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Colorado - Loveland + Vail - March 2023


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Saturday, March 11, 2023

All week we were getting messages from Brian.He subscribes to Open Snow.



The stoke was high. Brian, Kaitlyn (his fiancé), @Schif and myself were out of the house by 5:15am. 


the drive took 1hr 45min with the traffic and we were in the lot by 7:05am. People who left Denver late had a drive time of 3+ hours. 

I-70 was congested but stoke was still high. We got there plenty early. The Loveland snow stake was reading about 11”


Somehow Spotify knew our energy and queue’d up Its Gonna Be a Good Day by Nappy Roots as we were booting up. The hype and stoke was incredible.

We snagged breakfast in the lodge. Let’s have a moment of silence to admired Loveland breakfast.

Prices are cheaper than the east coast and hands down delicious.


Brian got the basin breakfast.



Schif got a burrito with green chili. And me & Kaitlyn split one.


more to come… I’m waiting for some videos to load 

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2 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Nice report, I was just gonna say you could sell the snowboard but I didn’t know you also snowboard.  

I may give it to my brothers fiance since Brian gave the splitboard he won to Mike. We’ll see… 

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In the words of @GrilledSteezeSandwich and @saltyant this is getting good.

Sunday we skied Loveland with about 4-6” of new snow yesterday. I’ll write more later.

Monday & Tuesday we’re working remotely and staying in the Denver area.

Then —> next skiing adventure is Vail from Wednesday - Friday with @Schif

and these are these are the upcoming reports..

I don’t know what “sneaky fun powder” is but I’m pumped. 


General Colorado snow forecast is snow on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


And this Vail specific report shows Wednesday - Friday as well.27B154D4-9442-42FE-BCB6-1D5A150613ED.thumb.png.eee290fd5c3891df97c724d732923bb0.png

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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

That would be a nice wedding gift.    Also I don’t think anybody here knows who Mike is…

the snowboarder formerly known as shifdawg

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27 minutes ago, saltyant said:

Glad you did some cool non-skiing activities on your ski trip. If I do that on my ski trip, like visit The Mint, everyone loses their minds.

Does the Mint in Denver at least have a decent snack bar and gift shop?  If they have a cafe, like at the Whitney museum in New York City in New York State home of Times Square, it would be mad steezy if they gave a mint with the cheque or William..perhaps even an Andes crème de menthe…


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2 hours ago, saltyant said:

Glad you did some cool non-skiing activities on your ski trip. If I do that on my ski trip, like visit The Mint, everyone loses their minds.

Hahaha but to be fair - we’re also working remotely and not completely on vacation mode while in Denver.

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Posted (edited)

Sunday, March 12, 2023
Thornton, CO

The gang left for Loveland at 5:30am. It was a struggle bus as the clocks sprung forward.

We arrived to Loveland early at 7am.

Brian & Schif got the basin breakfast with gravy. I got the burrito with green chili.

We stopped in the ticket window for our ridge cat card. 


And we’re in line by 8:10am, about the 4th chair or so. Me & Brian rode up with a liftie who told us to hit up Spillway to Richards Run.

Schif took Tigers Tail to Cats Meow which is skiers right after you get off the lift. He said it was dust on crust.


Brian & I had an amazing fun on Spillway & Richards. I did it twice. 

We migrated towards 4, ptarmigan (aka Parmesan), 9, and 8.


It was a powder hunt and so fun. Here’s a short video that my brother took of me & @Schif

around 11:30am, Loveland started bombing runs around on the ridge. It was pretty cool to see the dynamite and the watch/hear it run out.

the yellow is a group from the ridge cat and the pink is some dynamite and avalanche mitigation 


Even at 11:30… between the 8 and 4, we kept finding some powder stashes


at the end of the day, I felt like this kid though.


we had some cuties and a beer. This beer was rad. It’s a raspberry blonde.


then Loveland chili cheese friends 😍


After Loveland, we drove back to the Denver area. We went to the gym mostly for the hot tub - steam room - sauna and cooked dinner at my brothers’.

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3 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Looking like a powder day tomorrow at Vail for Schif and Nancy..the radar is juicy AF

Update: it's raining at the base of Vail. Hopefully the rain/snow line is slightly above 8k feet. 

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