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3/18/22…ok skiing

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Hey all,


I’m back from another session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 715am and it was in the upper 30s under mostly cloudy sky’s with moderate winds.  In the house were JFDan, Ridge, BenM, Mute, Ryan, Boo Bear, Justo, Rose, The real Kevin Thomas, -Dan, T Maki, Enjorales, Pops, BFC, Mixilplix and many others.  

First civilian OG six pack and first run was on challenge which was firm.  Main Street was super nice cord on the upper and upper upper sections and still decent lower down.   Coming soon was solid and uneven, lazy mile was ok and raceway was decent with a big bare area.   Midway and chute also skied decently.  

The best thing about today was the lack of crowded, despite low attendance, all three high speed lifts were running.  I skied about 12-13 runs then hungout in the parking lot and had some beer and chips and bologna and cheese from Jimmy..all in all a fun morning and I picked up champagne for tomorrow on the drive home





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Clouds broke somewhere about 10:00 and immediately the snow started to soften, so headed right to Barney's which started to pop.

Another hour and all of Barney's was in its prime, springtime glory.   Snow was soft and fast and the bumps got deep, so switched out for bump skis.

Made a quick run down Coming Soon, but it was just flat and fast, so it was back to Barney's until the legs gave out.

Later in the parking lot, Tele-Butch collapsed for no apparent reason…
Later heard he was tested and released from ER.



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