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    PASR Goes Meadow Skipping

    If you need lift beers, hit the Pharmacy in the Snowbird Center. If you need a beer to end the day, hit the Tram Club in the Snowbird Center, get the shot and mug combo . If you want to get weird, hit P-dog up the access road towards Alta a bit in the Peruvian Lodge.
  2. GSSucks

    Skison 18/19

    I hope you have a coupon, they are more than $25
  3. GSSucks

    Blue Mountain land ownership

    That is further to the left in that map, I know there is an old pump house in the parcel you are mistaking for the fairgrounds. I am unsure if it is still in use.
  4. GSSucks

    Zee Lights

    Plenty of places in "SLC" proper that are not in the typical smog and still a 30-45 minute drive to LCC, BCC, PC or Basin/Powmow. Or just man up and buy above the smog, in the little town of Alta or something up by Brighton. Mill Creek is also an option....
  5. GSSucks

    6packs - 12/11-18

    Facts check out, you dont turn, kinda like rail road tracks and you carry a whole lot of mass.
  6. GSSucks

    Zee Lights

    Im sure someone on here knows the pump capacity at Blue, Im to lazy to do the research. 100,000 gph with a bit of head and youre at ~$2000.00 an hour pretty quick and thats just to get water to guns. Ends up being ~$48k a day. They also need to run the compressor house. Id assume snow making is one of the biggest expenses they have.
  7. GSSucks

    Zee Lights

    What bindings?
  8. GSSucks

    New Purchases... What did you buy so far

    Backcountry has free 2 day shipping on orders over $50, just saying.
  9. GSSucks

    Belleayre 11/28/18

  10. GSSucks

    Sunday 11/25/18..best snow of the season.

    Might have been me.
  11. GSSucks

    Zee Lights

    I usually over promise and under deliver, its a real issue.
  12. GSSucks

    Opening Day - Snovember 16th, 2018

    First like, first comment!
  13. GSSucks

    Skison 18/19

    In search of the perfect trip ski, able to slay pow and shitfuck, hopefully this is it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. GSSucks

    the pics from today thread

    Killy yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. GSSucks

    Jackson hole 2018

    Is this an invite?
  16. GSSucks

    Jackson hole 2018

    Its fine, stay there. I stayed there for 4 nights a few years ago. Just walk across the street and get breakfast at the 49er.
  17. GSSucks

    Skison 18/19

    PSL season?
  18. GSSucks

    Skison 18/19

    A lot of big 'if's' in there, but fingers crossed!
  19. GSSucks

    2017 Scott Voltage DH Bike

    Whats the new bike?
  20. GSSucks

    3/31..PASR day..a little bit of everything!!

    Its a secret that I dont share with many on staying skinny. Eat everything in sight, drink all of the beer and ride bikes, a lot! Dont tell anyone my secret.
  21. GSSucks

    Skison 18/19

    This guy has all of the answers, no wonder hes living in a hotel and single.
  22. GSSucks

    Maintaining own "ski trail"

    It will be slow, do not expect to be able to make turns. I may not be the best at math, but that is roughly a 7.13 degree slope if it is continuous from point a to point b. It will for sure be fun for a 3 year old, but I dont know how much you will enjoy hiking for the turns you would get on it.
  23. GSSucks

    Forum appreciation

    Youre all talk, Ill pay for said face tats.
  24. GSSucks

    the pics from today thread

    Sucks that car drove through your shot.