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  1. Exactly why we don’t want to be on ikon.
  2. I don’t want Camelfucks at Blue. They know Blue is better and will all flock to Blue.
  3. because they haven't announced anything about parking yet. from a marketing standpoint, terrible time to mention that. I bet the free parking will come along with the parking announcement in the fall.
  4. they brought back the off peak pass for the boomers, at least. $550 😂
  5. @JFskiDan has probably been up for hours already ... enjoy the pow!
  6. Today was superb. The lightest crowds I've seen this year in the morning for the first hour. I think @Johnny Law and I did 6+ WidowMidwayMains without a single person in our way. 13 or 14 runs in by 10am reminded us of mornings in the pre-times. Always happen that the condition get the best the day before it's going to be 60F and raining.
  7. Today was excellent. Glad to hear that Charles and @Mixilplix heard my mid-Sidewinder BMR rant 😂 Day 50 for me
  8. They’re for people like Justo who buy boots that are too stiff for their abilities but need to be seen in the best boot 🌝
  9. You should never take them out. They should always be tight.
  10. I've lost those, and other bits in the past. I give all screws a tighten once or twice a year on my Langes. I'll bring them tonight?
  11. @Dirtwolf I don't have any "spares" but are these the right ones? These are my backup to my backup boots, so it's probably time to put them to rest. If they're the right ones, they're yours.
  12. I think I have extras ... will check my stash of Lange parts.
  13. couldn't be any further from how it went 😂 besides drinking the parking lot, those guys did nothing wrong. the patroller(s) were standoffish from the beginning. it's all about attitude and approach, and the patrollers approached them all wrong. how it should go: "Hey can you throw that out? We don't allow drinking on the slopes" vs how it went: "Really?! Do you think that's ok?!"
  14. No need to be @saltyant about it
  15. Still can't believe @GrilledSteezeSandwich wasn't there today.
  16. oh, and congrats on day 30 @toast21602!
  17. it was great seeing my buddy @Benm today! missed him.
  18. I hit it first run as well ... stayed on the left side after that.
  19. Sad that @GrilledSteezeSandwich isn't a man of his word.
  20. Today was fun. Woke up at 5:30ish to a text from @mbike-skiwith an invite to Greek. Scrambled quickly and was on the road from his house by 6:10. Picked up @JFskiDan at 80/476. Conditions were either 6”+ of untracked to cut up pow.
  21. I'm going to have disable Tapatalk since @mute1080 and @Justo8484 struggle to [mention] people.
  22. @CaptDave Riverton Bowl ... key today was to stick to north facing stuff. Wind was 50mph yesterday and deposited anything fresh onto north facing slopes. Softest stuff will be things like Hoops Gap, Expert Chutes, Bivouac, Ten Sleep, etc. Even heard Paint Brush was skiing nice today...but we were in the pow mood so shallower angle was key 😃
  23. Wilson. We had been alternating between Wilson and the Juicy but today was 2x Wilson.
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