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  1. Why they don't try to open Widowmaker early for BMR is a mystery...
  2. It's Blue Mountain, what don't you get?
  3. indiggio


    If only work wasn't in the way...
  4. indiggio


    You should have buzzed by Greek Peak while you were in the neighborhood.
  5. Yikes! I'm forever barefoot. I don't know what I'd do if I had to wear something all the time, even if it were my Crocs.
  6. Makes for much better snow since it has a chance to drain and dry out, but it's highly doubtful Blue will ever do that.
  7. Oh yeah, Ski Patrol was handing out candy in the valley area today, probably hoping to make some amends from last weekend's debacle. Scored a delightful Peppermint Patty!
  8. Sums up today! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C12DMXTszeo/?igsh=MWRhZDI2ZXlzaGhzcQ==
  9. Total 100% opposite yesterday's hero snow. Paradise ridge was ROTD for us, just kept lapping that as Main Street was a disaster of marbles, cookies and just plain crap. Lazy wasn't too bad, both sides were fun until the very bottom which just a shit-ton pile of sugar and Jerries trying to figure out how to deal with the piles. About 1, the front rolled through bringing a disappointing squall, but high winds and drastic temperature drop. Went back out for a couple more runs, but Connector was a sea of noobs not knowing how to do anything and that's when we called it. Oh yeah, saw a car roll in with their roof box wide open with shit hanging out the back. They definitely were not happy campers when they got out of the car to find half their stuff gone.
  10. +++ VIBES ++++ To all those dealing with foot issues.
  11. Try AirBnB or Vrbo?
  12. Blue should have opened up widowmaker at the beginning and given that to BMR the entire time instead of pissing on Raisins that one time, only to have it end up in the retention pond.
  13. I think he's talking about BMR, not lessons. I don't think anyone has an issue with lessons cutting lines, that simply makes sense with the outrageous amount of money lessons cost. BMR, on the other hand, should not be allowed to cut lines.
  14. Very good to see Blue making an effort! Complaining does seem to help. Hopefully they'll implement something in the new 6 for grouping, if it's seriously crowded.
  15. That's because they groom immediately after blowing, there's no time for the "snow" to dry out. Look at how good the snow was on Coming Soon when it first opened and Raisins (from what I was told), since the snow had time to sit.
  16. Not sure if the two were related, but makes sense. Went out for coffee early and did the loop where power lines usually are down, nothing. Then on another street saw a PPL truck stopped on the side of the road. Later the Astound truck was a pedestal at the end of the cul-de-sac. When I called them, they wanted to roll a truck at my charge, wrong! Agent! Agent! Operator!
  17. Lost 12:51am, restored 10:00am... Lost Astound for a while too, but they got it back up 10:30am. Ash came down in the back, but instead of just breaking off top limbs, the whole thing uprooted. Luckily it wasn't a very tall one and missed hitting anything. Heard the crash early this morning.
  18. It could, if they'd implement a reservation system for Ikon holders, only allowing so many.
  19. Too bad they don't seem to know how to use it... (Lower Main, Upper Paradise, etc.)
  20. Happened before, unfortunately...
  21. Yeah, it's not like they can't write anything down in a run book or something. Snow Day Preparations: 1. Get lift crew in early 2. Get maintenance crew in early/stay late 3. Fire up ALL lifts early 4. Review lift gating procedures ...
  22. They really should have found a way to keep at least one of the fixed-grip doubles. They could have used the other for spare parts. The detachables are notorious for having issues with snow/ice. The huge storm a number of years ago we all went to the valley and both the OG 6 and quad were down because of snow/ice. We ended up driving up to the summit and lapping the doubles until they got the detachables running. It's just like they don't think about winter operations at all and think everything's gonna work just fine, when it's really gonna take time to get them running on a snow day. For them to allow BMR to take over CS on a snow day is just plain stupid. They know people are going to be clamoring for that run and now you're removing already limited terrain, duh!
  23. I have to admit that when they do get trashed on socials, questionnaires, here?, they do seem to listen. As the mention of trash got them to get their act together pretty quickly, at least for a moment. Someone did finally get a clue to get the OG 6 fired up on Sunday, albeit way late, but they eventually did. Will they learn for next time? Who knows? Only time will tell. I think by NOT speaking out, they just go about their business in their offices, fat, dumb and happy with the money they're raking in. When they do get railed, well, it's far easier to tarnish a good reputation than it is to create one. Thus it's definitely in their best interests to do what they can to rectify the issues that people point out rather than ignore them and definitely drive away customers. After all, they're not mind readers and probably don't really get out to see what's actually going on out on the hill.
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