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Last day. Skied Blackcomb all day again. We went out last night and got turnt AF. So started slow and got on the snow at 9:30. Took it easy and only skied double blacks today since snow was best up in

Yesterday we skied only Whistler. Spent some time on the Peak Chair and that zone down to big red. Spent some time in Harmony and Symphony. Skied some pretty good chutes in the Horseshoes and whatnot.

Not getting any new snow while here, but sunny. Good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Another good day today. Spent the entire day on Blackcomb. After we got all the way up to the top we we worked our way over to the 7th Heaven area which had great snow yesterday so we wanted to get there first today. We had some really good turns down Xhiggy's Meadow back down to the lift for a ride back up. It was windier over there today, and when the wind blows through the mountains and bowls it sounds like a fucking wind ensemble and is absolutely beautiful to listen to it while standing in an open bowl 8000' in the air. I've never heard it so clearly before. I love this place. I guess that is where a lot of the names come from - Flute Bowl, Symphony, Harmony, Piccolo, etc. Back over in 7th, Kevin, Doug, and I traversed out to the Lakeside Bowl and dropped just out of bounds where there was some fantastic snow that people didn't want to put the effort in to get to.

After 7th, we dropped off the backside of Horstman and took the Tbar to the glacier area again and dropped into that zone again to get some great leftover snow and chalky goodness. After that run Ryan and Jon left to take the rest of the day easy and relax before two more days of skiing. Kevin, Doug, and I took a bunch of runs to and lift rides and eventually made our way back over to the top of Jersey Cream Bowl and dropped in through Big Bang and Couloir Extreme for some fantastic turns in The Jersey Cream Bowl. After that and the long run out, it was about 2:00 so we called it a day, after the best run of the day. 

Grabbing some sushi and whatnot tonight. I was wrong, cougar night is tonight. Drinks and such later.

Pics to follow. 

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