow a little chop to Hollywood through on last pitch for the people above..falls was nice as well. Did that one more time and then bounced. Was fun and tomorrow should be similar except for more food and drink. JADIP
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    Someone did snap a pic of him one year at the bump comp. as you can see, his gear is pretty basic, and someone mounted is skis a little far back, so he didnt do real well.
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    Gritty says fuck you Jeff! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ll use it on the karaoke machine.
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    Haven’t had pie yet, maybe tonight. I’ve taken 3.14 lift rides so far and it’s good. TP4 & Mark are out and about too. Nicely groomed trails that are softening in the sun. JADIP.
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    Whatever. Two weeks left. Enjoy it or don’t.
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    Gondola installation. Vail wants it in for next year to be EPIC.
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    Thanks! The job comes with housing, so I can live their when school’s in session and still have the condo for summers and vacays. It’s only about an hour and fifteen from where I live now.
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