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MA/VT/ME skifari


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Finished off the day with a run down woolly bugger glades.  Only rated a single black diamond but craziest glades of the day.  They start off mild pitch but tight trees...



But then...




ends relatively flat and you can cut right or left to get to another trail (can probably keep going too)




After that, I saw an untouched cut to one of the condos...not the one I'm staying in, but do I hit it anyway and walk back to the next trail?





Back at the condo now, probably go to dinner in an hour or so 

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Ate dinner at the pickford pub at loon lodge inn...Terrible pic but had duck breast and a marsh island ipa.  Then a dark and stormy that was pretty much a pint glass of rum...maple ginger creme brulee for dessert (didn't take a pic).  Great food and really cool place 



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Grabbed first chair with a few other indy passers.  Natural snow trail was pretty crusty.  Pretty cold today.   Groomers are fantastic though.   Stuff off kennebago is still closed but hopefully will open later.  I'd imagine its pretty slick right now but should soften hopefully 





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6 minutes ago, PSUFly said:

I'll post some additional pictures later from saddleback.   At Black mountain now.  Can't redeem 2 indy passes in one day but lift ticket was only $ 25


Make sure to post in stats as 2 separate days so you get credit for both places!

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I don't keep stats but thanks TP4.

Black mountain is hilariously bad.   On a powder day its probably awesome.   Side hits, drops, and plenty of trees.  Anything ungroomed is either ice or massive chunks.  The hike to stuff looks cool but the lifty said it's not skiing well right now.  Couple of the groomers are decent.   Probably ride another half hour and head out, lift closes at 3 45






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