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  1. Yup, I qualify by technicality here too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You know there's not a one-dose pfizer vaccine, right? They might be doing a trial for that, I dunno, but as it currently stands, the CDC recommended dosing schedule is two doses ~3 weeks apart. I hope to not have to descent into mall madness until June.
  3. Depends. How much control do said new owners have over Blue? We've all seen how Camelback is run; I don't want that. If nothing materially changes at Blue, you've now got let's say twice as many people with a valid Blue pass, so how many more people does Blue get on a given weekend once people start to realize that Blue is a shit show, but considerably less of one than Camelback? Like I said previously, I don't see how this materially affects the majority of PASRs in any positive way. There will be flaming ski poles and bigfeet if the no tailgating rule gets implemented.
  4. You're right. I'll ride a bike or surf instead.
  5. Interesting, I kinda had the balance thing too and I've never had that from any other vaccine before. It was definitely weird. Now that I think about it, it kinda felt like I had a bad hangover, and I purposely didn't have any beers the night before so as to not confuse symptoms haha Blue's gonna be closed, so it's gonna be a little hard for me to ski on a tuesday unless I go to the mall
  6. There is nothing I could care less about in the grand scheme of the skiing world than a combo pass with camelback. I mean... I wouldn't say @indiggio made it up. I've heard similar things from at least three other completely unrelated sources at this point. Something's going on, and it sounds like pretty much the worst/most useless outcome for those of us who don't give a crap about a hotel or improved lodge. Hopefully whatever's going down at least comes with a terrain expansion to spread out all the new season pass holders.
  7. My 2nd is on monday. I plan on stocking up on gatorade and smoothies and not being able to get out of bed for 24 hours. First shot gave me a dead arm for like two days, a headache for about 24 hours, and swollen lymph nodes for a few days. Fully expected to be absolutely wrecked by round two.
  8. what about traveling to whistler is difficult? there's flights out of philly and newark to vancouver every day. you get there, rent a car, and drive 2 hours up one of the most scenic roads i've been on, stop for beer/liquor in squamish on your way, and then once you're in whistler you leave your car parked underground for the week unless you're lazy or not staying within walking distance and feel the need to drive to the blackcomb mid station.
  9. I like this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. shell companies the whole way down
  11. yes. do you really know you made a mistake until you're halfway down sliding head first on your back though?
  12. i can confidently say you're lying and i've got video to prove it. wasn't on falls though so you're safe.
  13. i swear there used to be netting and signage there signifying that falls was a double black diamond, and you kinda had to deliberately go there and not just end up there by chance like you can now. you can kinda make a pretty good educated guess about what lurks below if you're following people you trust and know their skiing instincts. i'm honestly surprised they don't have a patroller just lurking at the top waving to slow people down if there's carnage below.
  14. My biggest complaint in general has been unfriendly to borderline rude employees. Not sure if they still have the courtesy patrol people or not, but being screamed at for skiing switch on an empty trail isn't giving off the most friendly and welcoming vibe.
  15. You really wanna go there? I'm sure I'm not the only one here with a list.
  16. Interesting. A certain individual on this forum from my understanding only goes on this site with his phone, and the iphone does a pretty good job of autocorrecting capitalization so that might muddy the investigation a bit. I probably look like I have split personalities based on my inconsistence use of initial caps in sentences.
  17. This is an interesting point to me, and it kinda seems like it played out a little bit with the Vail purchase of other smaller east coast areas. In their normal takeover scenario, lets say somewhere like whistler, you're not really relying on the local talent pool to fill jobs loading lifts, cleaning tables, making fries, etc. They fill those jobs with J1 visas (probably not called J1 in canada but whatever). People are traveling from elsewhere around the world to work there because it's whistler, it's awesome, and anybody who wants to ski bum it for a year or two wants to be there. That's not the case with blue. It sounded like JFBB was having a hard time staffing up this year. I could see blue running into similar problems if whatever is going down ends up pissing off a bunch of the current employees to the point of them not wanting to or being invited to come back. Obviously all speculation at this point until something concrete is announced.
  18. Got any fresh tan lines today, @toast21602?
  19. Send an insider tip to your girl cecily. She probably hates camelback too.
  20. must have been a really complicated extension cord situation
  21. there's a joke in there somewhere...
  22. Probably drunker, too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Machine wax is all but gone in a day, especially with abrasive spring snow. The machine is great for scraping/burnishing in the wax, but not really for actually applying it. I get varying degrees of nerdy with it depending on the skis, snow, and how many beers I feel like drinking in the process. Everything will be getting a coat of swix CH10 before this weekend. Don’t really have a good wax setup at my house yet so it’ll probably be the quick and dirty crayon method then iron and scrape out in the back yard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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