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    Thanks everyone. I'm OK. I'll post again in a bit. Major thank you to everyone everyone for the well wishes as well as the awesome crew here.
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    I have been looking into backcountry clinics for a while now. When I asked some friends if anyone wanted to do one with me one offered to show me the ropes. It turned into 6 of us going. 2 of the girls in our group have lots of backcountry knowledge and have taken avy courses. The girl in charge chose Jones Pass. The part of it we did has zero avy danger and there is a snowmobile company that guides tours there (more on that later). We arrived to cold temps and light snow. Gearing up in the lot We did a 2.5 mile skin up. Heard some avalanche bombs along the way. They were not coming from Berthoud Pass, which is close by. Would have to study a map to be sure. Don’t know if we would have heard them that clearly from Loveland or Abasin. Not sure if the elevation gain. We think somewhere around 1200 feet. Internet says 1600 but didn’t feel that steep. Don’t get me wrong, it kicked my ass. At about the 2 mile mark I was getting very worn out. My friend suggested I glide more instead of lifting my feet. That made all the difference and all of a sudden what I was doing felt much easier. The wind and snow were both picking up. When we got to our turn around point it was super windy. I tried to keep sweating to a minimum wearing only a very thin shirt under a wool base layer. But I was soaked. I decided I had to take off the shirt, holy shit that was a cold endeavor. Then put on a light puffy and a hard shell for the descent. Snow was kind of cruddy and wasn’t use to the boots. They were really digging into my shins. I couldn’t wait to get down and take them off so I said I would meet them at the bottom. The track we were on was not too wide. About the width of 2 snowmobiles. I came upon a large group of people and EMS workers. There was a body covered up and I knew by the somber scene he was dead. Not wanting to intrude I had to wait till they finished to go by which took about 20 minutes. There were 3 ems guys still there waiting for a transport I imagine. But they did not move him and he was lying long ways across the path. I had about 18” to ski around him. My friend asked someone at the bottom and they said he died of natural causes. He was with the snowmobile group. I am glad I went but it’s not quite what I expected. I would go again but am glad I didn’t spend $200 on a clinic. I made the mistake of not having enough calories or drinking enough and was cramping up by the time I got down. Brought some soup in a thermos and with that and another thermos full of tea started to feel better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm in aspen now getting rad but yesterday I was in Jackson and it snowed a bunch. We saw a moose out of saratoga. Full disclosure the pic of my brother is the powder mag, scoot and shoot lol
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    What a wild ride the past 15 years have been. So much change. What I'm most proud of is the past few years. The Blue Crew has become a family. There aren't many days in Blue's season that at least one PASR member isn't there. Some days, regardless of what time you arrive, you can always find someone to ski with. PASR has no ads and generates no revenue and I think most can agree a price can't be put on fun we've had. Having said that, while today marks 15 years to the date, a celebration is in order. A coworker/good friend of mine who a lot of you have met is quite the homebrewer. What goes better in a cask than hazy juicy dank AF beer? So, he brewed a mango milkshake IPA to be served straight from a cask. At Blue. Where the hell do we go from here? See you for another Sausage Sunday.
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    Just got back from a day at Blue with my 7 year old son. Called him out of school and got on the sixer at around 9:50. Started with Paradise since this was his first time out this year. Took a few turns for the little man to get in the swing of things, then we were off and shredding. Did paradise 4times, Burma twice with the yeti park, lazy twice, switchback once. Run of the day for us was sidewinder to the lower park, to the 2 big roller jumps next to the six pack. We did that 4 times. My sons favorites were anything that had jumps, I think he’s gonna be a park rat. Got a pretzel in the lodge and he passed out like a champ on the ride home. Despite pretty crappy conditions was one of the most fun days out for me! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hit up Brevent and La Gliere today, lots of sun and ripping groomers. A bit of off paste today but it was hitnor miss depending on the aspect. Hired a guide for tomorrow and they are calling for 5” overnight and 8-13 during the day tomorrow. Also took a ride up the midi because today may have been the only clear day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Left NJ at 0-dark thirty with son #2 and made it up to sugarbush in 5.25 hr (Lincoln). 15F at base, couple degrees colder up top. Started on some groomers because son’s #2 first day back on skis since breaking leg on gully #1 at big sky last year. After lapping a few and since castle rock is still closed headed to area under direct sun (north lynx triple). Limited terrain but sunrise or sun dimple or whatever the fuk you call the bump run off of the lynx chair was $. Firm but still not crazy technical. Lapped that and whatever bump run it’s called under lynx triple down to bottom on perder whales with many snow guns going (15F) under lift that gets you to lynx chair (I should be a SB mountain guide). (Self) limited terrain but crazy fun day. Been skiing blue since November so nice change of pace. I knocked it off at 3 but #2 skied until last chair while I drank Lawson’s sunshine at bar. Then Mad Taco dinner; a perfect ending. Was planning on MRG tomorrow but reports been sketch so may lay out $ and ski Mt Ellen tomorrow. (Today was warren miller free vouchers.) TBD.
