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Snowbird 1 Star Reviews


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The bird is the word


It's one of the best, it always feels like the mtn is mad at you while your skiing there but in a sexy mistress telling you you've been naughty kinda way. 

Most of the place is seemingly designed to be uncomfortable, beit the lodge or the tram it's always cramped and there is no where to sit down. The weather can be terrible and off the tram in particular its always windy and you can't see shit. Every way down seems steep or steep AF, there are like 2 legit greens everything else is a cat walk.

It's one of my favorites on earth and very different from other hills even the other bro bra type hills. It's super challenging and if I could have grown up skiing only one hill it would probably be the bird. 


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The powder day rush at snowbird when you reach the top of the mtn is a fun time.  Unfortunately half of SLC shows up these days.  Somehow I actually got in line before opening and had the first 2 hours of opening before the place got nuts

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