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    Best conditions that I have ever skied. Skied Mount Snow on Thursday. Snow was perfect all day. Powder and soft bumps. North face was closed because of wind. Skied Bromley on Friday to avoid the $17 lift ticket crowds. Traffic leaving the Snow lake lodge was crazy. It looked like traffic going to the shore. After we passed the Mount snow main entrance it was clear sailing to Bromley. Drove passed Stratton on the way. Arrived at bromley around 9:30. Parking lot was empty and so was the lodge. It was great skiing and the crowds reminded me of Jack Frost late season. We were wearing Eagles gear and had a bunch of people from Philly area approach us and talk. One was a retired ski patroller from Blue. My son going down Glade at Bromley. Trail was a Blue full of small bumps. We also took a few runs in the real glades at Mount Snow the next day. Saturday at Mount snow was crowed but still a great day. Spent more time in lines but still got a bunch of runs in each day. Snow Lake Lodge did the job. It is out of date and walls are paper thin but it does the job. For the low price and location it was perfect for our trip. We went in the hot tub after asking each day. Snow Lake Lodge is for all of the blue collar skiers. It is like the lower deck of the Titanic. All of the rich stuffy people stay at the Grand Summit Lodge. The Snow Lake Lodge is the fun party location. People were really nice and offering us beers in the hot tub.
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    Skied from 8:30am to 11:30am today. Beautiful bluebird day, small crowd, no problem. Most every thing was very nice, challenge was somewhat cookied up but skiable, sidewinder started with some cookies but improved as temps rose, as did all the other trails. ROTD - Razors. Really nice at blue, march has been great.
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    Headed up to Kmart for an extended St. Patty’s weekend with the family. Saturday’s conditions were awesome on the tour de K, they had gotten 3’ plus last week with close to 6’ in March. Highlights were some pow stashes in the low angle trees at Ramshead to introduce my daughters boyfriend to glade riding. Niko and I hit some nice tree as as well and ended up at Bear bashing pow bumps on OL and Devils Fiddle. It was my first time riding Devils and was pretty tech with some nice rocks in between . Ended the day with many Fiddleheads at the Wobbly Barn. Even sunnier on Sunday, but still cool with a high in the low 20’s to preserve the snow. We resumed the tour which working from bear across skyeship back to K-1. Smooth grippy groomers and cruising Great Eastern was welcome relief as my bones were feeling a bit beat up from the day before. Ended the day at Long Trail brewing. Monday I left them on there own in the morning to head up to Moosalamoo forest for some XC, did a little over 5 ish miles on the Catamount trail from Widows Clearing. My original plan was to knock off another Tony Godwin trail but I realized Moosalamoo peak was a little over ambitious (especially with no set tracks) and just did an out and back. I head back to K and parked at sky ship and met the crew at the mid station Jerk shack for a zero gravity cone head ale and some goat chili before doing a few runs . Very cool to cruise back great eastern to the car. They texted me on the way back they were doing a growler fill at Killington Beer Company. We saw a sign for it on the access road the day before so we checked it out, great beers with some funny takes on K trail names, double DIPA, etc. Yesterday was the warmest of the days with a high of high thirties which softened the bumps up just enough to jump in and out with some rubber legs. Spent some time in stash and other parks noodling around. Mrs snowbunski and I headed up to the summit lodge around 11 for a cocktail. there was a guy next to us downloading vids to his laptop and after talking to him for a bit I remembered seeing a TGR trailer at the base and put 2 and 2 together. A few minutes later a bunch of folks wander in with serious goggle tans and stoke stank so I asked them if they had change for a nickel and knew Bart, lol. It ends up they were going to all the EC Ikon resort doing shoots. Ski till i die dude (Alex?) was with them also so I told him to come back down to blue again and he was into it. It was a great weekend, awesome snow, and beers with the family, pics to follow Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Another good Pow-Day Wednesday! We were talking on the lift today about how many pow days there have been this year. I looked back at my stats and have 7 days of 3" or more at Blue, not including the 8" storm that they groomed to perfection the next day. 2 days of about 2". so 9 days at Blue, and a 20" day at Belleayre. It's been a good season.
