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    3”. So good. Groomed before most snow fell. I think I saw TP4. If this whole place was open it would be untracked all morning. Can’t complain about some semi-powder turns this early in the season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The train set is up, the snow is coming tomorrow, and the conductor is enjoying a few too many IPA's this evening!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dude quit fucking complaining about every damn thing.
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    Snowmakers need a little more love. Blue has more terrain open than anyone else in PA.
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    this is flask weather.
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    hey its only been 2 years. doing alright. got two vans at least. Just cold right now
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    It's part of the hazing process. Phase 2 is cleaning GSS car with a toothbrush while dressed like Alice from the Brady Bunch. I won't even tell you what phase 3 is.
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    We've already planned the menu through next Monday and will be lighting the fire tomorrow night. Life is Good..... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Nice, I'm hoping for like a super rich lady with like a driver and shit type character. I think that could really round out our cast of characters and add a really interesting perspective. Like pinky up, drinking ipa's from a china cup and plate. See I love this kind of shit....one random Monday night at like 830pm, totally empty, Edge, The dude and I are hauling down main st and about 3/4 of the way down is a hippie looking semi-hot girl "skiing". In reality she's going about 20ft to complete explosion, at first I thought she was fucking with us, like who loses skis, hat, gloves going that slow but on like the 400th time we lifted her back up and got her going we realized she's like on the ninth moon of Jupiter. Xanax, paint thinner who the fuck knows but this bitch was high as fuck. Eventually we got her to the double double....two days later the dude says she came back the next night and the cops had to come she was so fucked up while trying to buy a ticket in the upper lodge. Blue is just like this site....what a perfect collection of fucking weirdos
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    This but really how hard is it to stay on the moving couch..... I like how every year it's the same shit but peeps still show up expecting something different, stop fighting it and embrace the shit show that is blue sometimes. Early season is always questionable snow, kooks fucking everywhere doing all kinds of irrelevant shit down lower main, long ass poorly organized lift lines and season passes that only kind of scan. It's the magic that makes Blue Blue, best terrain in eastern PA, excellent equipment with people that only kind of know what they are doing. Shit is good, embrace the bs.....I mean beers in the lot are actually what early dec skiing is all about how stoked can you get on repeat laps on midway to lower main minefield.
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    Valley opening Friday is what I heard.
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    I think they have been doing this for 40 years, but I have no proof.
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    It's pretty ridiculous to get angry about 15 minute lifelines on December 10th in the Poconos. Any mountain with any open terrain worth skiing would have the same lines. Camelback doesn't have any lines because they don't have anything open to draw in skiers. And anyone who thinks that skiing that shit Camelback had the nerve to open with is better than hitting the terrain Blue has open just because you can ski onto the lift vs waiting in a 15 minute line is operating with a diminished mental capacity and I seriously wonder how they could get through their everyday life.
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    lazy mile and upper main open tomorrow
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    Didn't get enough patrons last week to justify spending the money on grooming. Especially after the cookie and hot hit chocolate bill came in.
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    Blue Mountain Drive at 3pm tomorrow.......
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    Ok. When are we doing Christmas gift exchange? i got you that Taylor Swift trapper keeper you were hoping for.
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    Temp at 8* when we started. Brisk 20+ mph winds. Triple layer player. On mountain at 10:15. About 30 season passholders and 30 ticket purchasers. Conditions were firm with decent cord, no cookies, and some blown powder. Skied all open trails (9) really only three from the top. Trails of the day we're upper Tunk and Susquehanna. Needless to say, No Lift Lines... Sun is now out. Beer is cold and tasty.
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    I can’t even think of a time that I recreated in a group, whether it be skiing, hiking, biking, rafting or whatever, that there weren’t beers after. It does go hand in hand! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Generally, most of the women attracted to me do suffer from one type of disorder or another. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You would still be stuck in HBB if you skied it.
