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    Good Evening PASR! Just wanted to check in and say that I hope that everyone is staying safe and feeling well through all of this. Miss the PASR fam... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got around to hanging up my kids’ Taos signs.
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    Sanded the railing the other day, stained it today. Luckily i used this color on my shed, so i had some leftover. Super bored at times, and this didnt keep me occupied as long as i had hoped. I stained the two most uncomfortable chairs last week as well. I am officially out of things to stain outside.
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    Fence cleaning day. This has been coming for a long time.
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    Only rubber you’ve put on lately! sorry, had to
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    Put the summer rubber on today.
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    Hiked Madonna for some fresh cream cheese light, 2-4" with nice boot deep drifts on the sides. Hit no ice T2B. Visibility sucked.......because its snowing and still snowing even harder right now.
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    Cool article about one of my trail running friend's son who is 3d printing masks while being home from high school. https://www.mcall.com/news/local/heroes/mc-nws-coronavirus-salisbury-student-3d-printed-face-masks-20200402-hey4vwzhszfzhasj5gdhgt5bwi-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2IWg8VfgirZ_fH5N9dBUmn1X1HIwGBNS27uY3KDYLrZKh3jUZNa52qRts
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    Mustard stain on the purple polo shirt is a dead giveaway
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    I was at the Wissahickon ski club in Conshy back in December 2017. Didn't ski, but had beers with friends (and friends of friends). It was cool little spot! It sounded like on snow days, everyone brings a crockpot and they fire up the lift. On nonsnow days, it's like a private club for drinking and hanging out with the other members and snow-lovers. Last I heard, you have to be recommended by a member. And, they were suppose to re-do their new member bylaws earlier this year. The committee (well use to) meet on Tuesdays. Here are some cool little pics that I snapped in 2017. I was enamored with the place. inside decor. There's articles of the skiing history in the area the front patio of their lodge inside the cabin, there's a fireplace and, the ski hill lite up at night
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    Ok fair enough. I’ll quite down on how t rump bungled the great China virus hoax. Here is a pic of the sour dough yeast starter I made And here is a pic of *some* of the flies I’ve tied since this China hoax thing started. How’s that for messaging?
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    Don’t worry! Everything’s gonna be all right. Trump says so!!
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    My daily urban walking loop just under 5miles. I can officially start hiking again on Tuesday (post boot instructions). Really looking forward to that. Hopefully it will not be too tricky with the narrow trails, dodging people and stepping off trail since the rattle snakes are starting to come back out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My new “supervisor” at work likes to be sneaky when she observes
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    I think it took a lot less than Covid-19 to put the kibosh on "Coming Soon"...
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    Sittin on the deck watchin the clouds roll by
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    Yeah, I’ve enjoyed the empty roads twice now on my road bike. Got to witness a Mustang vs WRX race the other day. I flipped the mustang off.
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    Nope. Gonna be a season for road biking. PA parks will shut down as soon as everyone from Jersey starts flocking there.
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    The wissahickon club got hit by a tornado a couple years ago and some trees fell onto the lift. I don’t think they did any repairs. As for holly mountain, its just a few miles from Salem. I checked the place out a few years ago, but you can barely tell anything was there. Even flew a drone over the place and the trails are barely visible. The top terminal for the lift is still there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ordered some flour to try this bread baking ......Which I've never done...
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    https://aux.avclub.com/new-jersey-s-action-park-offered-fun-and-injury-for-the-1798247003 This looks like it was a good time, but no its not that either. It's in South Jersey. Very south Jersey. It's basically on the southern edge of the pine barrens and it was a functioning alpine ski area.
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    I'm no Trump fan, but your incessant Trump hating isn't productive and it dilutes your message. It's like @indiggio complaining about the lack of bumps at Blue.
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    Toys. I would say toys are pretty non essential at this point. I would also say mulch and gardening supplies are pretty non essential at this point, and trust me, i would love to go to the depot and get me some mulch, just to keep me entertained for a bit. im actually on board with this. People need to stop going out, except for things that are really essential. If walmart and target, etc would get on board with this, i think it would stop some people from going out. Making the stores less crowded would probably be a relief for their employees at this point. Days can get long being around the house, but im thankful i dont have to go to work and increase exposure. IMO wawa, sheetz and the like should be shut down except for gas. Every day another wawa gets shut down because an employee was tested positive. They shut them down, clean them and then re-open. There is your petri dish right there.
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    ???? You suck at communicating.
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    My younger kids are ok with it. They miss their friends but that's about it. Bummed for my oldest for sure who worked hard for 3 1/2 years only to see graduation and prom likely cancelled. We know there are a lot of people dealing with a lot worse because of this so there's definitely perspective. Still sad for her and her friends for sure.
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    Pass renewed this morning.
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    woot woot!! I love before and afters of pressure washing. This is my back deck. It's now painted with Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Exterior (deck & dock). I'm hoping to not pressure wash and scrub for a long time....
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    Kenneth Copeland is one of the GOAT televangelists. Complete hustler with nothing to do with religion lol
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    Well, if we didn’t just have the last 6 or 7 posts on the subject, then I would say that you’re correct, but in this case, previous evidence showing the continuation and expounding of this conversation, proves that somebody does care. If you would like to alter that statement to “many people don’t care, I don’t care, or most people don’t care,” I would find that to be more accurate.
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    If there isn’t skiing, it will be a business decision at that point. Regardless of your political views, the country itself literally can’t survive without the gradual reopening of the economy, regardless of what that looks like and the pace it takes. The country can’t continue to issue debt (I mean, they can, but realistically they can’t) without having some means to pay it off without risking massive inflation by issuing more paper to pay for it. We would be coming out of this in a recession/depression that would arguably impact as many lives as the virus itself. There’s a middle ground that we have yet to find, or even tried to explore as we battle the worst of it, but at some point they will have to find it. If there is a depression, it could be even longer and more drawn out than the Great Depression because we most likely won’t have a war to kickstart the economy. As with many many things, there is no one correct answer on how to address this, but a complete shutdown like this can’t continue into 2021 without ramifications that I don’t think any of us are capable of seeing or comprehending.
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    I saw this grilling competition and immediately thought of @enjoralas & the parking lot meats and dessert. https://jscasting.com/hgtvs-everything-but-the-house/
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    We used tres flores in New Mexico. It was Vaseline-like
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    I don't, but if I did, I would wear them to Blue. I did have MC Hammer's album (actually it was probably a cassette) with that song on it when I was a kid.
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    Symthoms? Are you friends with Mike Tyson?
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    Redtube too Barb. A friend told me...
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    I worry about you Toast, that’s a lot of money on porn. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What’s the point if they aren’t covering the windows? I’m good though. Just installed these.
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    But they are wearing masks and gloves, so its all good! seriously though, the wawa is a germ factory. Just think about what you have to touch just to get inside.
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    I dont think you are allowed inside. Curbside or window. And to be honest, i wouldnt give 2 fucks if they did close.
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    Almost everybody at Whole Foods was wearing a mask today including me.
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    I would hardly call our bantering “going at it”. Largely speaking, I try to joke around, and GSS just likes to stoke the fire with asinine off the wall comments that may or may not mirror his actual stance on a subject. If anything, it’s largely the difference in lifestyle (I took the plunge into owning a house and he freewheels in a hotel as one example) that provides the underlying basis for that banter.
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    Why do you keep going out every day?
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