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    Thanks everyone. I'm OK. I'll post again in a bit. Major thank you to everyone everyone for the well wishes as well as the awesome crew here.
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    Hit up Brevent and La Gliere today, lots of sun and ripping groomers. A bit of off paste today but it was hitnor miss depending on the aspect. Hired a guide for tomorrow and they are calling for 5” overnight and 8-13 during the day tomorrow. Also took a ride up the midi because today may have been the only clear day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I basically run seminar discussions for a living and we sometimes map the conversation to see connections and diagnose problems. So I made a flow chart to examine the Thread-tastrophe that happened here this evening. I'm not innocent, I admit that eaf. This chart has the advantage of representing 90% of ski-forum "help me choose a ski" discussions, so I feel that it could be a real time-saver in the future. Near as I can figure, it all went wrong when someone mentioned skis.
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    Yesterday we skied only Whistler. Spent some time on the Peak Chair and that zone down to big red. Spent some time in Harmony and Symphony. Skied some pretty good chutes in the Horseshoes and whatnot. Ryan's first bowl was Bagel Bowl which was a bit crispy but still good. We found some really good snow on certain faces. Still not expecting any snow, but should be party or mostly sunny. Today we spent almost the whole day on Blackcomb. We found the best snow over on the glacier and spent most of our times over there. I don't remember all of the runs and lifts that we took like rain man Doug, but it was pretty legit today. Found some good steeps, and lots of stuff to jump off of. Ryan has been crushing it as well. Tomorrow we are probably heading back to Blackcomb and skiing 7th Heaven area to start. Tonight is cougar night at one of the clubs, so that should be fun. Pics coming soon.
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    Not getting any new snow while here, but sunny. Good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got home from a sunny session with my 8 year old daughter. We got her rentals taken care of, redeemed the $29 pass and hit the snow at 10. Went right up the six pack and skied paradise first. Big thanks to the Ernie Blake Ski School at Taos for teaching her to ski, she’s actually pretty good! We skied paradise 5 times, lazy mile, switchback (from the top of the Main Street lift), sidewinder, and Burma 3 times. Only one fall for her the whole day. We split a cookie and a Powerade in the lodge when we were done. Conditions were a bit rough, especially on sidewinder which was ball bearings, but the sides of paradise where it was soft was fun. Great one on one time with my daughter! My son gets his day on Tuesday. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Went to Les Houches today with the guide, had a coffee to start the day off then rolled down for first tram. When we woke up we did not think skiing today was going to be an option, the wind was ripping and very gusty in town, by 830 it had calmed down significantly and by 9 it was pretty much still. Did a few laps with solid over knee turns and it was easy to link knee to waste deep turns together. It continued to snow all day and it just kept getting deeper and better. Our guide kept showing us to new zones and more deep turns, we generally skied the trees and lift lines. The snow was overall pretty light at elevation but you had to watch out for the snow snakes towards the village. We had lunch around 1, followed by a few more knee deep plus turns and finished the day off with a beer in the village with the guide. It is still snowing a bit and should pick up overnight for more good turns tomorrow. We only paid for two days with the guide but he said he will follow up for the rest of our trip and give us weather updates and a plan on where to ski daily. The guide was well worth the money, he was a super cool guy and and absolute ripper. Having a few beers at our place now and about to go get some food and a few more beers, it’s karaoke night at an awesome little watering hole we hit up on Sunday night so we may head there for a bit. Again I did not get many pictures maybe justo will post some, he has some good shots. Little stream crossing towards the base Money shot of the day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey All, I'm back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the bottom lot around 725 and it was 34 degrees and overcast with fog on th upper 1/4 of the mountain. In the house were Atomic Jeff, JFBBDan, Matt Edge, Johnny Law, Indiggio, Tarponhead, MBike Mike, GSSucks, Ty, Nastar Glenn and many others. Firat run on challenge was great packed powder..maybe a little sticky on the flats but pretty nice. Sidewinder was a carpet early on very nice and Switchback third run was a hoot and hollering good time. I repeated Switchback several more times. Per usual Main Street was good on top not bad but choppy on bottom. Lazy mile was pretty nice fast enough and good snow and grooming. I tried barneys bumps which were hot and cold. Didn't ski the challenge or chute bumps. In the lot there was a cool wrapped truck with x man or some sort of green action figure..I'm out of touch like my fourth favorite Hall and Oates songs. Had some parking lot beers..cheered on PASRs own monoskier GSSucks and drank more beer.
