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    Youre all talk, Ill pay for said face tats.
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    The old days on the lower Yough:
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    The title was massively deceiving to myself as well. Kudos to you for instantly thinking of yourself, though. 😀
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    Worked across from this yesterday
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    Let me know how i can help out. And yes, i do appreciate this forum.
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    I'm sure they'll never forget...but I bet they wish they could.
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    Be sure to stock up on pocket meat at the Loaf n' Jug. Just a short walk from the 49er.
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    Did you learn how to do Tats in prison? I feel like a pretty small percentage of PASRs have tattoos.
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    Is that really the same dude? WHY?? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I thought it was going to be about how much more the domain name is worth.
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    As do i, but you know i have to say something sarcastic in almost every post.
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    I appreciate the hardworking team that I’m a part of.
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    Oh, I though this was an appreciation thread for the staff members around here. I guess not. 😐
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    At the bar two weeks ago when I saw Nastar Glenn it was very crowded and I know he would have expected a beer refill in a minute which wasn’t likely so I said let me get you a refill and got him one within 15 seconds. He was impressed.
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    The 49er has made a fortune from PASR Same with Blue mountain and realize all the rooms used at the 49er by us(as much as 7) would have sat empty otherwise during late January. Plus the front desk clerk got to meet Nastar Glenn.
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    The 49er has made a fortune from PASR
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    Tell them I sent you so I can get that commish.
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    Well it's official. I booked the 69er Lodge for August. 2 nights. Going to check out the Tetons and then after JH head north to Yellowstone and back to Bozeman. Thanks for recommending this hotel
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    Y’all know there’s a Jackson hole in China. They recreated mountain architecture and cowboy decor
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    Also, its almost impossible to roll a canoe back up if you flip with a 2 bladed paddle, not enough maneuverability in the human torso.
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    Underwear with a pouch to support the dangly bits out and away... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve never used powder. I prefer to just stand over the AC unit lol
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    Ill tell you when someone likes my pic
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