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  1. that's against COVID protocol!
  2. So it’s not just me? I carried one up today too. I think my total is at 4 for the year so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pretty fun day on snow! Did some magic carpet laps in the AM and the kiddo is starting to figure out how to stop on her own. Luckily still fascinated by the magic carpet. Dropped her off at my parents for lunch and a nap and went back up for some sunny slush laps. Main was a bit sticky, but everything else was soft and still reasonably fast. 2nd jump in central is still really fun. Got a few grabs back that I haven’t done with any spins in a while, might be time to take it past 360° again now that it’s warm and sunny. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. i do dumb and dangerous things when cameras come out to play
  5. that parking lot looks like powder mountain the first few years i went there, but with a lot less rust.
  6. I hate you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Luckily still mid-high 40s on Saturday, plenty of sun, and we’ve got the late season sun angle working in our favor. Here’s hoping for soft snow and short lines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. in for both days, probably some magic carpet time at some point. hoping the bumps soften up early! they were awesome last night.
  9. yup, crowds chilled out around like 5:30-6ish and the wait wasn't much more than 5 minutes after that. There's a turn on switchback that was pretty much completely in the dark; very reminiscent of night skiing at blue in highschool when the lights would randomly turn off as you'd ski under them at least seven times per run. Good running into @Johnny Law, did about 10 laps with him. Sorry I missed ya @RootDKJ!
  10. Here now. 6pack line looks like 11am on a Saturday. Wtf?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. not sure if the attack is lighter or not, but the toe piece has a wider footprint, which will make the ski feel a bit more responsive and be able to better pressure the edge of the ski. The AM also has a "diagonal" heel, which has always weirded me out a bit in the way it works. It's not a DIN-scale lateral release, it just allows the heel piece to rotate slightly during a lateral toe release. A Look pivot does fundamentally the same thing, but the center point of the heel rotation is in line with your tib/fib axis right under your heel. The rotation on the tyrolia heel sets a few cm behind your boot. Also, it's functionally the same binding tyrolia has been making for probably 20 years now, for whatever that's worth. The attack toe has only been around i think like 5 years or so? Attack has a 17mm stack height, AM has a 21mm stack height, so attack will have your boot sitting closer to the ski. I've heard nothing but good things re: reliability of the Attack series, and if I didn't have pivots on everything I own, I'd probably give the Attacks a try.
  12. seems like they usually shut down mid april from what i remember in years past back when they did a promo for passholders of other mountains and i'd do a late season weekend up there yeah we rode the flyer a few times, lots of laps off that triple (F?) and a few on north and west, but the snow over there kinda sucked compared to the stuff on the front side. expand your horizons, ski some bumps, make some turns, there's always something to keep it interesting and progress your skiing
  13. my feelings about anyone wearing a Ruroc helmet; especially when they think it exempts them from wearing a real mask
  14. Yup, I was up at hunter sunday and got 20 laps in. I think longest we waited in line was probably about 10 minutes for the flyer once or twice. Even though it was crowded, it just didn't feel as chaotic as blue does. The more I ski elsewhere, the more I'm getting tired of shitshow at blue.
  15. I would love to see the actual year over year numbers, though given that blue is not a publicly traded company, I doubt I will ever see them. When do you ever ski past 10 on a busy weekend? I know it's gotten busier earlier this year than in years past, but I was up saturday afternoon and got in 3 laps in about an hour. Any time prior to this season, VIP line in the afternoon was basically ski right to the front of the line, 5 minute wait tops. VIP was wrapped up around and back up home stretch for both the quad and six on saturday. That was never the case in previous years to my recollection.
  16. What's the route where you come into the hero route with speed, send it, then try to double it off a bump in the runout but your heel piece rips out of your ski? I did that one last year. Good times!
  17. Have you been to blue this year? VIP line is all but worthless on weekends this year, so it’s a perk in name only at this point. $109 for a day ticket also shouldn’t be the barometer for a fairly priced season pass, but that’s a different story entirely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. is elevator just that side jawn off the right of river shot with the awkward fall line? i don't see it on a trail map.
  19. Sweet. Hope they work out. I don't work in a shop anymore, but still like to help people find the right gear for a fair price. If blue can handle @AtomicSkier and @mute1080's shifts, they can handle the markers or tyrolias that those online shops were packaging with that ski. No finicky AFD or forward pressure setup on either of those like shifts or pivots.
  20. Looks like the standard going rate for the Griffon 13 should be $160-180 which seems fair for that binding. Not sure what blue stocks, but a mount at most might be $75? So you're probably topping out right around your $230 mark, but then you're buying products and services from somewhere local, and you can talk to a real employee in person should you run into any issues. If you've ever had to deal with a botched mount, or warrantying something, having an actual person to deal with is definitely worth something.
  21. I don't really trust anyone to mount my own stuff, but marker bindings are easy to set up correctly. I'd be wary to have an "online" shop mount them because in the event that something does get messed up and they don't catch it, you've then got to either send the skis back for them to fix their screw up, or get them to pay for someone else locally to fix it for you. You get a discount on shop work at Blue with your pass, and others here have had Blue's shop mount their skis this year without issue, for bindings that are much more complicated to set up than those markers. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary. If you liked what you skied, buy what you skied. With a comparable binding (Tyrolia/Fischer Attack2 13 from Level Nine, you can argue whether it's better or worse than the Marker), you save ~$140 for last year's ski, that you haven't skied, and don't know whether you'd still like as much. $140 off a vs the price of the newer, updated in-season ski is not a good deal, in my opinion.
  22. I never said anything about swimming trunks. You're right! Also, please share the photo for everyone's enjoyment.
  23. There's also a hot spring right off the road at the mouth of the canyon on the way up to basin from ogden. @saltyant you should check it out for a nice soak after a long day of ripping groomers today. Yup, the olympics got that road looking real nice and well plowed on pow days, too. Trees off the top of JP/No Name are super fun with good snow, but yeah, out of bounds and you can end up in the wrong spot if you don't hang skiers right soon enough. That place is the definition of a COVID superspreader event.
  24. All the times i've skied at basin i don't think i've ever skied moonshine bowl. Whenever I'm over on the strawberry side of the mountain I usually end up traversing out into sisters or around the back of demoisy to get into middle bowl. I believe WFO is where @toast21602 had one of the best crashes I've ever seen and then affectionately named that zone "Sticky Ditch". A few inches of fresh snow followed by 40° and sunny makes your skis stop pretty quick...
  25. a lot of shops will match prices advertised elsewhere. You're not taking bindings into account though, so there's another $150-200 depending on what you put on them. Don't just go for the cheapest thing you can find and do not get a tyrolia SL/SLR/SX binding just because they're cheap.
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