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  1. Maybe.. I guess I always think ‘don’t make your employees do something I won’t do myself’... who knows? Unique times and we are all learning and adjusting
  2. I will add .. it is fun to hear calls from outside my area where the manager stops the call to adjust their position on their deck because the sun is too bright I'm sure this goes over pretty with the on site staff 😁
  3. I think my point was somewhat missed. If you manage a team and some of your staff has to stay on site for regulatory reasons,, don't you feel the management should have to be there too? I'm all for people having the ability to work from home, but management should not get special treatment in the situation... And set the example
  4. Very interesting topic on the WFH... and very timely. I manage a Production Facility, so I've been in the building everyday, but the Call Center part of the business has predominately sent everyone home. The management team for the Call Center rotate through every few weeks to be in the building and manage their small remaining onsite teams. it can get frustrating seeing everyone else working from home, I feel management should set the example and be in the building and note most did not start 'WFH' until the weather got nice.. ??? Personally I'm struggling because I recently gained oversight of 4 other facilities across the country and I feel I can still get too caught up with issues in my 'Home' site. However, I feel I would be a hypocrite if I start working from home a day a week to focus on giving attention to my other sites.... Covid-problems I will add that I personally am glad that I had the ability to go to work during the major lock-down as my life during the week did not change much.. we've only had 4 positive tests in the building but nothing passed inside the facility...
  5. I agree, such a fun place,, and the fact that most all of the lifts are top to bottom.
  6. I'm hoping for 8-10 days in total between the two trips.. and I always plan around avoiding the weekends. I've not been to Snowbird, but was on my list two years ago but did not make it.
  7. Well... I'm taking a chance/hedging my bet. I plan on making two trips out to Utah this year with one being in early December and a second in March/April. I'm somewhat worried about getting out there and having restrictions on how many people are allowed on the mountain each day. I figured there will have to be some preference given to Season Pass holders, so I went ahead and bought a mid week Season Pass to Brighton for 380. I don't think it is a bad deal, I also get a free day at Snowbird.. and Alta & Deer Valley(but I board, so no luck). I figured it is cheap enough that depending on the situation I can purchase a few days at other mountains if my heart is in it and not waste money But in the end, I've enjoyed Brighton and I would be happy there and it is already less busy than other mountains.. Now,,, to hope they are open at all and travel is available. Another nice safety measure is that Brighton is offering the ability to postpone your pass a year if you are unable to use it... so...🙏
  8. Good call!! My parents went to to Bryce years ago, but I've not made it to any yet.
  9. Not the biggest list... PA: Big Boulder, Blue Mt, Blue Knob, Camelback, Elk, Jack Frost, Montage/Sno, Ski Sawmill NY: Belleayre, Hunter, Plattekill UT: Brighton, Solitude Last year was my first trip out west. This year I had two trips cancelled due to covid-19, Killington and Utah. Hoping that an early December trip to UT can still occur this year as I had until the end of 2020 to reschedule my flight.
  10. I did not try safari... Good Luck
  11. I just renewed my pass. I too was having issues renewing because the system was not accepting my credit card info. Once i switched my browser from an open source version of Chrome to Opera the transaction went through.
  12. Never made it Blue Marsh, but I remember passing as we went to our childhood cabin... Amazing how many little hills used to be around. ...Not to de-rail the thread but to lost(not really ever found) ski resort was the resort that was planned near Tunkhannock, but never came to fruition. It appeared to have a lot of potential... Too bad http://www.dcski.com/lostareas/viewlostprofile.php?id=62
  13. Likely heading to Blue Saturday/Sunday and then heading to Elk on Monday
  14. Funny, I grew up 40 minutes from Tussey, but we always went to Ski Sawmill! To me, Tussey would not operate if not for PSU.
  15. Thanks... The end of last season and this season are the first time in a few years I've been able to get out much... ..Darn new job and then a few shoulder dislocations/surgery. Feels good! Today was decent, thought Main St was the best
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