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  1. Stuck on tarmac. They’re rebooting the plane!
  2. Yeah but he kept trying and couldn’t get it to work, so it was lemme try. Dude! You fixed it!!
  3. Bored waiting to depart, so helped a struggling passenger reset his iPhone.
  4. There’s enough overhead that I don’t have to wear it.
  5. Currently sitting at The Office Tavern & Grill having a beer with Rick and anxiously awaiting to board our chariot to The Great White North of Calgary…
  6. Looks grate! Rest up, after all that snow there'll be bumps galore!
  7. I didn't hear that Blue had changed its uphill policy?
  8. Is that the SkiVisions base flattener tool?
  9. I don't see anything about pay to park mentioned.
  10. Unfortunately doesn't look like any good snowmaking temps until Friday. The other question is whether or not they'll invest any more money into snowmaking? Yeah, Blue had blow all the way up to closing day before, but new owners may not see it worth the spend.
  11. Possibly. They better not put the passes up for sale w/out announcing the pay for parking plans at the same time.
  12. ROTD was definitely the first run down Coming Soon, pure velvet on top of cord. ROTD (Rumor Of The Day) from a reliable BMR person that pay for parking is definitely coming to Blue next year in some shape/form. Two tiers $15 & $20. Every visit. Probably kiosk. No word on whether or not season pass owners are exempt. Still in decision and planning stages at the moment. BMR people are up in arms. Maybe they'll weasel an exemption? How much is an Elk season pass again?
  13. Did you go down Black Hole?
  14. Yeah, I had an older model that would die pretty quick if I kept it in an outside pocket. Just moving it to an inside pocket on super cold days helped maintain the charge.
  15. Sounds more like time for a new phone, the battery’s not holding a charge.
  16. Yeah, that's Mike. Drew is next to him. I'm in the white pants. Donny is in the middle and Rick is behind him. I think Tarpon might be in the back left and Slim took the picture.
  17. No you must ski it if you want to get up close to the competition run which is at the bottom, skier’s left.
  18. Killington trees are the best! Bumpers at The Light
  19. Peak to creek... Did it once with a level 5, every bump the turtle poked its head out a bit farther. Made it into the Skyship restroom without a second to spare.
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