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  1. Word is that @saltyant might not come because he has a sand problem. He should reconsider.
  2. Looks like we’ll be OK to tonight with the weather clearing a bit after 7? See everyone later!
  3. Weather keeps changing, but currently showing afternoon showers. The evening looks dry, and cool as of now!
  4. i always get finger food / charcuterie and beers, but people always bring food and beer, too. Just don't be like @JFskiDan and ask me to use my oven 😁
  5. Just a reminder ... it's this upcoming Saturday. Forgot to tag @Mixilplix
  6. That's a nonsensical statement. What am I getting for money? In the case of a Blue season pass, you're either getting a Blue season pass, or you're not. It's not throwing money away, you're getting something of value.
  7. Is the 1-200 really going to kill everyone?
  8. Those aren’t mow lines. I was spreading fertilizer.
  9. Shed is in, fence is done, and the grass is looking 👌. Landscaping to come in the spring.
  10. Oh shit I forgot to mention @Barb ... @Barb you're invite so I can avoid any shit from @theprogram4
  11. I’ve heard that @NMSKI and @Johnny Law are in
  12. We take the parking lot to my backyard.
  13. wow @mute1080 and i rode past there yesterday
  14. After a hiatus last year, it's time for the party return ... thinking October 16th ... work for everyone? Tagging some people who might not see this otherwise @toast21602@mute1080 @saltyant @GrilledSteezeSandwich @mbike-ski @JFskiDan @enjoralas @Benm@NMSKI @Johnny Law @Schif @indiggio @RidgeRacer @GSSucks @theprogram4 My house anytime after 6:30pm? Bring a wrap if it's chilly.
  15. oh ya, i didn't even see your post, but ya, AQUASHICOLA LITTLE GAP INC is the key to the western land.
  16. @Benm blue owns a lot more than that picture ... somewhere deep in the archives i did a very exhaustive search and posted a picture from CC's GIS. They own a lot of land to the west, in the valley.
  17. FWIW - StarLink is now available in PA. For $100/month it surely kicks ass in rural areas where DSL is the only game in town, if it is at all.
  18. I think @eaf may have been?
  19. @mute1080 and I got some skiing in on Sunday AM
  20. hey, at least he used "less" correctly there 😂
  21. It's fewer. Fewer limousine liberals. If you're going to snark, at least do it correctly.
  22. no bunk beds on the master floor.
  23. Their business model would say why operate two when one will do? At least that's my opinion. If you have a house near BB now, you're most likely going to just move your skiing to JF, and still buy an Epic pass. Seems like an easy decision to me.
  24. What about all of Vail's midwest properties? Their other resorts in PA? Vail has two different types of properties ... destinations and feeders. They really don't care too much about the feeders other than those feeder pass holders vacation at Vail properties.
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