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    Today I skied with Johnny Moseley, dude isn't as fast atomic on groomers but dude skied bumps on one leg wicked fast that I could barely ski on two. Plus he threw a huge 360 off a snow covered electrical box into the wine bar party which is the most legit move I've ever seen in skiing. Excuse my face it was super warm and I had to look directly into the sun to get the chair lift selfie.
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    What a great surprise today was! They reported 2”, but it continued to snow all day. Skied like 5” on much of the mountain. I guess I’m the luckiest son of a bitch in the world, but today was the first rope drop on highline ridge and west basin hike to terrain. Highline was only open through Juarez and west basin only through west blitz trees, but I was probably the 20th person to ski Juarez this year and it was really deep. Bottomless. I hiked once more to do Juarez again and made 2 hikes to west blitz trees which was so nice but not quite as bottomless. Played around off of bobs, moes and walkyries again. Skipped all the lift 8 bullshit. Word is more terrain opening tomorrow as they are looking at another 5-8 inches tonight, although it never really stopped snowing today aside from a few quick breaks in the clouds. I only brought my all mountain skis because conditions were expected to be so bad. Having fun in the 3D snow on my skinny skis!! Here are some scenery pics: Shots of Juarez and west blitz: Action shots Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I basically run seminar discussions for a living and we sometimes map the conversation to see connections and diagnose problems. So I made a flow chart to examine the Thread-tastrophe that happened here this evening. I'm not innocent, I admit that eaf. This chart has the advantage of representing 90% of ski-forum "help me choose a ski" discussions, so I feel that it could be a real time-saver in the future. Near as I can figure, it all went wrong when someone mentioned skis.
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    @JFskiDan, @AtomicSkier, and I are all enroot to SLC right now. Should be a great trip away from the beast coast and skiing on some real snow. Likely will be returning with goggle tans and hangovers. Sitting in Denver airport now, at a bar that couldn’t be more fitting for a PASR trip : Root Down. Stay tuned for updates.
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    It’s official! Thanks @RootDKJ for clicking the 10,000th like for me! You all know I only post for the likes, so this is just a strong confirmation that years of trolling practice has been successful. Thanks for all of the support over the years and making the extra effort to click that bottom right corner in a positive way. You’re all a wonderful group of jerks, even Salty (but except eaf). Glad to know you all, but disappointed in myself for wasting countless hours on this stupid site. Here’s to 10,000 more!!! 🍻 Celebratory beers tomorrow in the lot at Blue!
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    Today marked the earliest day I’ve been on snow by 4 days. As usual, my wife and I got a later jump on the day than we had hoped, but we were still able to get on snow, and that’s all that really matters. We rolled into the Killington parking lot about 12:15 to t2b snow guns running on Superstar despite 36 degree temperatures. Seeing SallyCat’s post, I was afraid it would be busy, but the crowds had mostly dispersed. We snagged our lift tickets for $59 ($6 cheaper than last year), and hit the gondola. Please keep in mind that Killington has switched to RFID, so that price doesn’t include the $5 rechargeable lift card. The temperature at the top was 29 degrees, and the snow guns were still running full tilt. They have finally moved some guns to Great Northern off of the gondola to start connecting to the NRT so you don’t have to hike down. If they get another 24 hour window this week, that should be skiable, but they only had a dusting down while we were there. The hike down was shorter than I remembered. It’s a little more work, but truth be told, it’s worth it to be riding on October 22nd. As is expected this time of year, all open terrain had snowmaking in progress. Our first run was down Rime. This was the only open section where the guns were relatively dialed in. I stayed mostly to skiers right, but no snow stuck to my goggles and the snow on the ground was fairly dry. However, below Great Northern was a different story. The snow continually coated the goggles and the snow was very wet. A decent bump line formed outside the snow gun radius and provided for some fun turns however. Next we decided to hit Reason to East Fall. While Rime only had every other snow gun running, Reason and East Fall had them all going. The difference in snow quality was obvious immediately. Every gun on those trails was running wet and made it difficult to see and turn. Reason only had 2-3 features at the bottom near Great Northern. I would imagine that they will add a couple more for the weekend as they are able. We ended up doing 9 runs, most of them on Rime. Overall, it was great to be back on snow. They had decent base depths and should be able to weather any small warmup. I would expect traffic on the stairway to be one way by the weekend. It wasn’t the best early season day I have had at Killington, but when you put into perspective that it is October 22nd, you realize that it’s all pretty good. The hike back up the stairway was very manageable and definitely worth the product they were putting out. It was a good start to what hopefully ends up being a great season. FYI: Snowdon Six Pack and it’s associated trail work and tunnel work seems to be significantly behind schedule. Since that is the early season route to the bottom, it may need to be altered. They can’t make snow there right now, so I wonder how that will effect their next moves.
