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Trip 3/6-3/7. Better late than never

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Went up to Elk 3/6 to use my free Warren Miller tickets with one of the ski ladies from Blue. Wednesday was great, but super cold and a little windy. Tried to tailgate, wasn’t happening, just too cold. We made quick sandwiches and ate in the car. Got lots of runs in. Snow was perfect, and we had the place to ourselves. Sun was in and out, lots of snow squalls we could see in the distance. Towards the end of the day, more of our Blue crew started showing up. Went to the bar, had a glass of wine. Ended up at a place called Chet’s. Seemed out in the middle of nowhere, but they had a pretty good crowd. Had a couple more glasses of wine, a shot, then didn’t feel I should drive home, and the person I drove up with was in no shape either. We ended up at our friends condo for the night. Skied again the next day. Weather was a tad warmer, and not as windy. Some very talented tele skiers on Tuckhanock. Ended up tailgating in the little lodge. What a nice little place! I always knew it was there, but thought it was for ski patrol or race team. I think most people there were from Blue, a lot I had never met. Fun 2 days 



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We rip Elk solely because of their marketing (Vermont and all that). It's an otherwise really cool hill. Nice change of pace for sure.

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Mom.. you definitely hit most of the reasons we love Elk. Midweek skiing on perfectly groomed, almost empty trails. The "cool" half way house. Wine at the restaurant. And a great dive bar "The home of the Ultimate Buzz" Chets Place...

Sorry we were in Montana I would have liked meeting you and your friends...

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