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    Great Eastern is probably the best trail on the EC, when it's empty it's 3k vert of just super fun arc arc arc ok now lets look around and back to arc arc arc. Lots of skiing tips and shit (btw learn how to put your boots on or buy a WC horn because nothing says I don't know what the fuck I'm doing like some random dude grunting like he's an 90lb asian women pushing shaq's baby out) but nobody asked you the most important question. Are you fucking feeling this shit man ? Lets get real, your a great skier for only skiing two years but in the overall sense you ski like shit. Now that's cool because you've only been doing it two years but before you left you had lost your mojo no ? No emotion, no zest and you'll be the worst skier of all time which is one that lacks passion. Do you feel the passion ? When you stood up top at K1 and you clicked in were you half way to midnight ? When you got to the bottom of gondolier, before you tried to ski into the gondy did you want to ask the cute waitress if you she ever got the Cleveland steamer from a rural PA state worker at the Mansfield Inn ? You should have because that means you got the passion, lots of peeps will spend their lives on X&O's taking lessons and get no where because they lack the passion to giv'r. You took risks when you went glades but you jerry'd right out of it by taking the skis off. Your a young man to be wound so tight, slip it, step it, shit ride your poles like amateur night at Delilahs but keep the skis on and figure out a way down. You learn alot of shit fucking around in EC woods. If you found your passion back then this was a successful trip.................................... plus get another pair of skis if you want to run untracked in the woods, can't catch a 500lb tuna on a mickey fishing rod with a bobber.
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    February 1, 2017 day 7 of 7 Hey All, Well another great trip to Jackson hole is in the books, my 15th trip here and Atomic Jeffs 11th. We left the 49er at the typical 740am and were in the Ranch lot at 8ish. It was the first and only day we didn't have 3 or more people in the Kardashian Suburban so we had to pay $10 for parking. Managed first civilian gondola with Dennis who talked about hot yoga and hunting for morals with his billionaire friend. As we climbed higher on the gondola we noticed more and more new snow. First run down the ampitheater to Thunder had a couple inches of light and dry powder on top of groomed. Up Thunder and down the left side of Grand which was deep and untracked..I think only Dennis and some of the wallets were in front of us. Then into ten sleep bowl which was partially roped off for the finish of the king and Queen of corbetts event over to the cirque where we had the deepest and lightest powder of the trip right down the center below the big dead tree..totally untracked with chest shots every turn and a few faceshots. Back down to thunder which had a half Corral liftline..up thunder to right side of the grand and in the woods for more untracked. Then up sublette where we rode with a gaper from Vermont who we told to ski Cirque but he was distracted by other already tracked out terrain. He did give me a single hit of weed which was nice but a bit of a tease. Then back to the cirque a little farther over incredible top to bottom fresh again I was totally covered in powder from the chest down when I got back to thunder which had a line extending outside of the Corral. Up thunder and this time on grand only dound found a handful of untracked turns skiers right mainly in the woods and below a brushy area..sublette had a full Corral liftline as well..up sublette and there were several hundred people watching the event that we skied past on the way back to the cirque. By now all the jerrys with go pros and RTMs were in the cirque and even a few lessons..was totally tracked out except the far left that we skied which still had a few pockets of fresh and surfy snow. Since we got 7 fresh pow runs in a row completing a great trip I had no interest in skiing tracked up snow with the masses so took nez perce down gros verte which got progressively worse. I stopped to take a piss about 1,000 vert above the base and there wasn't even an inch of new snow on top of the refrozen crust off trail. Down into the village...shuttle to the car to deboot then shuttle back to village and a nice Italian lunch in the hotel terra. Was a great trip with fun PASRs all of whom Jackson hole first timers. Was fun showing everybody around and as I always say anybody who wants to ski Jackson hole with me is welcome to. It's my way of giving back to the sport. Atomic jeff made a great chauffeur, JFDan loved the perder, NMSki had a permanent smile for five days, MBike Mike loved the 3D snow, Nastar Glenn has more energy than anybody I know and PARidge loved the Hobacks and expansiveness of Jackson hole..I'll savor the afterglow of a great powder day and great trip this afternoon and post my annual The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in the coming days. Thanks everybody for reading along at home and giving out likes!!!
