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  1. Maybe one of the few... but actually, I would kind of like having Camelback connected to Blue's Pass. Living in North Jersey, Camelback is about 15+ minutes closer and some days the motivation is little low to drive the 1.25 hours to Blue. It is not like 15 minutes is a big deal, but it would be nice on occasion. In the end, I much prefer Blue.. but options are not nice.
  2. Steamtown Mall in Scranton charged for parking when it first opened... ... And... Oh, did not know American Dream was charging now... I still have like 4 days to Big Snow to use by Thanksgiving
  3. For a work, I’m KC this weekend and heading to Dallas for the first half of next week. I get a chuckle on how KC has an indoor mask mandate for restaurants, but once you are at you seat at bar you are shoulder to shoulder seating(100% capacity)…. But you need to put your mask back on while walking back out ??
  4. I was there yesterday. The crowds were not too bad, but a lot of ride are not open due to staffing.
  5. I can't do that ... I have a Loft Style Apartment and the loft takes too long to cool down -- have to keep running all day
  6. Well,, I see some other updates .. for my own record keeping ( added four new places this season) NJ : Big Snow VT : Stratton UT : Sundance, Powder Mountain
  7. My brother got a onewheel this spring,, kind of got me looking in the first place.
  8. Good Read... (i was a terrible rollerblader back in my younger days ..) Has anyone looked at the Summerboard? it looks like a great way to keep in 'shape' for snowboarding during the summer? I'm interested, but finding it hard to justify paying 2500+ (1) The 2020 Summerboard // How it Works - YouTube
  9. I never waited more than one gondola today and I got it to myself each time! I would love to get back next year with more terrain available... And especially since I'm likely getting an Ikon pass.. it should happen. I just need to plan a work trip toy Boston site next winter and have another detour.
  10. It was kind of tongue in cheek,, but truly the terrain is similar. Nothing is all that steep but not a lot of runout either.
  11. I'm heading to Boston for work this week, so I decided on small detour. I just didn't feel like hitting up the Catskills so I decided to try out Stratton. There is not a lot open, but I've mostly been lapping Polar Bear and Black Bear. For the most part the coverage is pretty good on what is open, but it is starting to scrap off to the glaciers. To sum up... overall It is like riding Elk, but with a longer drive.
  12. Consistency and volume... that is the key for Buckhouse. Also, his quest the ride every mountain in the usa allow for people to relate because he also films the tiny home town mountains.
  13. Agree Milly and the area between Great Western and Snake have some really fun/unique terrain;
  14. When I was there a couple weeks ago the ticket windows were not open at Milly, but the automated machine was active. If you bought your ticket online you can just scan the barcode from the email and get your card. If you are redeeming off an Ikon, I'm pretty sure you need to go to the main set of ticket windows.
  15. I'm leaning toward the Ikon Base Pass. I'm hoping to again do two Utah trips again next season. This season I has a cheap midweek pass to Brighton and bought a couple day passes to other mountains. The Ikon would still give me 5 days at Brighton, but I've been wanting to try out Solitude... So? Maybe
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