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  1. The deer shit the most. Everything from piles of pellets to huge piles, both of which seem to turn into big clumps of weeds.
  2. Don't get me started on foxes. We've got a big rock out at the corner with a shit-ton of mulch around it. There's a pair, siblings? mates? that INSIST on digging foxholes in it and chase one another around the big rock. They leave a banked racetrack around it. Every week I refill the foxholes and the next night they're dug out again. I've sprayed deer away, sprinkled a ton of cayenne in the holes and on top after I refill, but they keep coming back. They've beat me down. I just leave the holes anymore. For some unknown reason they also insist on shitting in my driveway that I keep having to shovel up. They're worse than having a dog. Once I thought I saw a groundhog from the house run under the shed, so later I went out to check out the hole and something hissed at me from it, so I set the trap. Caught a huge racoon by the next day. It was the last time it hissed at anything. Another time I had something digging by the house, out came the trap. I don't know how this racoon fit in the trap it was so big! I don't know what I'd do if I caught a fox. They annoy me, but they also keep the other rodents in check.
  3. I got one a few years back. Threw a blanket over the thing and was able to pop open the door and ran!
  4. People out here hunt deer from their cars at night with spotlights. After the corn has been cut down, they just spot across the field and plunk a deer. You know it when you hear a gunshot at 10-11pm at night...
  5. Yeah, I've heard groundhogs will return from a ways away and relocating is illegal. If you don't want the pest, others probably don't want it either. Big, nuisance pests (groundhogs, raccoons, etc.) that nobody wants around here that end up in my trap I'll take care of. There are some cats that roam around that I hope keep the chipmunk, mice, etc. population down, so I leave them go also. Even though the rabbits eat the wife's plants, she won't let me plunk them.
  6. Depends upon the caliber and type of the ammo...
  7. Wabbit stew! They ate all the vegetables.... One good turn deserves another!
  8. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs are why we have to have a deck garden in pots instead of a real one in thr ground and even then the squirrels and groundhogs sometimes come up to snack.
  9. "Knots in wood are formed when branches are broken off or cut, and the exposed wood is left behind. As the tree continues to grow, the trunk expands and overtakes the branches, and knots form around the base of the branches. Knots can also be formed by injuries to the tree or by fungal infections." They're what give knotty pine floors, furniture, etc. that distinctive look. I use a wedge and sledgehammer to split large logs instead of an axe. Just place the wedge in an existing crack that should be there in seasoned wood and hammer away. Once the big logs are split, I use this method with the axe for more exercise. I keep an old Y log around and place the log to be split in the V of the Y to hold it and keep it from rolling one way or the other.
  10. If you're on FakeBook, join the Bumping Big Sky group and you'll know when Blue bumpers are going to be there.
  11. Oh yeah, another fun time. If it weren't for making bumps, the place would get boring pretty quick.
  12. Also a lesson learned this weekend there. As you exit the mall, there's a sign that says "All visitors must pay parking here" with a couple of kiosks, so we did thinking they changed the process. Of course, we hung out in the lot and tailgaited for a while. When we went to exit at the gates, they wouldn't raise and kept saying $5.00 balance. WTF? Luckily there was an attendant there to whom I told that I paid inside and asked for the receipt. Luckily I always get receipts and gave it to him. He looked at it and told me that you only have 15 minutes to leave from the time you pay or the system thinks you decided to stay! I told him nowhere did it say that when we paid, so now I know. He let me through. Always pay at the gate!
  13. Indeed! He was in good spirits, as always, and said it felt good even though the doctor told him "No skiing!".
  14. We have herds of them roaming through the yard at various times of day, none of which seem to be bothered by us unless they have Bambi's with them, then the does will huff and puff and stomp their feet to get you to stay away. These stupid things are why the wife can't have any nice plants within their reach, as they'll eat them to the bone, even those plants that deer aren't supposed to eat, they just gobble down. It's like a buffet to them. I spray the stinky anti-deer crap on various shrubs we don't want them to devour, but it just seems like they just like the added flavor.
  15. A bunch of us were at it again over in New Joisey to celebrate Slim's birthday... We got grief from some park rats who didn't like us taking over the side of the park that they don't even use anyway, but they didn't have much to say after they realized there we like 16 of us. "Yous guys do rails? Nope, just ski bumps!" Punks... Some stills from Slim's video. Even Masa was out after suffering an achilles tear at the end of last season.
  16. Because we vacation at Musikfest?
  17. I guess I'm rich then too...
  18. Big Snow has been setting bumps at the end of the month, so we all went to check them out. Originally they had been pretty bad at making them, but they're getting better. They had set them wicked tight, so we ended up making our own line next to theirs.
  19. Yup, R/C planes are cool, but it really cranks when you get to see guys flying shit like this!
  20. Never been running in all the times I've been there.
  21. With all the electricity shutdowns they had this past year, maybe they should have invested in generators instead.
  22. Love the new gun placement!
  23. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
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