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    @RidgeRacer We're all here for you buddy. If you need anything when you get back, please let us know. PASR is a community of assholes, but we really do care about each other here, so don't hesitate to ask.
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    Fantastic conditions this morning. By far the best day of the year. Untracked runs down Razors was great. Glad to ski somewhere with good pitch. Absolutely loved the pow and the float from my non-skinny, knee-busting skis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm getting closer.....not there yet, but it's definitely in my thoughts and future plans. Fwiw... I'm down 30#. Depression freaking sucks boys.....but I'm back. I'm happy to be alive ....That's a big step from where I was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winter Park is nice today! Snow over the weekend freshened things up. No lift lines. Love being here on a Monday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Eaf if you hate PASR that much then post elsewhere. Personally I think you can provide a lot to the site but you insist on calling out the nuances that you don't like which isn't going to do you any favors. You clearly love the sport and that's cool. Jeff's right. PASR isn't epic (RIP) or AZ or Pugski. PASR is a group of people who care more about just having fun skiing, regardless of where, and less about centimeters or ankle flex. It's a group of people who watched me get a fucking tetanus shot in a hospital lobby because they give a shit. That's what PASR is. It doesn't need more organization or stricter rules. It definitely doesn't need a corporate sponsor or any BS like that. It needs to stay the way it is IMO.
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    A few pics from my last day (before getting hurt) and some cool airport shots. Really great Teton and JHMR views from the airport (which I'm officially calling the coolest airport I've ever been).
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    Today's avy forecast was so wrong. It said 5" last 24, and 4" overnight. It snowed 6" or so during the ski day yesterday. It was fucking deep. Some super light cowboy powder to make it real nice.
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    Glenn went in to see him. Apparently he doesn’t have any pain (may also be the drugs). Some stitches, but so far no bad news.
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    About 2” up top. Less at the bottom but still really nice bonus this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Such a great fucking 2 days the words and pics above express about 0.00001% of the fun on and off the hill! I think my cheeks (face not ass FYI) are gonna split from all the smiles and laughs![emoji23][emoji23][emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The whole crew slaying the bottom of bivouac Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Working on other shots...but it was a pretty good day.
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    Made it to the mountain in 4 1/2 hrs (love Waze). Mountain picked up ~2” today which was a unexpected surprise. 15F but under summit little wind so not so bad. Visibility off of summit was sketch though. Generally all trails Skied awesome. Lapped off top (3.5 blue mountains). Still pumping guns on upper skyward. ROTD was upper wilderness (pic) as it was getting a 21 gun salute and with natural was man/nature pow day. Floaty turns, first of season! Lookout was closed, oh well. Picking up pizza, a ubu ale or three and it’s lights out for me. I’m old [emoji41]
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    Day 2: 5” from yesterday plus ultra light product from guns made for one of our best days at WF. Lower empire was open which was a first for us. Classic New England trail. Gives us access to cloud splitter glades also. Did that as opening run then shot over to summit quad because upper skyward looked amazing. And it was. Usually the first 200 yards is a sketch slide but the whole trail top to bottom were creamy turns. We lapped skyward about 6 x before heading back to wilderness pod. Also a fun seeded bump line at bottom which made the top to bottom worthwhile. Taking a break now. Boys still out there. My legs are feeling it but I may have a few more left in me. Snow tomorrow! 15 F with little wind so really not bad at all Parking lot view: Upper empire: Upper skyward: View of WF from little WF: Bump line at bottom: Upper niagara ((skiers right was $):
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