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    Greetings from Little Cottonwood Canyon! Day 1 - travel day. The nor'easter really complicated our flight out to Utah. We flew out of BWI, but the plane was 2 hrs late getting there bc of weather. Then, we sat on the plane for 3 hrs at the gate bc there was a leaky valve preventing the engines from starting. Grounds crew got that resolved and we were on our way. Arrived in SLC just before the storm really ramped up, but the canyon road conditions were deteriorating fast. We made it to Goldminers Daughter just before last call. Day 2 - Alta Storm riding, cold, windy, very low visibility. We woke up to sirens and mortar blasting at 6:30 local time....not a lot of sleep from the previous day's travel. It was snowing sideways and we had interlodge until 9-ish. That gave us plenty of time to have a kick-ass breakfast. We got our passes and hit up wildcat lift bc Collins was mobbed. Snow was epic, but you couldn't see much at all. Not many pics or video. We skied in the Collins, sugarloaf, wildcat, and high-t areas yesterday. Best snow was in wildcat, hands down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Big Sky - Day 3 The morning started out pretty much the same as the others, get up, eat, write TR, etc., go ski. Today was the day after the storm bluebird day, unfortunately it was a bit windy, more on that later. Since it was bluebird, we could get up to Lone Peak with good visibility, unlike all the previous days, so that was the goal. Took the Otter up and then down to the base to see a pretty large crowd had already formed at the Swift. Looks like everyone has the same idea as to where to go. Headed up the Swift and down to the Powder-Seeker. Up the PS and down to the Tram to a small corral of people, not too bad. Took a bunch of pics and watched a skier come down the Big Couloir, followed shortly after by a boarder. Midway down the couloir the boarder fell and tumbled a couple of times. To the crowd's amazement, he miraculously popped back upright and continued the run down to the line. He was wearing brown pants for good reason, we thought! Up the Tram to the top where the winds were howling. From the top, the decision was made to head down the South Face, as they had been here before and found a nice powder field there after a storm. Well, that decision quickly came back to haunt us, as the storm's winds were out of the West and had blown Liberty bowl almost completely bare of powder. Oh to be a local! We picked our way down Liberty and down to Dakota and lapped the trees a couple of times. Riding up Dakota I was drawn to Kircher's Cliffs, looker's left. There were some avy explosion marks in the snow and a few tracks. I wanted to check it out but the others wanted to do another tree run. My curiosity got the better of me and I told them I was headed to the cliffs, but none followed. Headed down past the blue Badlands and the an avy gate and made my way out a traverse to the base of the cliffs and a wide-open Hanging Valley perder field all to myself. Skies down that and found the way back to Dakota and the others. Of course, they now wanted to check it out! Having done it once already, this time I pushed even further South, going around a cliff and further South some more to the avy pockmark to score some more Fresh tracks. We grew tired of South Face and made our way back around to have some lunch. Since the snow was better on the North side, we headed over to Andesite and lapped the bumps on Mad Wolf a few times. Departed Andesite by way of Spotted Elk which still had some freshies and made our way back over to Challenger as its close to the house. We lapped Challenger liftline bumps and the trees around there until we had had enough and made our way back to the house for some homemade guac and beers. One of the local bars supposedly had poker and a ping-ping table, so we made our way there after dinner only to be skunked on both fronts. Poker night was Thursday and the ping-pong table was no more. Yellowstone Club