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    Hey All, I'm back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 7:22am and Antman was already in the house and the temperature was around 20 degrees. Also in the house were Atomic Jeff, Toast, Johnny Law, NMSki, Ryan, PARidge, Enjorales, ZZSlope, JFDan, Nastar Glenn, Indiggio and many others. I managed the 2nd civilian six pack since I didn't get after it and I think they actually let us out at 759am wow.. First run was on Challenge for me because I wanted a continuous run not the Razors to falls which is sort of awkward..with the bottom of Razors closed for the mogul competition. Skied challenge again and was frozen cord pretty good. Main Street had the nicest snow and nightmare Dreamweaver was also real good. I skied challenge and switchback the most and only skied sidewinder twice. Skied 8-10:15 got 7 runs first hour and 6 runs second hour and 2 third hour. Every run was good. Only a few semi crowded runs. No real lift lines and the lift only stopped once or twice. Then hungout in the lot had some beer, hungout with some Long Island deadheads, had a stellar Antman donut so light and airy and a soft pretzel from Nastar Glenn. As ice cube once said,"today was a good day". I'll post some lifestyle shots later. This is all I have for now. Temperature was 39 degrees when I left a little after noon and 45 down in the A. Blue blew snow all over the place as well.
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    Had an awesome day at Okemo yesterday. Man, being able to ski on weekdays is like discovering Narnia. It's a magical wonderland full of great skiing, low crowds, and really nice people who are happy and relaxed. I met some hilarious retirees who have their own "stash" in the woods somewhere; evidently they bring up a grill and chairs and coolers early in the season and then just carry in supplies as needed. The snow is amazing: soft packed powder everywhere you go and the day turned out to be sunny, though the wind was a bit brutal at times. I bought an Okemo midweek season pass for next year for $279, which also includes Sunapee. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for work, but I plan to keep it flexible as much as possible and try to work weekends. I'm thinking also of getting a season pass at Whaleback, because then if I wanted to ski weekends I'd be on the Freedom Pass which includes days at a lot of smaller areas (and Magic Mountain) that may be fun on weekends, and I'd also get half-off discounts at places like Killington and a few other bigger resorts. Have to do adult stuff today (real estate, health insurance. Blah!) but am going to ski Whaleback tonight from 4 to 8. Night skiing in New England!
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    I’ve had this quick 2 day riding trip planned for about 5 weeks and of course, the last time I ride before leaving (Sunday) I tweak my knee. Thought about not coming but decided to go ahead and continue anyways. 330 wake up call. Pulled outta my parking spot at 430 on the dot after 10 mins of cleaning my car off. The Roads weren’t too bad, the worst being for the first 30 minutes of my drive. stopped at wawa for cash and coffee and let it rip for another 2 hours. Stopped right outside of Vermont for a bathroom break and Dunkin. Back on the road for the final 45 minutes and pulled into the main lot at 903. 4.5 hours with 2 stops. Notbad.gif By far the best conditions I’ve ever ridden. Perfect winter snow all morning and softened up after lunch. Sun most of the day and moderate temps. Beautiful perfect day. Got my ticket and ready by about 930. A lil 420, a donut and I was on the lift by 945. I rode their 6 pack bubble for about the first 3 runs, just getting my feel for the place. I then took a run down the north face of the mtn then over to Carinthia for about 5 park laps. They only had a couple park runs set up to my surprise, but very long runs with a lot of features. I rode the medium park nitro for the majority of the time. Went easy in the park because of my knee. Oh well. After that I took a few runs down the north side then hit the lodge. I really like how their lodge has multiple spread out small places to get different stuff. I went with a vanilla latte along with some snacks and a lil 420 at the car, then sat at the base for about 45 minutes just relaxing, trying not to fall asleep in their comfortable chairs. After “lunch” I rode the main face and the north face from 1-4 and caught one of the last bubbles up. Soooo much fun to ride as fast as you want and still have a nice long run. I had a fantastic time lapping the blues on the main face and lapping the diamonds on the north face. Around 3 I started to explore some of the trees and look forward to doing more tomorrow. After riding I hit about 5 shops on RT100 looking for something but came up empty handed. Went back to the hotel, checked in and writing this report in the indoor hot tub. After this I’m gonna shower and go grab something to eat on 100, comeback and watch the remainder of the 76ers game. Speaking of which, I saw a few people wearing eagles stuff. I had to give them quiet E A G L E S Eagles chants/gobirds. Hoping for a decent breakfast in the morning...