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    It has always been my dream to try cross-country skiing, and today my dream was finally realized at Camelback Mountain. The day had started off promising with ample freshies inbound. I headed to East Gourmet Buffet and had pepper chicken, oysters, white rice, bananas with red gel, and tap water. I tipped the waitress one dollar. Then I headed to Camelback and received the awesome news that preferred parking was free for all today. My day was just getting better and better, and I saved 72 steps (mostly uphill). Little did I know that I would need all the energy I could muster to survive cross-country skiing. The snow was coming down like crazy, and the mountain looked identical to Colorado. I knew crowds would be pretty heavy because other mountains (i.e. Blue) are in extreme remote Alpine tundra backcountry and only accessible by sled dog. I called it right - Upper Marc Antony was indistinguishable from the Schuylkill Expressway at rush hour. Due to the massive undertaking earlier this season to open snowtubing before Blue, no other trails were available, and all skiers congested the narrow passage, causing major delays and several near-misses. At this time I discovered two new cross-country trails. The first was at the top of Upper Marc Antony, and the second was right before Honeymoon. Due to the slow snow, getting down the mountain required an incredible amount of exertion at both of these spots. I pushed and pushed and wore my arms out. I also tried using the ice skating technique, but that wore my legs out after a while. A former instructor gave me a lesson on how to ski cross-country more efficiently. I improved a little after receiving his wisdom, but by this time my energy levels were drained, and ski wax was far beyond my reach. I made 25 runs today, less than half compared to last Saturday when conditions were epic. To conclude, the scenery today was spectacular, and the snow was amazing. If Camelback had opened either Upper Cleo, or even James’s Way, those trails would have replaced the need to ski on ultra flat terrain, and I'd likely still be skiing for 4 more minutes. Those two trails would not have required a lot of snow, and Upper Cleo would have also alleviated much of the congestion on Upper Marc Antony. Overall, I am a little disappointed with the terrain today, which could have been much, much more fun especially with the surprise blizzard. But a Camelback official assured me that half the mountain will be open by next weekend. Hopefully by this time the gnarliness will return to Camelback.
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    I think you mean rahtard.
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    I still own a retail store, now my great staff is running it, but I check the books regularly. [emoji16] Also I eliminated one of my departments and that allowed me to cut back. Plus I saw too many friends and employees die suddenly or slowly, and I said....F it and retired. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I can't wait to be home in the Valley next weekend. Then the season really begins.
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    Both are real into it. One is advancing a bit faster and she was the one with me today for a "daddy daughter day", as it was the other one's turn for a "girls day out" shopping and dining fest with grandma. About 4 times a year we split them up for some 1:1 time and today was such a day.
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    Nice to see snow on the trees and under the lift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow just wow and SaltyAnt I hope you are enjoying the powder. I wish I had some popcorn.
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    Did you know that "skcus kcablemac" backwards is Camelback sucks?
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    It was so good tonight that I forgot it was Dec 13th. Great snow everywhere with the exception of upper main which was marbley. Lazy was so on point. No crowds at all. GSS, AtomicSkier, George (is he on PASR?) and the man, the myth, the legend himself... Saltyant were all in the house. Best part of the evening... Saltyant: "wow... you guys are awesome skiers!" AtomicSkier: "I know I am". Haha. Great night session fellas.
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    They should build bumps on the Chute again. They did a few years ago.
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    So you currently have a $5 gift card??? Wanna go halfs on some chicken fingers sometime??
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    mantras are the only skis i know, thus what i always recommend
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    So GSS may be a zinc-ie?
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    This is scary accurate.....I'd add the sketchiest run on the hill is the burma lift line, bigger than it looks drop to cinder block filled gully, toast almost took my head off....most difficult thing I've ever done on boots is shit in the old Killington bathrooms at Ramshead IIRC, shitter was like on the floor which with boots on put you in this like aggressive hover/squat technique and the door was .7 inches away from the end of the toilet. If you gotta drop the cosby kids off while skiing that's an automatic level 4 because it's going to take at least 3mins to get all your gear off now imagine you ski all day and you can't even take a load off when your taking a dump, I mean all the shitting angles were just way off......if I was smart I think I would have crafted a couple of prusik like devices out of TP and shit in comfort.......
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    You did not do Honeybee bowl. Trust me.
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    cant do anything but salute blue for their effort so far. as much as i like to moan and bitch, all in all they run a pretty good ship. they've been on top of their game this year. should pay off for them with a busy Christmas week.
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    Rummy, you have a lifestyle worthy of envy going on there.
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    Yes, Blue really took a shit on the entire lift debacle at the doubles yesterday. How could they run a mountain for so many years and not know that they need to open both ticket gates at the doubles, especially after having a snowstorm on Saturday and knowing full well that that's gonna bring out the crowds on Sunday? All they needed to do was blow a bit more snow and groom the existing snow to open up the run under the doubles to the Burma side and lines would have been far more manageable. When Dave was down checking out the debacle, a few told him to get the groomer our to try to open up the run. His only response was that "They didn't have anyone to run a groomer". Well, if you're "professional" ski mountain managers, why didn't you already have this situation taken into account and handled already? Blue's operations management sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.
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    So many bunched up panties in here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can't wait to ski tomorrow.
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    It's Palmerton they haven't thought that far ahead. Their social media sucks. No posts since 1:08pm yesterday. They should have had a picture this morning of the guns blasting for stoke..and a video with the marketing ladies announcing weekends plans and maybe showing off one of the slopeside grills featured sandwiches. As a marketing guy it's painful that they don't take better advantage of Facebook.
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