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    Today was pretty crazy. They were reporting 5” when I checked at 6am, but it was nuking all morning and that total ended up at 13” when I checked at lunchtime. The place was totally empty too. I didn’t cross a single track until about 11 am. I got first tracks down Bob’s again thanks to my sneaky route around the lift shack and it was knee to thigh deep and got a couple face shots. I repeated the limited terrain, but the limited terrain wasn’t even an issue because of the free refills. I hiked 4 times to west blitz and it was so good I wanted to do it all day but the legs eventually were saying hold up. A picture is worth a thousand words I guess. Every single track in these pics is mine! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Last day. Skied Blackcomb all day again. We went out last night and got turnt AF. So started slow and got on the snow at 9:30. Took it easy and only skied double blacks today since snow was best up in alpine. Started with Couloir Extreme and dropped into Jersey Cream bowl again. After that we headed back to the glacier to scope out some potential lines from the bottom. We wanted to hit Spanky’s Ladder and drop down into some different routes. The hike in was super sketchy bootpack but worse, it was just like a toe pack. Once in, we dropped into Garnet Bowl and then skied another chute into Diamond Bowl and out. We ended up hiking in 3 times and taking different runs each time. I can’t remember the rest of the names. Maybe Ruby Bowl, Zut Zut, and Wild Ride. Probably some of the gnarliest terrain I’ve skied. Not many pics today, and those that we do have don’t do it justice, it was just Kevin and I out in these areas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yesterday we skied only Whistler. Spent some time on the Peak Chair and that zone down to big red. Spent some time in Harmony and Symphony. Skied some pretty good chutes in the Horseshoes and whatnot. Ryan's first bowl was Bagel Bowl which was a bit crispy but still good. We found some really good snow on certain faces. Still not expecting any snow, but should be party or mostly sunny. Today we spent almost the whole day on Blackcomb. We found the best snow over on the glacier and spent most of our times over there. I don't remember all of the runs and lifts that we took like rain man Doug, but it was pretty legit today. Found some good steeps, and lots of stuff to jump off of. Ryan has been crushing it as well. Tomorrow we are probably heading back to Blackcomb and skiing 7th Heaven area to start. Tonight is cougar night at one of the clubs, so that should be fun. Pics coming soon.
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    Not getting any new snow while here, but sunny. Good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got home from a sunny session with my 8 year old daughter. We got her rentals taken care of, redeemed the $29 pass and hit the snow at 10. Went right up the six pack and skied paradise first. Big thanks to the Ernie Blake Ski School at Taos for teaching her to ski, she’s actually pretty good! We skied paradise 5 times, lazy mile, switchback (from the top of the Main Street lift), sidewinder, and Burma 3 times. Only one fall for her the whole day. We split a cookie and a Powerade in the lodge when we were done. Conditions were a bit rough, especially on sidewinder which was ball bearings, but the sides of paradise where it was soft was fun. Great one on one time with my daughter! My son gets his day on Tuesday. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Went to Les Houches today with the guide, had a coffee to start the day off then rolled down for first tram. When we woke up we did not think skiing today was going to be an option, the wind was ripping and very gusty in town, by 830 it had calmed down significantly and by 9 it was pretty much still. Did a few laps with solid over knee turns and it was easy to link knee to waste deep turns together. It continued to snow all day and it just kept getting deeper and better. Our guide kept showing us to new zones and more deep turns, we generally skied the trees and lift lines. The snow was overall pretty light at elevation but you had to watch out for the snow snakes towards the village. We had lunch around 1, followed by a few more knee deep plus turns and finished the day off with a beer in the village with the guide. It is still snowing a bit and should pick up overnight for more good turns tomorrow. We only paid for two days with the guide but he said he will follow up for the rest of our trip and give us weather updates and a plan on where to ski daily. The guide was well worth the money, he was a super cool guy and and absolute ripper. Having a few beers at our place now and about to go get some food and a few more beers, it’s karaoke night at an awesome little watering hole we hit up on Sunday night so we may head there for a bit. Again I did not get many pictures maybe justo will post some, he has some good shots. Little stream crossing towards the base Money shot of the day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On our way to the land of enchanted groomers.
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