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    Bluebird. Groomed to perfection this morning. Best grooming and conditions this year. It’s absurd how fantastic it is for the end of March. Yolo! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No school today so brought my 4 year old for his first ski trip. Signed him up for Snow Monsters and got him to his lesson at 1:00. Mountain was empty. Snow was great, maybe the best I have ever had at JF. First Run was T-bolt and hit a little bit of the glade. Pretty good coverage but some rocks and twigs were coming through. Headed to River Shot then back down Challenge. Hit a little of the bumps on exhibition then it was over to Snow Flake to watch my son's lesson. They do a real nice job at JF. took a few runs down Easy rider and Spunky's secret. Spent rest of the day videoing Brady. He had a very nice instructor named Judy. Probably my last trip of the year but might try to get my daughter out for a trip to Montage next week.
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    Hey All, I’m back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. The drive up was easy and there was less snow at blue than in the Lehigh valley when I arrived at 740am. Maybe an inch. In the house were Atomic Jeff, Toast, Johnny law, Shadows, Ryan, Matt Edge, Nastar Glenn and VTMark. First civilian six pack and started with a few razors runs. Perfectly groomed with an inch or so of dense fresh. Was nice and a nice cushion for the pushing. Sidewinder was nice especially the top section and nightmare to dream weaver and challenge yielded fresh as well. It was so empty the first hour that only 3-4 chairs had people on them looking up the entire six pack line. Luckily soon thereafter you couldn’t even see up to the peak as it was dumping i got freshies on switchback and x-ing..around 10 we went to the lot for an hour or so to drink and have snacks then went back out and it was deeper and still really smooth still some fresh swaths of Purd on Razorback. Switchback made a nice bathroom and some skies tbar line while I got titties deep on widow maker. Went to slope side for lunch had tomato bisque and a beef quesadilla sandwich that came with fries and double jack and coke. After lunch did 4-5 more runs including midway to lower main, a couple razors runs and sidewinder. Was getting a little choppier and snow continued to fall hard. I’m guessing about 4” of snow at Blue when I left a little after 2pm. The drive home was an adventure. I took the turnpike which luckily was empty but getting to the turnpike plenty of joe dirt types were driving reckless in pickup trucks saw one guy spin out hard and go into a ditch. A disabled truck partially blocking the off ramp at Lehigh valley luckily got towed to the side then right where I live another truck stuck on a hill significantly more snow in the A than at Blue..I’ll see official measurements in a minute but easily 8-9” out there and very low visibility. 1-2” an hour snowfall for sure. This could end up being the whopper we all hoped for..JADIP!!!
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    Today was awesome, everything was super perfect....then I got stuck on 78 for three and a half hours when some tractor trailers took a group shit but just one of those early runs was worth it.
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    Hey All, I'm back from a fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot early and only Antman was in the hizzle. Also in the house were Toast, Justo, therealKT, GSSucks, Ryan, Atomic Jeff, Root, JFDan, Johnny Law, slim, Indiggio, Schifdawg, Matt Edge, West Chester honeys and many more. The temperature to start was in the mid 20s with moderate winds making it feel a bit chilly..Eaf was also in the Hiz-ouse. First run the six pack made a lot of stops and skied challenge first was pretty good. Took the quad up next for nightmare Dreamweaver which was a top run very good. Back to six pack and Razors opened and I skied that and could barely tell there was once a bump course over the lower section. I didn't ski Main Street at all today but hit up switchback a bunch today and it was MSY mad steezy yo. Challenge was aight with the falls being rowdy..skied the whole lazy mile once and was slow. In the lot Root brought some fine meats and cheeses, beers were consumed, sun was soaked up and I managed a few lifestyle shots.
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    Part of the beauty of Arizona is that there's nothing else like it in the world. Cactus and this type of desert environment are unique to the SW US of A. Drive north and places like Sedona, red rock country, monument valley, the Grand Canyon are just so damn cool and unique. If you want rocky type mountains there's flagstaff, snowbowl and a few other resorts for skiing etc. The bottom line is my ass wasn't built for the east.
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    Work this time. Possible return this summer for fun.
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    Left around 3. Took a bit getting back. Line of cars at the bottom of blue. This is some icy road crap- people are stupid for driving sedans around. Astro did fine. Bethlehem got a decent amount. Had to haul into a parking spot its deep. Great day. Great lunch. Good little group of friends today. Jadip and all that
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    Happy Spring! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I didn't know you were a bartender too!
