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  1. Wtf do you need a checked suitcase for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I never understood this. That and clapping at the end of a movie. Like, you did your job, cool.
  3. Why would you fly that early if you’re not planning on skiing that day? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Like, I get it, everyone's tired of wearing a mask. I'm sitting in my kitchen wearing one right now because we have some contractors in our house doing some work. Those facebook comments pretty easily point out the people who don't really have any compassion for anyone besides themselves though. In the grand scheme of things, wearing a mask is not that hard of a thing to do to help out everyone around you a little bit, especially the people who can't for any reason get vaccinated yet.
  5. Super fun day! I'm in way worse shape than I thought I was. First "big" uphill effort for the season and I definitely felt it. Definitely fun to do something a little bigger than cornfields and utility lines near Blue though. @toast21602 and @AtomicSkier nearing the last turn before the final push to the top Don't remember the name of this trail, but the body count was high @GSSucks and I slightly miscalculated our route for our last lap. Wouldn't be spring skiing on the east coast if you didn't have to hike down a little bit, right?
  6. 1. I'm not two weeks out from my 2nd shot, so I would not consider myself to be fully vaccinated yet. 2. I don't live alone. I'm the only one in my household who's had their second shot. I'm not sure trials have even begun for safety/effectiveness on children under 12, so we're a long way out until everyone is fully vaccinated here. I still need to be more careful because of that. Late summer once there's more broad vaccination across the whole US population, yeah I'd consider flying somewhere and then getting tested to make sure I'm not gonna give something to the kid when I get home if there's not conclusive evidence that vaccination prevents transmission. Luckily we had a good ski season in PA this year so I don't feel like I missed too much by not getting out of the mid atlantic. Hopefully things start to chill out soon and we can all go back to having a regular ski season by next year and taking lots of trips and sharing lots of photos, videos, and stoke.
  7. cool, i didn't know the social scene in downtown SLC had anything to do with the way airlines were handling this. one of many reasons i'm choosing not to fly right now.
  8. i purposely avoided alcohol for a few days before and after so i didn't confuse symptoms hah. i did go for a 10 mile mtb ride right after getting my 2nd shot and probably didn't drink enough water, so slight headache definitely could have been from that.
  9. you're aware that we're still in the middle of a global pandemic with all sorts of restrictions in place, right?
  10. I didn't have much more than a headache and some general overall achy-ness, kinda like i had a pretty good crash skiing, all over slight muscle soreness kinda thing. I was fully expecting to be knocked out for a day or so. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I haven't heard anything serious about it in years. Given that Canyons is now Vail, and Brighton and Soli are very much not Vail, I doubt it's going anywhere any time soon.
  12. go out in the summer and drive over guardsman pass. gives you a very good idea of how close soli/brighton actually are to PC and DV.
  13. brings back memories of the britney lounge. not sure if any other PASR members besides KT got to experience that...
  14. never thought i'd hear brighton being compared to camelback; that's a new one.
  15. no need, you just have to dig your toes in
  16. Just re-upped ours for next year. Holy shit the UX of their ecomm store is terrible.
  17. I don't see anything about being limited to one run. Looks like the event is 3 hours, should be able to get at least 3 laps in pretty easily in that time.
  18. Yeah, doing something similar to hunter where you're allowed to go uphill before the resort starts spinning the lifts would be cool. Even cooler if there wasn't an upcharge as long as you have a valid pass/ticket. I do miss the days of Blue's nonexistent uphill policy where ski patrol would usually just look at you very confused, or you could plead ignorance at worst.
  19. in regards to their park setup? caveat: i was only there once this year. that said, it was like i was skiing in a time warp. seemed like nothing changed since the days of the showdown weeknight comp series. shoulder high lips onto urban-style down rails will never die at bear, apparently.
  20. Yup, i expect nothing else. Cool that they're doing it, would be cooler if as a season pass holder you didn't have to pay, but such is life. Hopefully patrollers are getting that money. There's like 3 different descriptions of the event, depending on where you're looking, and the registration link as of yesterday didn't work in Chrome, but did work in Chrome Canary (the Chrome beta channel) and Safari. Again, no surprises here. I'm signed up. Couldn't care less about the run thing, but I'll be there for some uphilling with skis and a beer or two.
  21. place across the street from moose hollow maybe?
  22. one would think people concerned about attending college would be at least slightly above average intelligence, but i guess not always the case
  23. Yup. I fully expect basically nothing to change. But if it does, I don't see much of it being a direct benefit the PASR crowd, is what I was getting at. Probably speaking too broadly here, but I don't think many of us really care about hotels or fancy lodges or water parks etc at our local hill.
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