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  1. At least for Brighton, the downside of the bus right now is there is not access into the locker room. It appeared you could check bags, but that would annoy me as I'd prefer to bring food/drinks with me right now versus using the lodge. But as other's said the bus is convenient and runs quite often when I used it in previous years during snowstorm. My VW Tiguan went up and down the canyon in about 5inches this year without problem. Just take your time and it is not bad if you know how to drive in snow.
  2. Their grooming and snow was always better than any other poconos mountain(Elk not included because it is in VT)...,, this kept me alternating season passes between JFBB and Montage even though I lived 10 minutes from Montage/Sno.
  3. We never were required, but strongly encouraged as there are certain accreditations tracking the percentage of employees that get flu shot. I think the accreditations are currently giving to year x to get to a x percentage.
  4. Now I've never had a Flu Shot before, so this is likely typical, but I will say that the shoulder I received the shot in was very sore last night. Sore enough where I could not sleep on that side.. otherwise feel fine here
  5. Me too,, are you getting the Pfizer or the Moderna? Moderna for me..
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments on the buddy pass.. I will be up on Saturday by myself but had a friend looking to go on Sunday. I will look in my account and see .
  7. Hey,. Any idea if using the buddy pass requires the a reservation?
  8. This year I did not do all too well on airline miles as I drove more than flying this year and I also tend to fly direct. Though, I killed it on hotel points. IMO it is all about being reaching high reward status, not credit card usage. Several companies like Marriot and United allow you to transfer points back and forth if you reach a certain status level..... And it helps to have a job that requires a lot of travel!! In my case, we use Marriot is our corporate hotel partner for work travel. I stayed in hotels for 61 days this year.. plus we get an additional 15 days for being cor
  9. Do it! ... I leave for SLC on Thursday night and returning the following Friday.. Will be spending my time at Brighton. I will look to head back out the beginning at April for a second week to get my money worth for the weekday season pass. Luckily this trip(hotel/car) is paid for by points from work travel
  10. I would say Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities. i think their skyline is one of the prettiest views, especially as you come out of the tunnel from the airport. Yes, maybe there is not a ton of nightlife right downtown. However, there are some nice spots downtown as they've added several nice new breweries. Most of the the nightlife would be either on the North Shore(by the stadiums) or the South Side. On the NorthShore you get a little more of the modern larger spots, but on the South Side you get an entire Street filled with 'local' Bar after Bar. Personally my favorite is to hit u
  11. Hopefully Im there is 3 months.... but chances of legitimately being able to make the trip seems slimmer as the days go by. I guess a lot will depend on how the reservation or capacity limits work. I've already flown a few places for work over the last few months and as long as Im willing to avoid certain areas/places due to crowding I feel safe. There were a few places in KC that I wanted to eat but I showed up and quickly went somewhere us due to crowds. (luckily Delta is still stating that they will keep the middle seats empty until 2021.. from what i've seen/heard the airlines have not
  12. Maybe.. I guess I always think ‘don’t make your employees do something I won’t do myself’... who knows? Unique times and we are all learning and adjusting
  13. I will add .. it is fun to hear calls from outside my area where the manager stops the call to adjust their position on their deck because the sun is too bright I'm sure this goes over pretty with the on site staff 😁
  14. I think my point was somewhat missed. If you manage a team and some of your staff has to stay on site for regulatory reasons,, don't you feel the management should have to be there too? I'm all for people having the ability to work from home, but management should not get special treatment in the situation... And set the example
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