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  1. @tarponhead and I were in the lot wondering where y’all disappeared to?!? Super fun day today before the deluge. Snow was most excellent everywhere. Off the quad first thing planned on hitting the sketchy but at the moment still open Razorback, but by the time we got down there SP was closing it off. As I passed by the bottom, who’s coming down but @Benm. Damn! Challenge has a huge mud spot in the middle but a WROD skier’s right which was just enough to get through, so we had to do that. It also had a slice left across it that was also manageable. Raceway is done and Switch might not make it as the bottom was also pretty thin. Tomorrow should be a hoot! Break out your best gaper attire for the close!
  2. Gonna be some fun meadow-skipping this weekend!
  3. What, no pics?
  4. Yeah, but dropping his pole is a classic!
  5. Haven't heard from @saltyant yet, but from his video he appears to have gotten some too. He must not have free WiFi out there or something?
  6. Clouds broke somewhere about 10:00 and immediately the snow started to soften, so headed right to Barney's which started to pop. Another hour and all of Barney's was in its prime, springtime glory. Snow was soft and fast and the bumps got deep, so switched out for bump skis. Made a quick run down Coming Soon, but it was just flat and fast, so it was back to Barney's until the legs gave out. Later in the parking lot, Tele-Butch collapsed for no apparent reason… Later heard he was tested and released from ER.
  7. Blue Mountain: The Beast of Palmerton!
  8. I'll see you in the bumps!
  9. @saltyant didn't say he was going to Elk?!?!
  10. Learning to ski bumps helps immensely when skiing trees.
  11. So what else is new?
  12. All depends on the type of bindings you have. Like @enjoralas said, if it's the skis in the pic, you'll probably be able to get the necessary movement. Pivots on the other hand...lots of luck as they don't have a lot of travel. Nice boots regardless!
  13. It wasn't bad at all and this time around they had plenty of food. There was no way I was going up for more, but others did seconds and had some doggie-bag cookies to go.
  14. Very strange snow conditions today. Barney’s troughs were filled with thick cream cheese covering the firmness beneath that made them skiable but exhausting. A far cry from Canadian snow! Couldn’t pass up the “free” lunch and didn’t win any door prizes either. At least they sprung for a hazy IPA!
  15. Rumor has it that Barb announced her retirement from Blue.
  16. It is huge and lacking in lifts to get to the goods, so hiking's a must. I'm sure the locals like it that way. Talking with Revelstoke "locals" on the lift, they don't like the idea of the new lift taking people to the top as it's going to dump all the wannabes up there who refuse to make the hike now.
  17. Revelstoke and Kicking Horse only have 4 lifts each and some of them weren't even worth riding as they only served beginner terrain.
  18. I didn't think to check during the week, would have tried harder for 200k. Most of the days the summits were socked in, forcing us to stay low and in the trees. One day at Revelstoke we were deep in the trees and within seconds we were in a snowing cloud and could barely see the trees 10' in front. In a few more minutes, it was clear enough to ski again.
  19. I like the 10mg hybrid (50/50 THC/CBD)
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