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  1. im wondering if it has anything to do with bike season. that's where it was for a while until they moved it earlier this year before ski season to show the sixer. with that being said, they could have probably just pointed the tubing cam towards the quad. i don't know about that cam in particular, but the rest can be moved remotely. i'm not surprised tho. thanks blue.
  2. been tryin to get down there to take pics but haven't had a chance. my goal is sunday now that there's some action. will be sure to use the dslr instead of my blueberry.
  3. long been chatter about a buyer for the 'gearboxes' (that'd be those, right)? somewhere earlier i read about them replacing the vista chairs with these, that's a good possibility. if that's the case, i can't wait to see what the bargain price will be for the old vista chairs.
  4. shit i remember seeing that on the news.
  5. looks like they're skippin farming this year?
  6. Got mine at CVS for a super discount rate of $18. I was like wtf. If I knew that, I'd have taken a photo of myself against a white wall, cropped it and got a 50c 4x6. I don't know if the requirements are listed anywhere, but they printed off a card with mine that had a rubric on it, maybe it'll help you. I also had my sweater zipped up and they said to unzip the top so my neck showed --
  7. sounds like towers are getting scrapped.
  8. well that was short lived
  9. sorry, i didn't mean xing, i meant whatever that little crossover is that comes off the left of midway and into yeti just looked at the trail map, yes lil gap.
  10. no, chute is very narrow. that is just clearing for the new lift line i believe.
  11. no, i do not believe so. looks like the large chunk missing is to the right of come around. it seems like the small bit of tre es separating the two are still there. see here just an edit - i coulr be wrong -- i'm not able to recall the whole layout all that well and how much vegetation was between the two. one interesting thing i found (after reading a the trail report that said the chute bike path was closed) is a video from last week from that bike path. maybe someone with a better memory can compare (i believe xing starts at 3:44) --
  12. is blue actually throwing us a bone and moving the valley cam towards construction area? or is it all just an accident...
  13. 1200 secured a chair. Lottery at a much lower price means you 'may or may not' get one. They Dgaf about what ppl say online. Nice dig with the free parking lol
  14. There are a shitload of chairs judging by toast's screenshot, lack of activity on radio about pick-up and the YouTube cap. Unless they are going somewhere else, I expect some sort of lottery or promotion - still at an excessive price, but less than (lmao) 1200.
  15. if you mean the first post in this thread, it sounds like they're referring to the vista chair (tho i could see confusing the two since it was whisper down the lane). i feel like they could prob resell the learning lift pretty easily tho if they were to remove it. i agree that it'd be very cramped in that area with both, but it seems doable. if they do remove it, i'll be very glad that i got to ride it... once. regardless, i wish they'd just tell people wtf was going on so i could focus attention elsewhere.
  16. interesting to see the chairs off of the learning hill lift. i wonder if it's general maintenance or something else. sort of weird how they're missing on both sides.
  17. thanks for those pics. answers the question about whether or not there is still a break between chute/midway. also, look at all those chairs lmao.
  18. good question. i just checked where I'd expect the poles to be if none were to be inside the trail. there are no poles on the sixer that come close to covering that distance (biggest i could find was 60ft short, tho elevation plays a factor and i can't see that). maybe they can if the towers are pretty tall. as long as they don't turn the cams off, we're gonna find out.
  19. no, but i'm not really paying much attention. what do you mean about ending where the old doubles are? this is what i'm thinking it'll look like (top is where main st chair end, bottom is warmng hut and it lines up pretty well with the clearing from the video, the area cut out above the school hill and the area they've been working on that just grazes lookers right of main st --
  20. Couldn't get done all of my mowing thanks to this lil guy
  21. The only hard to find doc that I could remember was an actual SS card, I had it but my wife didn't. Requesting a new card was way easier than I thought.
  22. Why do you need a birth certificate? Got my real id a while ago. As with all things the govt handles, they managed to fuck it up and my ID is valid for 8 years.
  23. Don't forget about the $130 for the privilege of coming in and out of your country, along with the huge wait time.
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