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New Lift for Blue?


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13 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

I just checked the webcams..the back hoe is moving dirt around by the new summit safari six pack base station.  

They should add a new feature to the webcam which enables you to yell to the workers: "Stop playing in the dirt and put this chairlift together!!!"

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this is funny to me because, when we went for the walk at blue, we went up widow maker and then passed it on our way back, my wife was like 'i dont like that name'.

i told her it's like a twice yearly run but will be more this year with the new lift.

she's happy to hear of the name change.

also one thing i forgot to mention, there is no signage at blue with the new branding but i was expecting that.

also who is curtzs or whatever the spelling is?

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13 minutes ago, antman12 said:

Blue also responded to a comment stating the area in front of the first aid building has been regraded. 

Shuttle widened as well, with new automated snow guns. Here's the list of snowmaking updates:


"Did you know Blue Mountain Resort is home to one of the most powerful snowmaking systems on the East Coast? We’ve made more improvements to our already top-of-the-line system this year!

9 new TT10 fan guns and 3 new TL8 Lances have been added

Shuttle trail is now automated with the addition of 5 B6s

Shuttle trail has been widened for improved capacity

The lower portion of Burma Road has been regraded for ease of transition to the new lift

75 new LED lights have been added to Paradise trail, Homestretch trail, and the horseshoe area

We’ve made upgrades to our air and water main systems

90 YB hydrants have been upgraded"


Also some other excerpts from their About Us:


About the new logo - "The arch represents the minimalist mountain view, unmatched views of sunrises and sunsets, and a nod to the Victorian architecture found in our neighboring town, Jim Thorpe."

Snowtubing update - "Music and light features are being added to the park for a unique nighttime experience"

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13 minutes ago, Benm said:

Who is curtzs or whatever the spelling is?

Curtzs must be the new mascot for Blue Mountain, probably the Camelback Camel's younger brother. I think he'll stand at the bottom of Curtz's Cabins where they're putting the water slides and hand out free high fives and sugar cookies.


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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Where’s the horseshoe area?  That’s nice about shuttle being widened.  And also lower burma should be interesting.  All the Burma folks will now get to go all the way into the valley.  

Hopefully they cut a new trail where the ski patrol shack is, we can't have all those Burma gapers mucking up Shuttle.

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28 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Surprisingly some on Blues FB page are complaining about Blues new lift.  A few say they’re not happy about having to take a long boring runout every run.  It’s like a 15 second long runout..I’m not a fan of slamming on the brakes at the bottom of Main Street.  

Maybe to satisfy the FB complainers they'll put the Burma chairlift back up.

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