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FREE: 2014'ish Subaru Outback leather drivers seat


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3 hours ago, toast21602 said:

that would be a comfortable parking lot chair if you want to just drop it in Blue's lot

A hitch mounted bike rack, a torch, and a welder and it could make for a nice and easy hitch mounted tailgate seat 

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2 hours ago, NMSKI said:

Someone with a pickup should mount this in the cab and turn it into a "Brat".  

Have you really looked at those pics?  its all busted the fuck up.  @mbike-ski trying to get someone to cart away his garbage.  

Besides, a true Blue Mt. "Brat" would have lawn chairs in the back.  

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46 minutes ago, JFskiDan said:

trying to get someone to cart away his garbage

as someone who doesn't have public trash pickup and needs to pay for bulk items, this is the first thing that crossed my mind lmao

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2 hours ago, mbike-ski said:

nope, if there's one thing I have plenty of access to it's dumpsters, just hate to chuck it if someone had a ratty worn out one (it does look nicer in person)

Of all the people here, you are probably the one that i assume could dispose of nuclear waste. I just needed to bust your balls since its a slow PASR day. 
toss the seat, and get to work on your 1968 hall double chair. 
if you insist upon still trying to give it away, i suggest jazzing it up with some my little pony stuff. 

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22 hours ago, rgrwilco said:

Do you still have this seat by chance? I keep ripping through seats on my impreza and according to internet experts there is a good chance this will fit.

yes I still have it, it's yours if you want it. otherwise it will probably go in the dumpster in the next few weeks. I'm in the Lehigh Valley

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