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    Wanted to get back from Maryland in time to ski yesterday afternoon, but it didn't really work out, so I was determined to ski after work today. Left the house at about 625 and was on the lift at 650. Snow was hard and fast, and even though conditions weren't really bad at all, I didn't really have a great night. Started with a Nightweaver run, and was just working way too hard. Really felt it in the legs right away, and never found my groove, every run was a leg burner. After NM/DW headed back up and decided to hit Sidewinder. It was probably run of the night, found some decent conditions, especially on the sides. Next two runs were Lazy followed by Switchback, and they were both in pretty good shape too. After the Sidewinder run decided to avoid the Falls. The slope was in good shape, but the base and runout were like and ice rink. I nearly ate shit, lol. Was completely out of control when I tried to turn. So I skied the full Mile and down trough the park after Lazy. Decided to do a Paradise run to see what it was like, and it was just like everything else, hard with patches of ice, some areas of scraped together sugar on top. Back up the lift and got off at 735, there was a patroller forcing everyone to the right, apparently they swept and closed Paradise, Nightweaver, Razors, Challenge and Sidewinder, so I decided to ski over to run lower Widowmaker to Burma. More of the same conditions, and more of the same leg burning goodness. Got down to the double double area and there was another patroller warning everyone that if they continued they needed to be parked at the bottom because the lift was closed. Sure enough, got to the bottom at 745 to find them turning people away. Six runs for a quick session. One this is abundantly clear; I need to get a pair of boots that fit before I hurt myself, lol. Hoping to make at least one more after work session this week, but not sure what night(s). Thinking about hitting Buckman's tomorrow night to try on some boots.
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    Conditions were great today (except for Falls). Main Street had the best snow on the mountain and NMDW was a close second. Great morning and nice to see them doing so well this far into March.
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    Nope, b-day will be celebrated in Prague, the city with the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. It's highly unlikely I'll want to go to Killy after May 7th unless some freak May nor-easter hits. I'll be in full bike mode once I get back.
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    Stratton has a direct view of Bromley.
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    Wouldn't you and your daughters want pictures to remember your trip and them skiing? Take a damn picture.
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    Heading to Winter Park with the kids
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    Your sexual innuendos are not appreciated on this family friendly site. Ski2Live is going to be upset.
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    I just noticed I beat last seasons total ski days yesterday...while it pales in comparison to when I skied nearly every day a decade ago it proves how long and solid this season has been.
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    Pro tip salty: only gapers and Jerry’s park up top. There is a riders of the storm exception to this, not that you’ll need it.
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    His car has some additional weight to help with traction, he hauls around a lot of garbage.
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    I believe it. I’ll get a ruler out and check later. It’s up in my bedroom right now... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    lol tracked out isn't fun...that's when we leave. conditions were great today. Absolutely nobody for the first 3 hours. Shit...Sidewinder was untouched for the first 3 lift rides until Matt Edge skied it.
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    Just bought a condo in West Windsor. Closing April 12, so I reckon the snow will be gone by the time I make it back to PA to pack up my apartment.
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    Potential office closing tomorrow. If that happens I'll be up at some point.
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    Stellar day. I’ve got a bunch of pic and some video to post after my nap. Razors from 12-1:30 was my rotd. So much shenanigans
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    Johnny Law is the king of style. Another awesome mid/late March day at Blue. Crazy to think they would've closed today in some previous years. Still going strong.
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    Nice pic!. We skied a bunch of trees today at Blue and they were magnificent as well. Lots of perder. it looked like this....
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    Will be better at Blue. Just the kind of snow you like. Packed Perd. Leave your facemask at home it’s spring.
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    Yeeeeehaaaaaa. I will be there tomorrow. Just thought the ride home would be a little too risky today
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    0z nam says precip shield never makes it much past philly, 12z says LV does about 6-8". Models are all over the place, nobody really knows what will happen. Bust potential is huge but my gut says LV gets something out of this that makes skiing tomorrow morning worth it.
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    The northeast extension of the PA turnpike from 7k feet
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    So only $27 net after the little ones ponied up their share! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I don't think it's an issue of intelligence/dimness, but rather how good you are at very quickly assessing a situation under a lot of stress and uncertainty. Jumping off a chairlift is such a counter-intuitive thing to do, you'd have to fully understand what was happening to the chairs when they hit the bullwheel. If you're facing uphill and all you know is that you're moving backward, I think a reasonable person could conclude that the safest thing to do is stay on the chair. In part because not jumping off a chairlift is such an ingrained habit. And then by the time you realize you're wrong, it's too late. It's easy for us to watch with a bird's eye view and see people being dumb, but they didn't have all the information we have when we watch the vid. EDIT: Jesus, though, that last person in the red jacket. At that point people are yelling and you can hear the chairs smashing. That was hard to watch.
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