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  1. ya, knowing what 70+ mph at Blue felt like, we definitely hit 80 that day at JH, probably on Grand. I've never let them run like we did that day 😮
  2. The GPS stuff is terrible inaccurate. I've done a radar-gun confirmed 70+ mph on Razors Edge but that was on a sheet of ice in the most aerodynamic tuck I could get into. I laugh when people say they casually got to 60+ mph at Blue.
  3. It's been fun, but it only keeps getting better. Thanks everyone!
  4. I did. Some good damage but couldn’t have been too fast.
  5. Hopefully we get to see VTmark on Sunday!!!!
  6. Midway to Lower Main was the ROTD. Midway continues to be fantastic.
  7. you sure that wasn't me? i saw some slow ass subaru coming and i put the hammer down.
  8. Today was a treat after yesterday. Fast and smooth T2Bs on Main St are nice during the holiday week 🥰
  9. Today’s first few runs were excellent. See everyone in the valley on Sunday! Hope I remember where we park 🌝
  10. Have they blown on terrain run or whatever they call that? They could open the bottom with just that and no falls.
  11. Regardless of having the valley open....Lazy, Burma, and Upper Main ... and even full width lower Main would be a huge improvement over what we've been skiing 😀
  12. Grate day with @saltyant and @JFskiDan and seeing @antman12. Also saw my neighbor who is a long time patroller at JF ... no MALVERN talk but we did enjoy an Epic day of skiing at Jack Frost. They had a surprising amount of terrain open, and it was surprisingly busy. It was a little sugary/chunky, but I guess that's better than being closed?
  13. Was thinking about it but with the break in weather decided to get a nice long run in with @toast21602 and @NazarethSkier
  14. This morning was enjoyable. Saw Dr. @toast21602 on my drive up, but he was heading the wrong direction
  15. why do you suck at mentioning people?
  16. Today was a significant improvement from yesterday ... AKA, you could actually ski.
  17. I'll probably hit JF on a weekday before the end of the year with my buddy @JFskiDan as we're both #Epic.
  18. Today's conditions were shit. Not much more I can say about that.
  19. Conditions today were great ... best of the year by far ... that slightly soft turning to spring snow conditions make it really ski well.
  20. They blew a little too much water at the end of their snowmaking session, but otherwise, a step up from the weekend. No cookies to speak of.
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