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    Great start to the morning. Titty sparkles everywhere. It will be another great day. @mute1080 is in his element (and not like JLaws car)
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    Hiked head wall. Heard up top that Casper bowl gates opened. One of the first 20 people down. It was fucking deep. And fucking good.
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    Rummy 68, Big Al 69, and Dad 70, are heading out to MT tomorrow on our 35th annual " StagTrip". This trip will complete our list of skiing the top 30 Western Resorts in the USA and Canada. The rankings are from readers of Ski Magazine several years ago and I'm sure have changed somewhat over the years. But anyway close enough... Overnight tonight at a "park and fly" hotel, then fly out of Dulles / Minneapolis / Kalispell. Rented a VRBO in Whitefish. Walking distance to bars, restaurants, grocery store and shuttle bus to the Mountain. No car necessary as transfers from/to airport are booked as well. Conditions are real nice ( not quite JH nice) and weather is good for next week with some snow, but mostly sunshine predicted. We got a real deal on lift tickets. Dad skis Free at 70, one week's pass comes with the rental, and an old phartz 4 of 6 day pass is $207. We'll split that $207 three ways at a cost of about $13.00 per ticket. I'll keep the crew posted.....
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    Arrived in the LP not too long ago. Snowed pretty much from the Catskills to Lake Placid. Didn't make road conditions too terrible on 87 but definitely forced me to keep the speeds down a bit. Still made pretty good time despite that. 73 (the road through Kean into LP) was sketchy in spots (pic below) which hopefully means good things for conditions on the mountain tomorrow. The stoke levels are pretty high right now. Headed to town now to find food and maybe a birthday present for my wife.
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    Good morning so far. Just a few people behind the JH Crew Round 3. Met up with them and have been skiing ever since.
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    Awesome day. My first titty sparkles shimmering during the first couple runs. It was magical. Almost made a mess in my pants getting off at the top of the tram. Saw a friend that I use to work with at Blues tubing in the AV lift line. She lives out of here now living out of her pimp van. First run down amphitheater today I took a spill and had to get my ski. Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that. Ryan might. No tumbles but I tipped over in the trees once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gorgeous day. 0 but feels great with bright ass sunshine. Soft cord... Fan fucking tasic. First run off little WF, from approach all the way down. Gonna head over to lookout mountain for Wilmington and Hoyts. Life is good
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    Fun morning riding with the guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some more shots of the area Airport entrance View from the airport Condo Bunk room View from the condo Party/band at the tram base
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    Finished up with a summit to base leg burner. Skyward to cloudspin to the bottom for another 3200 vert. A nice gentlemen offered to take my pic from the summit at Skyward. Another great day of skiing at whiteface in the books.
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    Yesterday’s weather was abysmal. Most lifts on wind hold. Skied a couple hours, took advantage of their snow guarantee, so got a freebie ticket, I’ll probably use tomorrow before going home. Good until next year, but I probably won’t return for awhile. Weather today made up for it🌞
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    A few of us from here, and others we know, are heading out to Jackson today and over the weekend. @mute1080 and I will be there around noon to meet Ryan if everything stays as scheduled. We’ll be sure to keep the updates coming! Lots of skiing, food, beer, and lifestyle pictures to follow! Think snow! jadip
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    Landed safely. Indiggio won’t be needing this anymore
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    A few more great runs since the power snafu. Approach to wilderness, up little WF lift down Essex to the summit for another skyward to cloudspin run. Perhaps the run combo of this trip. Enjoying a veggie burger before heading back out.
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    First in line. Opening up the gondy.
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    Went to the summit, skyward to lower cloudspin, complete with chowder and even some titty sparkles. Cloudspin is a fucking gem of a run. Was always closed whenever I've been here.
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    First fast run off little WF down approach to mountain run back to the gondi. 2600 vertical feet of soft cord and amazing views. Had to stop for a pic
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    A few pockets of fresh in cloudspin
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    Got in the lot at 8:50. Up gatehouse to lynx and a few runs down that side. Headed over to castle rock and now just lapping that double. Good snow, bluebird skies.
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    I am a lucky mofo aint seen anything like this ever! Was reading back a few posts ... Bottom 1/3 of wetter snow. Been riding up top half mostly. snowing in town but lots of melt puddles Visibility been next to nothing most of mountain I hope they can open up Headwall tomorrow or Friday for a hike but it’s been closed this week
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    Twilight skin lap up Sterling for those deep untracked runs........better than this morning........North wind up slope for the win! Felt like I owned the mountain, not a soul in sight.
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    $429 later..........................
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    My son made me on his DS. Apparently he thinks I look like a nerdy version of Chuck Norris
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