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  1. From whenever we rode over Main, it looked like they had enough to farm from the one side, but with how warm it was they probably couldn't get much out of it. Perhaps with the cold they could push what they had and make a WROD before the rains come. Sounds like the heavy rain is supposed to stay to the East of us, hopefully Blue doesn't get a lot.
  2. I got the impression from their post that that's their plan.
  3. Was that while you were standing on your skis or sliding on your butt after your crash?
  4. Ever see how deep they blow Superstar? With those old guns on Challenge they could blow it 15' deep of frozen gak easily and with a working winch cat, keep pushing what moves down back up to the top. I think the problem would be more keeping a route from the Comet to Challenge open. They did a great job with Homestretch this year and they sacrificed Falls. Maybe Razors would be a better choice with all the urea BMR puts down?
  5. Nope, they had the guns energized. Were blinking all day Sunday. Looks like snow if you go far enough north.
  6. If Blue had a working winch cat they could have kept Razors alive for another week by pushing snow back up to cover the shit stain and farm the bumps and elsewhere into a WROD on the left. Imagine Blue blowing a Challenge glacier all season and just run the Comet into late April.
  7. Blue actually did a pretty decent job on the season pass party and it was quite the crowd. Both upstairs rooms in the Summit lodge were in play, with a live band from the start. Meal included a drink in a free Blue color changing mug, which I used to get a Stacy's Mom IPA. Appetizers which I didn't get to sample were fried shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, egg rolls. The meal options were salad, lemon chicken, sliced pork, meatballs, rigatoni in sauce, sausage, cooked veggies and roll. Dessert options were chocolate chip cookies, vanilla/chocolate cupcakes and brownies. Some of the door prizes that I saw people won were hats, T-shirts, hoodies, snowboards.
  8. Looks like a line coming through...
  9. All gonna be pretty spicy by tomorrow, bring your best rock skis! I don't know what Blue's smoking for next week, but I wish they'd pass it along as it looks like the cold days are cloudy so higher humidity and thus much gak from the guns.
  10. They probably won't groom the seeded bump line, but all the flat snowers won't be happy if they don't groom out the naturals, especially since raisins will be one of the only trail(s) left for the weekend.
  11. Wish I could have made it up there…
  12. Indeed! 40-50' days are one thing, 62, 66, 69, 64 days are gonna put a real hurt on what's left. May be down to just NW/DW & Razors, Easy Out & Vista.
  13. Blue's done it before, but it'll be a surprise to see if the new management will support it.
  14. Blue seems pretty adamant about it too.
  15. @tarponhead got the goods at Stowe and MRG. He's a slacker at TRs though.
  16. You're another one that breaks the theory.
  17. Theory doesn't hold water. I know some that received it that have skied more than 10 days. I didn't receive one either and had to go to the chat line to get them to send RSVP URL.
  18. A rose by any other name...
  19. Oh yeah, was chatting with Taser Dave yesterday. He was telling us that Jim is hell bent on the 24th, so I guess we'll see...
  20. Dunno, we took a run over to Vista yesterday and snow's still pretty deep on it yet. Of course, this upcoming week's temps are going to do a number on it, but that's also going to happen everywhere on the mountain. IIRC, training hill was looking pretty bad yesterday with a big roped off mud area on looker's right of the right side run.
  21. Don't leave the US then, they use cameras to verify your passport now.
  22. And the hundreds of people behind you yelling to pull down your mask since you're holding them up because the reader won't open.
  23. Mountains will probably soon implement facial recognition technology...
  24. Crazy day with the snow squalls rolling through. Bump line on Chute got super deep and long bump line on lower Challenge was another leg burner. Bug squall #1 Big graupel squall in the afternoon Challenge bump line…
  25. It was a fun morning regardless of the looks of the place, kinda like an ugly prostitute, she may not look good, but she knows how to satisfy. First run down Coming Soon was horrendous, as it was ungroomed and firm with random bumps and ridges all the way down. I wasn't prepared for that and came rolling in with some speed as usual thinking it was groomed, nope. Never returned to the mess. Paradise and Nightweaver had soft carveable snow, as did Challenge which was tight up top and widened down below. Later some of Glenn's bump kids set a line on the upper headwall with a kicker at the bottom but they were way tight, which kept the speed in check. We ended up setting a line all the way down lower Main which was a real burner if you did them all in one shot. We also set a haphazard line down Chute that was just a mess, as they started out just right, but got way too tight at the bottom. Unfortunately the rain started coming down too hard about 11 and we all bailed for beers in the lot.
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