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  1. I never waited more than one gondola today and I got it to myself each time! I would love to get back next year with more terrain available... And especially since I'm likely getting an Ikon pass.. it should happen. I just need to plan a work trip toy Boston site next winter and have another detour.
  2. It was kind of tongue in cheek,, but truly the terrain is similar. Nothing is all that steep but not a lot of runout either.
  3. I'm heading to Boston for work this week, so I decided on small detour. I just didn't feel like hitting up the Catskills so I decided to try out Stratton. There is not a lot open, but I've mostly been lapping Polar Bear and Black Bear. For the most part the coverage is pretty good on what is open, but it is starting to scrap off to the glaciers. To sum up... overall It is like riding Elk, but with a longer drive.
  4. Consistency and volume... that is the key for Buckhouse. Also, his quest the ride every mountain in the usa allow for people to relate because he also films the tiny home town mountains.
  5. Agree Milly and the area between Great Western and Snake have some really fun/unique terrain;
  6. When I was there a couple weeks ago the ticket windows were not open at Milly, but the automated machine was active. If you bought your ticket online you can just scan the barcode from the email and get your card. If you are redeeming off an Ikon, I'm pretty sure you need to go to the main set of ticket windows.
  7. I'm leaning toward the Ikon Base Pass. I'm hoping to again do two Utah trips again next season. This season I has a cheap midweek pass to Brighton and bought a couple day passes to other mountains. The Ikon would still give me 5 days at Brighton, but I've been wanting to try out Solitude... So? Maybe
  8. Looks nice! Im thinking about looking at the lodging at Solitude for a few days during next seaons trip. As you said, it would be nice to not have drive back out of the canyon every night. .. and with night skiing at Brighton, it gives more options.
  9. I bought the 6 pack ticket for $99 back on Black Friday. Figured I would use them over the Summer as something to do.. hopefully less busy in the summer
  10. Hmmm, I was banking on Sunday.. might try to get there tonight ( but the wind?) Unfortunately, I have to go into the office Saturday morning, but hopefully the vendor is done in time for me to drive to PA for an evening session. ...really need 2 more days this season to hit 40 days on snow (my personal record).. I could hit up Big Snow, but they don't really count
  11. I agree, for the most part we don't have a lot of choice in the matter. However, I am one of the weirdos that prefers to pull down the safety bar. ( Probably my biggest gripe when forced to ride with another group when riding by myself as I don't want to intrude with pulling bat down.) ... But back your original statement, I have the same thought when people tell you to 'fly safe'.. ?? ,, Not really up to me...
  12. Agreed,, I'd they accomplish that, think would be the first ski tunnel in PA. Would be very unique
  13. Yeah,, just googled Krispy Kreme locations.. there really are not many around( not even North Jersey) I always knew there was one in Scranton,, but did not know of any others.
  14. If you need a reason to get the vaccine... Free Krispy Kreme donuts for the rest of the year... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/krispy-kreme-free-doughnut-every-day-2021-covid-19-vaccination-card/
  15. Imo,, and I'm no expert at all, but I would think someone would be at fault.. if not camelback for its operation than the manufacturer. If someone goes after camelback they will go after the manufacturer. I can totally understand the silence from camelback, as mentioned I'm sure their legal depart has tight reins on all communication as they can't have someone say the wrong thing. In today's times everything would be found and used. In the end, I hope the 'assumed' family pulls through and recovers to their maximum ability. The most important things right now are the injured and
  16. I was totally expecting to hear Ska on the video,, looked like some mean skanking going on
  17. Well..., pretty cool knowing that I was on the mountain the same day the video was being filmed. I know I was at the base of Milly when they filmed the 8:20 segment,, but I can't pick myself out 😒... But I remember watching that sequence.
  18. The worst part of a ski trip... Actually having to check a bag.. and waiting for it! 😒
  19. I have not.. had to Google.. looks cool
  20. Absolutely, LV is a hotbead. The Sasso match was tough. I like how Iowa won the team title, but half of their team is from PA. My parents always liked wrestling. My parents went to Lock Haven College and I know they used to take me to matches as a kid( back when the PSAC schools all had good wrestling programs). In the end I'm a PSU fans in everything
  21. I was never a wrestling fan, but have grown to really enjoy,,( As a kid I played bball so we didn't like each other... Haha) I think with PSU still being pretty young they didn't really capture the bonus points that put the over the top in past years. Will be fun watching the next few years
  22. I think with the Big Cottonwood area, it would need to be an Airbnb. Now Brighton does have a small 'motel' by the Crest lift, but I'm sure it is tough to get a room. Nice.. Herber City! Home of Cael Sanderson!... And I'm sure most people don't care, but PSU was/is dominant in the NCAA wrestling Finals tonight(4 for 4)
  23. Looks /Sounds great Hoping next weekend is still in decent shape,, need to close out the season with 2 good days at blue (maybe will drive to NY for am April day)
  24. Thanks... appreciate it I stay in various Marriot hotels in the Salt Lake City area(mostly Residence Inns so I have a cooktop and full fridge) . I will usually stay a few days downtown, but normally in the Murray/Midvale/Cottonwoods Heights. I'm thinking about trying to stay a few nights up at the resorts for next year's trip(s).
  25. This is my 9th day on snow this trip. ... I should learn by now, it has snowed the day I've been scheduled to fly out for all three of my Utah trips.. luckily I've been able to extend with little cost every time. Legs are dead--never got into great shape this year--(goal for this off season). This past summer and fall were tough with a busy work schedule and I got myself into probably the worst shape of my life!
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